Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]


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    Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Anything But Ordinary


    Ordinary. That is what I used to describe myself. Before I found out my true
    identity. Man, was I wrong.

    I was laying on my bed, reading a book like I normally would before I went to
    sleep. My mom, Alice, knocked on my door and came in. "Emerald, I have a letter
    that was addressed to you." She placed it next to me on my bed. I put a bookmark
    in my Harry Potter book that I was re-reading for the gazillionth time. I picked
    up the fancy looking letter and then carefully opened it. I unfolded the letter
    and then started reading it silently.

    Dear Esmerelda Blair Hallows,

    We would like to congradulate you on being accepted to Salem School for Warlocks
    and Witches. The Salem Express will arrive to your nearest railroad station on August
    Thirty-first at noon. Board onto Platform 4 1/2. Your list of required materials are
    included with this letter. We will be expecting you.

    Headmistress Clarissa E. Jenkins

    "Congradulations, sweetie." My mom said to me and kissed me on the forehead.

    "Wait, Salem School for Warlocks and Witches? I am a witch?" I said, dumbfounded.

    "Yes you are Emerald. Our whole family is. Your father, your grandparents, your aunts and
    uncles that are bloodrelated, our whole family is." My mom explained.

    "Why didn't I know about this?" I questioned.

    "Because we couldn't tell you until you were accepted into Salem School. Our whole family
    also went there."

    "Oh wow. Well I guess I got to start packing then. If school starts on the 31st, I only
    have three days to pack." I said, getting out of my bed. "What am I supposed to do about
    the school I go to at the moment?"

    "Tomorrow is your last day at public school. You have to clean out your locker and give
    back books tomorrow. And I will take you shopping tomorrow after school for your new
    materials that you need."

    I sighed and nodded. I was going to miss public high school, but they don't teach any
    courses in witchcraft. I looked at the list of school supplies and it read;

    [*]-Uniform - Black pleated skirt, white button down, black blazer, tie,
    black knee high socks, black Mary Janes
    -Pewter standard size 3 cauldron
    -Regular school supplies you would use in a Muggle school
    -Regular clothes
    -Personal items/toiletries
    -Owl, cat, or toad
    -Quills and ink

    *Refer to books list.

    "Hey mom, do you have a trunk?" I shouted out my bedroom door.

    "Oh yes I do. Let me get it from the basement." She yelled back. Minutes later she returned
    with a big black trunk with my initials, EBH, painted on the front. "This was a gift from
    my mom for when you were accepted into Salem School."

    "I will make sure to tell her thanks. Can I bring like a hairstraightener and all that jazz?
    And my cellphone or iPod?" I asked before my mom left.

    "Yes you can bring hair stuff, and I am sure you can bring your cellphone and iPod. I think
    the only exception is that they must stay in your dorm during the academic day." She replied.
    I nodded and she left. This was going to take a long time to pack everything.

    I started putting the clothes I needed to bring to Salem School. I turned around to grab some
    more clothes, and when I looked back into the trunk, the clothes I first put in there were
    farther down than the trunk went. I put the other clothes in there when I found an instruction
    manual attached to the lid of the trunk. I scanned it and it said that it has a never ending
    bottom so I could put as much stuff as I need in there. I sighed and continued packing what I

    AN; The main character is a 15 year old girl named Esmerelda but goes by Emerald
    as her nickname. Salem School is in Salem, Mass. This is kinda like Harry Potter, but not
    exactly. It is going to have a different plot, but I will probably end up using some HP lingo.
    And the picture is of the Hogwarts Castle at Wizarding World of HP. (:

    This is what Emerald looks like.

    Chapter Fifteen;

    After waking up the next morning, my mom told me that the staff had the night off tonight so
    I would be home all alone. That is what they thought. “Mom, would it be okay if Demitri came
    over tonight? I don’t want to be completely alone tonight with that vampire out.” I pleaded to
    my mom.

    “Fine, but like before, no fooling around.” My mom said. I smiled and hugged her. Then I went
    downstairs to get food. I entered the kitchen and rummaged through the pantry for food. I
    decided just to have those breadsticks that you dunk in the cheese. Seriously, I could eat
    three packages of those in like 20 minutes. My parents were going to go to a party the whole
    night and Sammy was going to Michael’s. I went up to my room and called Demitri.

    “Hello?” He answered.

    “Hi baby.” I said.

    “Hey Em. What’s up?” Demitri said.

