We Might Just Be Another Love Song (rough draft)


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    We Might Just Be Another Love Song (rough draft)

    Post by caitlynn<3 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:32 am

    We Might
    Just Be
    Love Song

    By: Amanda Rose


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    Re: We Might Just Be Another Love Song (rough draft)

    Post by caitlynn<3 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:32 am

    Chapter one.

    "Wow," I said, not aware of my staring. Tyler just laughed and shook his head.

    "What are you staring at Kayla?" I shook it off, but still saw his silver-blue eyes in my mind.

    "Nothing Tyler, just forget it."

    "Well, okaayyy." He said, sarcastically, letting me know there was no way he was going to let my staring at him slide.

    "Shut up, Tyler, she wasn't staring at you for any specific reason. Remember, she's with me now." said Donivan, my boyfriend, coming up behind me. I stared at his hands, wrapping themselves around my waist.

    But I couldn't help thinking how wrong he was. Donivan was a good boyfriend, but Tyler was much more. Tyler was a good friend. There is no comparison between a good friend and a good boyfriend. But if that good friend happened to become a boyfriend...

    "Yeah" I said, reluctantly. I shook all thoughts of Tyler out of my mind. "We might want to get to class, bells going to ring in-" Ring. "Nevermind."

    Tyler and Donivan both laughed. Slowly I peeled myself off of Donivan and stood next to Tyler, who had my next class. Donivan chuckled. "Keep her safe and your hands off, got it Drake." I hated it when he used Tylers last name.

    "No promises, no one can possibly keep Kayla from hurting herself."

    "But you'll keep your hands off of her right."

    "Yeah, yeah, sure, totally." He said, already grabbing me by the hand and pulling me with him. When we were out of sight Tyler pulled me into a hug.

    I smiled. This was our usual way, fight with Donivan, rush away at the bell, safety and hand check, then hug/walk and talk on the way to class.

    "You know your my best friend, right?" I asked, hoping he'd tell me the same.

    "Yeah, have been ever since the wedding in pre-k." He laughed at that and I smiled.

    "I was younger and a whole lot stupider then."

    He smiled again. "Yeah, and this is coming from a girl who was doing some pretty serious staring back there."

    "Shut up, you had something in your eye."

    "Oh really, was it the twinkle or the sparkle, amuse me."

    "Niether, I think it was the hint of I'm-a-total-ass/hole you've been suffering from lately."

    "Oooooooooh, it's the rare, and ferocious Kayla, moving in for the attack on her helpless prey, Tyler the ass/hole," he said in an australian accent, no doubt trying to sound like the long dead crocidile hunter.

    I laughed as we walked into class and slid into our normal seats. First Kade, then me, then Tyler. In front of me sat Emma and behind sat Jason. Being surrounded by friends felt good, and being next to Tyler felt even better. For the moment, I was content.

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    Re: We Might Just Be Another Love Song (rough draft)

    Post by caitlynn<3 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:33 am

    Chapter two.
    Contentment didn't last long, soon class was over and Tyler and I parted ways. Much to my disappointment we only had a handful of classes together this semester. To be specific, we had three classes together.

    On the other hand, me and Donovan had almost all our classes together, I wonder how he pulled that off. I trudged toward the chemistry lab and took my usual seat next to Donovan. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, but I loved Tyler even more.

    "Hey babe," I said. I set my books down and went to grab a pair of goggles for each of us.

    Don't even think about calling me a two-faced sl.ut or w.ho.re or anything along those lines. Because I love them both I can't break Donovan's heart by breaking up with him, and I can't date Tyler while I'm with Donovan. I love them both, but not in the same way.

    I love Donovan like a brother, but I love Tyler like THAT. And the suckish thing is that I can't do anything about it.

    I sighed and went back to my seat, where Donovan was talking to Haley. Truth is I hated Haley. She was a, pardon my french, royal bi.tch with a big mouth. Which brings us back to, I hate her.