    “Well, first off, I wanted to call you to say happy 16th birthday. Second, I love you so much.
    And third, you can come over for sure tonight.” I said seductively.

    “Why thank you darling. I love you so much too. And for sure?” Demitri said.

    “Mhm, my parents are going to be gone, Sammy is going to be at Michael’s, and the staff has
    the night off.” I giggled.

    “I am so glad to hear that. Looks like we are going to have a good night then.” Demitri laughed.
    I laughed too. “Well, I have to go. My parents are taking me to get my license. What time do
    you want me over?” Demitri said.

    “Come over around six. I will see you then. Bye Demitri.” I said.

    “Alright. Bye Emerald.” Demitri said and hung up. I put my phone in the pocket of my sweatshirt.
    I went to my desk, grabbed a piece of notebook paper, and made a to-do list for today. Sammy was
    in the shower while I wrote down my list which consisted of showering, shaving, moisturizing,
    and stuff like that. I finished my list and decided to stretch myself out. I sat on my floor
    and went into a straddle and stretched. I did some more stretches when Sammy came out of my
    bathroom, wrapped in her sky blue fluffy robe and matching slippers with her hair wrapped in
    a towel.

    “Stretching out for Demitri?” Sammy winked.

    “Oh shut up. I need to stretch anyways.” I laughed. Sammy laughed and picked out some clothes
    from her trunk. “What time are you coming back tonight?” I asked.

    “Probably not until real late. Michael is taking me to a concert and afterwards back to his
    house.” Sammy said.

    “What concert?” I stood up and leaned down to touch my toes.

    “I have no idea. It is a surprise.” Sammy shrugged and chose a pair of black skinny jeans, a
    dark gray tank top, a dark red bomber jacket, and black leather boots. She went back into the
    bathroom to change and do her hair. I finished stretching out and decided to go on Facebook.
    I picked up my Mac from my desk and took it over to my couch. I flipped on the TV and turned on
    my computer. I waited for it to load up and when it did, I logged onto Facebook. I saw that I
    had so many notifications again, which were from my birthday. I didn’t bother going through them.
    Then someone chatted me. It was from Cassidy.

    Cassidy: Hey Em! It is Cass and Jen. How are you? We miss you so much and school isn’t the same
    without you!

    Me: Hey Cass and Jen! I am actually really good. I miss you guys too. How are you guys?

    Cassidy: We are good. How are your new school and boyfriend?

    Me: I love my new school. I made the varsity poms team and the highest choir. And my boyfriend
    is good.

    Cassidy: That is good. Awesome! We can’t wait to meet him. (: Oh, we saw that you had a party
    for your birthday and didn’t invite us? What was that all about?

    Me: Haha. Oh, well, it was kind of last minute. Sorry. And there is another reason why I couldn’t
    invite you guys but I can’t tell you.

    Cassidy: Whatever. We have to go. Bye.

    Cassidy logged off. I shrugged and went to my photos to make sure they were all uploaded. I made
    one of the pictures with Demitri in my long dress my profile picture. We looked like movie
    stars. I still couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to be with Demitri. I looked at the clock and
    it was already three in the afternoon. Sammy was finished getting ready and was zipping up her boots.
    “I am gonna go. Have fun tonight but be safe.” Sammy laughed and hugged me goodbye.

    “Bye. Oh we will. Have fun at the concert. And text or call me when you are on your way home.”
    I said and hugged her back. She smiled and left my room. I decided to get in the shower. I got
    into the shower and the hot water hit my back, giving me a mini massage. I spent a lot of time
    in the shower making sure I did not miss an inch shaving. I got out of the shower and wrapped
    myself in my pink fluffy robe and my hair in a towel. I decided to not put on my outfit just
    yet, so I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt. I blow dried my hair straight and ran my flat
    iron though my hair to make sure it was pin straight. Then I did my makeup and put vanilla
    scented lotion all over my body. The clock read 5:45. I heard my parents leave a while ago. I
    texted Demitri.

    Me: When you get here, just come straight up to my room. The front door is unlocked, but lock
    it when you come in. (;

    Demitri: Will do. I will see you in a few. (;

    I took off my t-shirt and shorts and slipped into my emerald green colored lace push-up bra and
    matching thong. I changed my mind and put on a pair of black booty shorts and black Juicy
    tracksuit jacket on over my lingerie instead of a robe. I sprayed some vanilla perfume on my
    body and looked in the mirror. I looked good. I unzipped my jacket a little so that my green
    bra peaked through. I rolled my shorts over a few times so that they sat right on the edge of
    my panties. My flat abs had a good three inches showing. I put a swipe of chapstick on my lips
    and I was ready. I heard the front door open and close. I sat down on my couch in a somewhat
    seductive manner. My bedroom door opened and Demitri walked in, wearing jeans, a dark green
    v-neck, and gray zip up hoodie.

    “Hi baby.” Demitri said and smiled.

    “Hi hon. Happy birthday.” I got up and walked over to him. Demitri put his hands around my waist
    and pulled me close to him. I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him hard on the lips.

    “Thank you. So what are the plans for tonight?” Demitri asked after the kiss.

    “Well, it is your birthday, so whatever you want to do.” I raised my eyebrows.

    Demitri raised his eyebrows. “Whatever I want to do?” I nodded. He picked me up and carried me
    up the spiral staircases and gently placed me on my bed. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

    “If I didn’t, I would have told you by now.” I stated.

    “Alright. Let me promise you, I love you so much and I never want to hurt you. You mean the
    world to me.” Demitri said and we locked eye contact.

    “I love you too. And you mean the world and more to me.” I said.

    Demitri took off his hoodie and tossed it on the floor. I walked over to him and took off his
    shirt. His tanned and ripped abs were to die for. He slowly unzipped my Juicy hoodie and took
    it off. I sauntered my way back to my bed and sat down in the middle of it. Demitri stared at
    me for a minute and got onto my bed. We started making out and getting frisky. Demitri took off
    his jeans and threw them to the floor. He kissed his way down my neck to my collarbone and my
    chest and stomach. His lips stopped right where my skin and shorts met. He looked up at me,
    asking with his eyes if he can take my shorts off. I nodded. He skillfully and carefully slid
    my shorts off. He was pleased with the lingerie I chose. His index finger trailed down my hips
    and to the inside of my thigh. “Are you ready for this?” He asked. Then the doorbell rang.

    “Seriously?” I groaned. “I better go get that.” I said and wiggled my way out of Demitri’s grip.
    I quickly put my shorts and hoodie on and ran downstairs. I opened the door. The guy standing
    there was holding a pizza.

    “Here is your pizza.” The delivery guy said. He had an eerie voice.
    “I didn’t order a pizza…” I trailed off.

    I looked into his eyes and they were a bright red. “Can I come in?” He asked. I started walking
    backwards. I didn’t have my wand on me. Shit, I thought. “Miss, can I come in?” He asked again,
    giving me a toothy smile. Just then, Demitri came downstairs and saw me backing away from the

    “Em, baby, you okay?” Demitri asked.

    I shook my head no. “Him,” I said under my breath. I could tell that the delivery guy was
    getting angry. His eyes kept getting redder and redder. His mouth curled in to a snarl.

    “LET ME IN.” Delivery guy shouted and threw the pizza to the ground. Demitri went over to the
    intercom and called for the security guards. The delivery guy-slash-vampire snarled and fled.
    I stared wide eye at the door where he just left. I backed up so far that I hit the edge of the
    staircase and fell backwards.

    Demitri rushed over to me. “Emerald, honey, are you okay?” I broke down crying. Demitri held me
    in his arms and stroke my hair. Then the security guards arrived to the door.

    “Miss Hallows and Mr. Sterling, are you two alright?” Vlad, one of the security guards, asked.

    “The delivery guy was not the actual delivery guy. He was a vampire who is out to get Emerald
    from the looks of it.” Demitri stated.

    “Oh God. The King and Queen need to be informed of this right away.” Christof, the other security
    guard, declared. He whipped out his cell phone and dialed my father’s cell phone number.
    “Hello King, I am truly sorry to interrupt your evening, but there was a mishap at the castle.
    A pizza delivery guy came to the house, so I figured the kids ordered a pizza, and instead of
    the normal delivery guy showing up, a vampire did. From the looks of it, we think the vampire
    is out to get Princess. You will be back in a half hour? Okay. Goodbye.” Christof hung up. I
    was still crying with Demitri holding me.

    “I am going to take her upstairs.” Demitri said to the guards and picked me up in his arms.
    He carried me to my room and placed me on my couch. He sat down next to me as I kept crying.
    “Baby, you are fine. Please stop crying.” I stifled my tears. Demitri kissed me lightly on the
    forehead. “You should go and change into something else. You parents are going to be here soon.”