    "KAYLA!" She squealed, "how was your summer? We haven't talked in FOREVER," she said, dragging out the last word, "I was just talking to Donovan about helping me with some moves after school today, is that okay? You could come if you want to."

    "No thanks, I'll pass." I said, handing Donovan a pair of goggles. Then seeing he already had one I asked him about it.

    "Oh, Haley got them for me." He said, like it was the most normal thing in the world. I really didn't like the way this chick was messing with my boyfriend.

    "Oh, okay then." I said with a smile as I went to put the goggles back up. I turned to look at Haley and she sneered at me from her desk. I smirked and flipped her off inconspicuously. Chemistry was going to be fun.

    After school I ran to catch a ride with Tyler before he left after practice. I had stayed after school for driving lessons. What a disaster.

    "Hey Kay!" Yelled Tyler from his car.

    "Hey, can I get a ride?" He looked into the truck as if debating whether I would fit or not.

    "Welllll....." he said, "You might have to ride in the bed with Donovan..."

    I slapped him on the arm and he laughed. "You know I'd never have se.x at 16, remember, my rule is 18 and older, just like the law on drinking." I shrugged.

    He smiled. "I thought drinking was 21."

    I looked around slowly as if checking to be watched. "Shhhh.... they don't know that." We both burst out in laughter. I missed this. The closeness of our thoughts, the long laughs we were sure to have when together. I sighed and the laughter stopped.

    "Hey, what's wrong?" I looked at Tyler, fighting in my mind to tell him or not.

    "Even since I started dating Donovan we haven't really hung out like we used to." I said, climbing into the truck. I even loved his truck. It smelled like his cologne mixed with greasy fast food and his aftershave.

    Tyler climbed in the drivers seat and tossed our bags in the back seat. He sighed too then said, "Coach is going to kill me, but how about tonight, like old times." He smiled and started the truck.

    "Sleepover?" I asked, smiling in return. He nodded.

    "Be at my house at six and we'll eat and watch movies in the tree house like we used to." I laughed at the memories.

    "Do you think we'll still fit?" I asked, laughing at that thought too.

    He feigned shock. "Are you calling me FAT!" I had to laugh as he almost drove into a ditch.

    "No, me, I'm calling myself a fattie. It was all those oreo's you fed me in middle school." He laughed and tried to look inoccent.

    "Oh right, they went straight to your as.s..."

    I laughed. "You were staring again weren't you?" I asked, acting like I was going to admonish him. His sheepish grin told all. "I was joking but I can see now you have been."

    He laughed. "It's hard not to when your flaunting it up and down the hallways at school."

    "Well that explains the grabbing then." I joked. His eyes widened. "I'm kidding. But can we stop at Donovans really quickly, I need to pick up my ipod."

    He agreed and we headed to Donovans.

    Ding Dong! His doorbell chime was as familiar as my own. After a minute or two of waiting I opened the front door and headed up to his room to get my ipod. I located it on his dresser and headed back down the stairs.

    I heard a giggle from the kitchen and poked my head in. "Wow, your a REALLY great kisser Donovan." Haley. I laughed out loud.

    "I could have told you that," I said, stepping in, "but now it looks like I don't have to." Turning on my heal I heard two suprised gasps and would love to have seen the looks on their faces. I walked out of his house knowing I was free, and that I didn't have to do anything to buy my freedom. He made his choice and I was unleashed. For the second time today I was happy.

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    Re: We Might Just Be Another Love Song (rough draft)

    Post by caitlynn<3 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:33 am

    Chapter three.
    So I've only had one disagreement with finishing it, and at least two who like it, and so I guess I will finish it

    Back in the car I held my ipod close to my chest. "Ready to go?" I asked, slamming the door.

    "What happened in there?" Tyler didn't move a muscle, and neither did I. I was silent. "You can tell me when your ready. Now let's get out of here."

    I was dropped off by Tyler at my house to get ready. I was heading over to his house at six for a sleepover. Don't freak out, we've done it millions of times since grade one.