    I nodded and stood up, then almost fell over because I was so lightheaded. Demitri caught me.
    He steadied my balance and then I walked into my closet. I put on some sweats and a giant
    sweatshirt on. I threw my hair into a bun and walked back out to Demitri. Demitri had his head
    in his hands. I sat down next to him. “Demitri?” Demitri took his head out of his hands. He
    looked miserable. “Demitri, I’m sorry for breaking down.” I said to him and rubbed his back.

    “Emerald, you had all the right to breakdown. I just hated seeing you cry like that. It breaks
    my heart seeing you so scared.” Demitri said. I frowned and hugged him.

    “I’m sorry for ruining your birthday.” I said quietly.

    “You did not ruin my birthday. Please don’t think that. Just being with you made this the best
    birthday ever.” Demitri said.

    “But I shouldn’t have answered the door.” I contradicted.

    “Emerald, please don’t think that you opening the door was you fault. It was not at all.” Said

    “But for all we know, he is still on the grounds.” I shivered. I had that bad feeling that he

    “Please don’t think about that. Baby, I won’t leave your side. You have nothing to fear.”
    Demitri caressed my face.

    “But it is true.” I stammered and started crying again. Demitri pulled me over to him. I felt
    the tears from Demitri’s eyes fall on my head. I looked up at him and wiped his tears away with
    my thumbs. We sat there in silence until my parents got home and came into my room.

    “Emerald, Demitri, are you guys okay?” My mother rushed over to me in her way to high heels.
    Demitri and I both shrugged. “What happened?” She asked. I explained to her what happened when
    I opened the door and saw the vampire standing there up until just now. “Oh gosh. We haven’t had
    a vampire here in ages, and I literally mean ages. Joseph, what should we do?” My mother said to
    my father.

    “We need to alert the town.” Joseph simply stated. Alice nodded. “I will go to my office and
    send out an alert everywhere in Hallows. Goodnight kids.” Joseph turned and walked out of my room.

    “Demitri, I don’t want you leaving here and driving yourself home in the dark while this monster
    is out. You are welcome to stay here for the night.” Alice said to Demitri. He nodded in
    acceptance. “Goodnight you two.” My mother said and kissed me on the forehead and left my room.
    I yawned from being so tired.

    “Do you want to go to bed?” Demitri asked me. I nodded and stood up. I walked up the spiral
    staircase to my bed and plopped down. Demitri sat down next to me. I shimmied under my covers
    and pulled them up to my chin. Demitri got under the covers and I curled up next to him.

    “I love you. And happy birthday.” I murmured.

    “I love you too. And thank you. Please get some sleep now. You need it.” Demitri said and kissed
    me goodnight. Then I instantly fell asleep.

    For the rest of break, I kept myself in the house. I didn’t leave unless I had too. Good thing
    I had Sammy and/or Demitri to keep my company. My father sent an alert to the town that a vampire
    was on the loose. Let’s just say that there were a lot of freak outs. I was paranoid beyond
    belief. I carried my wand seriously everywhere I went, even to the bathroom.

    It was the last day before we had to go back to Salem School for the rest of the semester. I
    was freaking out. I had a strange feeling that things at Salem are going to become bad, very
    bad. My trunk was all packed and ready to go. I had to be at the train station at six the next
    morning since we still had classes that day, which is such a sick joke. I sat in my room and
    read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the gazillionth time. Then my father came into
    my room. “Hi dad,” I said quietly, not taking my eyes off the book.

    “Hi Emerald. How are you doing?” He said and sat on the couch next to me.

    “Still shook up. But there is nothing I can do about it.” I sighed.

    “Well, I had a meeting with the President today, for your information, he does know about us
    and vampires and other mystical creatures. And he told me that there have been several odd
    deaths in Washington DC before the attacks started in Salem. He does think it is vampires
    though causing the attacks. For all we know, they are multiplying and killing. And the best
    part is, their favorite kind of blood is witch and warlock blood. No idea why, but it is.”
    Joseph explained.

    My eyes widened. “Are you serious? They love our blood? Great. No wonder that one vampire is
    after me. For all I know, I probably have the best smelling and tasting blood there is.”

    “Honey, you have nothing to worry about. Only witches and warlocks can get into Salem School.
    Well, and humans if they know their child is a witch or warlock. Just focus on the rest of you
    school work and poms. I just wanted to inform you of that. You should get some rest now. You
    have school tomorrow.” My dad got up, kissed me on the top of my head, and then left my room.
    I put a bookmark in my book and put it in my tote bag. I plugged my phone in it’s charger and
    went to bed.

    “Emerald, are you sure you are okay? You haven’t been yourself since the incident.” Demitri said
    as we got into the train compartment.

    “I am fine.” I snapped and sat down. We were already in uniform and I had my wand tucked in my
    sock for safe keeping. “I’m sorry for being so snappy lately. I am just scared to go back to
    school and leaving my parents here to deal with a vampire.”

    “I don’t blame you one bit for being scared. I am scared too. But nothing can get you at school.”
    Demitri squeezed my hand. Then Sammy and Michael came into our compartment. They were holding
    hands since the Michael asked Sammy to be his girlfriend after the concert a few days ago.

    “Man, I can’t believe we are going back to school already. It feels like your party was
    yesterday, Em.” Sammy said. I nodded and felt the train start to move. I looked at the window
    and smiled at my parents whom were waving to me. I gave them a small wave and focused my
    attention back on my two friends and my boyfriend. I spent the train ride to Salem keeping to
    myself. I just felt like something horrible was bound to happen. And I was right.

    After dinner, we were all in our dorms getting ready for bed and finishing up homework. Demitri
    was watching some sport on TV with his friends while Sammy and I sat on the other side of the
    room, writing in my diary and Sammy reading a book.

    Dear Diary,
    I feel like something bad is going to happen tonight. I can just feel it creeping through my
    veins. I don’t know what is going to happen, but no one believes me. For the past week after
    the incident, I feel like I am drifting from Demitri and Sammy. Maybe it is just because of my
    mood being so down and paranoid, but who knows. I just don’t know what to do. It is killing me

    I closed my diary and locked it. “I am going to go to bed.” I said to Sammy and stood up. She
    nodded and kept reading her book. I walked over to Demitri. “I am going to bed. Night.” I said
    and kissed him on the cheek.

    “Night babe. I love you.” Demitri said.

    “I love you too.” I said quietly. Then I went up to my room. I sat in my bed for a while, just
    trying to clear my mind of everything. I guess I eventually fell asleep when I woke up to the
    fire alarm going off. I sat up and looked around. The girls in my dorm were freaking out and
    grabbing coats and shoes since we had to evacuate the building. I quickly grabbed my phone,
    wand, and diary. I slipped on a coat and slippers and hurried out of the room along with
    everyone else. The common room was packed of kids trying to get out of the door. It took a
    while, but everyone was then out of the building and outside. My peers had there wands lit up
    if they had it. Then I got that bad feeling creep over me like it did at the drive-in. I quickly
    found Sammy with Michael. “Sammy, I need you to hold my diary. Don’t let go of it. Please.” I
    said and handed it to her. I stuffed my phone in my sports bar and started walking away from them.

    “Wait!” Sammy called after me. “Where are you going?”

    “To figure out what just happened.” I said and walked off. I crept my way away from everyone and
    walked around the grounds of the school. With every step I took closer to the forest that lined
    the west part of the grounds, I couldn’t shake that feeling off. The edge of the forest was
    only about ten feet away from me when I saw a pair of gleaming red eyes staring at me.

    Chapter 16;

    A male slowly walked out of the forest, up to the edge. It was the vampire. “My, my, look what
    we have here. It is the princess.” He mocked.

    “What do you want?” I slowly and assertively said.

    “You, of course. And your blood.” He laughed a menacing laugh.

    “Can I first know your name?” I asked.

    “Why my name is Oliver.” Oliver the vampire said.

    “And why do you want me of all people, Oliver?” I questioned him.

    “You are the princess and such a gem. How could I not want you? I have been longing for the
    day when I first saw you in the alley that one night.” Oliver raised his eyebrows and smirked.

    “Oh, okay, that makes total sense.” I said sarcastically. “It makes no sense why you want me.”

    Oliver cackled. “Do you know how valuable your blood is? Or what about the kinds of powers your
    blood will give me. I will be the greatest vampire of all times.”

    I literally laughed out loud. “That is your goal? To be the greatest vampire of all times. Sorry
    to say, this isn’t Harry Potter and you are not Voldemort.”