    For most of the hour to get ready I sat on my bed. I was almost frozen with shock. The most coherent thoughts in my head were 'OH. MY. GOSH! I was cheated on! And I don't even care!' But finally the time came where the doorbell rang and I opened it to see Tyler.

    "Ready to go?"

    Dumbstruck I looked at the clock. "I need five minutes, I didn't pack."

    "Don't worry about it, you can borrow something of mine."

    "Okay, thanks, I'm just going to leave a note for my mom."

    Scribbling furiously I gave her the gist of what had happened. It ended up sounding something like this.


    Donovan & I R ovr. Night with Ty to make me cheeri again. Be home soon.

    Luvs U!

    With that I headed out to Tyler's truck. Hopping in I said, "Let's go."

    "So what happened at Donovan's, he's been texting me nonstop telling me to tell you he's sorry." I looked down, the smell of his truck didn't help this time. I was uneased.

    "He cheated on me, with numero uno sl.ut Haley. Now is that what you wanted to hear?"

    I faced the window and glared. I felt Tyler glance at me a few times. Finally he reached over and gave my sides a little tickle.

    "You know better than anyone I'm not ticklish." I said. My tone flat.

    "Oh really?" he said, and pulled over. He started mercilessly tickling me and I burst out in a fit of laughter.

    "Stop! Stop! Okay! I admit it, I'm ticklish when you do that!" I was laughing so hard it took a minute or two to get the whole sentence out.

    He laughed grabbed the steering wheel, pulling us back on the road. Once again happiness flooded me. I was free of stupid boyfriends. I was free of unfaithful guys. It was just me and my friends. I was ready to have a good time.

    The rest of the car ride was quiet. It didn't seem to bother either of us though, and so we kept it silent. We pulled into his driveway and I hopped out, barging into his house through the front door.

    "Hi Mrs. Drake!" I yelled, running up to Tyler's room.

    "For the millionth time Kay! Call me Angie!"

    "NEVER!" I screamed, running into Tyler's room.

    I proceeded to jump on the bed until Tyler came in.

    "Hello!" I shouted, jumping up again. I laughed as Tyler tackled me onto the bed and pinned me down.

    "Hello there," He said in reply. I swear my heart stopped beating. Laughing nervously I struggled to get up.

    He was strong, definitely not as strong as I remembered. "When did you get so dam'n strong!?" I was amazed.

    He laughed and rolled from on top of me onto his back beside me on the bed. "Maybe while you spent all that time making out with Donovan." It wasn't even a question, it was a statement.

    I rolled over onto my side, not facing him, but the wall. I let a silent tear roll down my cheek thinking that maybe I really had let Donovan rule my life.

    I felt Tyler get up off the bed. I could just picture him awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. "Listen, Kay I didn't mean to upset you or anything, I was just joking." I wiped away a tear and stood up.

    "It's okay, Ty-Ty," I said, wrapping my arms around his neck in a hug, "I forgive you, and I hungry." With the hungry comment I jumped and wrapped my legs around Tyler's waist. "Carry me to the food please." As I said that I laid my head on his shoulder.

    He laughed and started heading for the door. He carried me all the way down the stairs and to the front door, where he yelled to his mom. "Hey, Kay and me are going to get some food."

    "Kay and I, get it right." I laughed. I loved how his mom corrected his grammar. He carried me out the front door and set me on the hood of the truck.

    "Your on your own getting in darlin'"

    I huffed. "Fine." I pouted and he laughed.

    "Fine," he said, picking me up again and opening the door. He sat me in the seat and reached for the buckle. Once successfully grabbing it he pulled it across my waist and clicked it in place.

    "Let's roll."

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    Re: We Might Just Be Another Love Song (rough draft)

    Post by caitlynn<3 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:33 am

    Chapter four.

    "So really, what went down at Donovan's?"

    We were in Burger King. Eating Cheeseburgers with nothing but ketchup, patty, cheese, and bacon. An old tradition that is yet to die. I took a sip of my Cherry Coke. Stalling. Stalling. Stalling. I took another bite and took my time chewing.

    Finally I swollowed and sighed. "They didn't know I was there. In the kitchen I heard Haley talking, and-"

    Tyler gasped. "That W'HORE!"

    I laughed. "I wasn't finished yet! When I walked in Haley said something like, 'Oh Donovan, you are SUCH a GREAT kisser.' and I just walking in and said 'I could have told you that, but I don't have to now, have fun choking on each others tonsils." and walked out."

    Tyler took a deep breath and when he let it out his laughter boomed through the restraunt. People were turning to stare.

    "Ty!" I hissed at him. "Quiet down! People are staring!" He laughed even more. "Do you /want/ a repeat of the Wal-mart thing?" He shut up instantly. "Thank you!"

    "I'm sorry, I just thought the tonsil thing was hilarious."

    "I didn't even say it out loud, I was just thinking it." People went back to eating. Tyler chuckled again.

    I got up to toss my wrapper and tripped over and empty cup. Throwing the cup away too I went back to Tyler. I sat and sipped my drink as he finished eating his two burgers.

    "Where do you want to go?" He asked. I thought it over.

    "Let's go home and watch some movies."

    "Since when did you start calling my house home again?"

    "Who said I ever stopped?"


    The car ride back was energetic and teasing. It was nice to feel this way again.

    "So have you killed any vampires lately?" He was refering to fourth grade when we had a monster hunting club at recess and our main target was vampires.

    "No." I said bluntly. "They heard that we did that together and were too afraid of your face to try anything. They knew you'de come if I asked you to."

    He laughed. "Cool, so I'm like, your personal protector or something."

    "Uhhhh... sure, if you wanna think of it that way..." I said, giving him a side glance that said 'You are quite wierd.'

    He started laughing so hard I thought we were going to crash. "You... should.... see your.... face!" He couldn't get out more that two words at a time he was laughing so hard. He slowly started to calm down. The laughter, in shorter spurts, was also getting quieter.

    I laughed to for lack of better action. "Hey, I just remembered a place I want to show you. Do you want to let me drive or have me yell at you all the way there, because I know you'll love it." I said, thinking of the old house that had overgrown weeds covering the driveway that backs up to a dock and pond.

    He pulled over and started to get out. "On second thought..." I said, as if I was debating taking him, but the look he gave me told me he wanted to see, so I laughed and switched places.

    As he got buckled I pulled back onto the road and headed towards the exit I remembered so well from walks with my dad. I headed off the exit and Tyler shifted nervously. "Why are we going here?" He seemed WAY, way too nervous.

    "The place is down here."

    "Oh." And it was left at that.

    We drove silently until I pulled to a stop in front of our destination.

    I hopped out of the truck and breathed deeply. The sights and smells of nature overwhelmed me. I had perfect timing because it was just starting to get dark out.

    I stepped towards the dock and pulled off the shirt I had on over a tank top. I flashed Tyler a grin and asked, "Ready for a swim?"

    He looked awkward and out of place. "But I didn't bring my stuff."

    I flashed him another grin and shed more clothing, so I was only in my bra and boyshort undies. "Neither did I."

    "But you don't have an extra bra or anything?"

    "So?" And with that I shed the last of the clothing and dived in.

    When I came up Tyler wasn't facing me, but instead the car, trying to be polite. "What haven't you seen already that makes this so uncomfortable for you?"

    "We were six okay!?" He was really tense.

    "Ty! I change in front of you all the time. What's the problem!?"

    "You! Okay! You're the problem!"

    "What exactly do you mean by that? Ty I know you better, you've wanted this your whole life haven't you? And now it's finally yours and I'm not good enough!? Is that it?"

    "No it's just... I... Now that... Now you and Donovan are broken up... you like me... Kay, I don't think it's a coincidence." I couldn't see, but I knew there were silent tears running down his cheeks. I was doing the one thing I never wanted to do. Hurt him.

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    Re: We Might Just Be Another Love Song (rough draft)

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