    “I know that.” Oliver snapped and stepped closer towards me. That is when I got a better look
    at Oliver. He was somewhat decent looking. He was only a few inches taller than me, really pale,
    red eyes, and messy light brown hair. “Why aren’t you afraid of me?” He hissed.

    “Because I have no reason to fear you. I got nothing to lose.” I stated.

    “What about your boyfriend Demitri? Or you best friend Sammy? Or even your own family? Aren’t
    you afraid of losing them?” Oliver stepped closer and closer to me.

    “I am afraid of losing them, but if it is fate, it is fate.” I said. Ironically, I heard Demitri
    and Sammy’s voices shouting out my name.

    “How do you think they would feel if they found you here dead and drained of blood?” Oliver
    smirked and turned to listen from where the sounds of their voices were coming from.

    I was grateful since he was distracted and yelled “Petrificus totalus” and flicked my wand at
    Oliver. He was as straight as a board and fell to the ground. I guess Sammy and Demitri saw
    the jet of light from my wand that they came running to me. I was staring at Oliver, whom was
    laying on the ground, immobile.

    “Emerald! What the hell happened?” Demitri said to me.

    “I found him. And I couldn’t let him get away. Or kill me.” I said with no expression.

    “I will get Headmistress.” Sammy said and ran off back towards the school. Oliver’s eyes studied
    me and then Demitri and then back to me. Demitri and I kept our wands pointed at Oliver until
    Headmistress Jenkins and other staff members came hurrying to us.

    “Miss Hallows, are you okay?” Headmistress Jenkins asked me. I nodded. “What happened?” She said.

    “I figured something bad would happen tonight, and I was right. Only I got to him before he
    could get to me.” I said nonchalantly.

    Sneverus Snape, head of Archer house, bent down to look more closely at Oliver. “Is this a

    “Yes it is.” I said. Some of the staff gasped.

    “We haven’t had vampires in Salem or around Salem in ages.” Snape said to himself.

    “But how did he get into the grounds?” Professor McConnell said.

    “Someone here must have let him in.” I stated.

    I was sent to the infirmary for no apparent reason that I could see. I was perfectly fine,
    but everyone urged me to go. I saw cross legged on the bed, reading a magazine. I didn’t even
    hear anyone come in, when I felt Demitri sit on the edge of my bed. I looked up and gave him
    a small smile. “How are you doing?” He asked.

    “I am fine. I don’t know why I am here. I am obviously not hurt or anything. I am actually
    really content.” I explained.

    “That is good. I think they just want to make sure you are okay. And I want you to be okay
    too.” Demitri picked up my hand and played with the pink and diamond ring he gave me for my

    I looked down at my hand. “I know you do. And I love you for wanting me to be okay.” I said
    and smiled. I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

    “I love you too.” Demitri said when the main nurse, Madam Winfry, came in.

    She said in her kind voice, “Mr. Sterling, visiting hours have been over.”

    Demitri nodded and stood up. “Goodnight, Em. I will see you tomorrow.”

    “Goodnight,” I said and Demitri left. Madam Winfry smiled and turned off the lights in my
    section. I shimmied under the covers and stared up at the ceiling. I could not fall asleep. I
    looked at the clock on the opposite wall and it was one in the morning. I was probably going
    to miss my first two classes because the administrators and teachers would want to make sure I
    was okay. I thought that was a little weird, but I was going with the flow.

    The next morning I was woken by Headmistress Jenkins. “Are you okay, Esmerelda?”

    “I am fine. I really don’t know why I had to stay in here.” I shrugged.

    “Well, you are free to go then if you feel okay. But come back if you aren’t feeling well.”
    Headmistress said. I stood up and left the infirmary. Everyone was in class while I walked
    through the school, up to my dorm room to change since I was still in my pajamas. Twenty
    minutes later, I was dressed with my hair and makeup done also. I swung my bag over my shoulder
    and went back downstairs to go to class. When I got to herbology, the room was silent when I
    walked in. The station next to Demitri was open and I made my way over to the seat and sat down.
    Everyone was silent and were staring at me. I was sure some people were either scared of me or
    in awe of what I did. I took out my notebook and pen and started doodling in my notebook. I felt
    a nudge at my forearm. It was a folded piece of paper. I discreetly opened it and it said:

    Good morning beautiful. –D

    I wrote back:

    Good morning darling. –E

    I passed him the note and he quickly replied.

    How did you sleep?

    It took me a while, but I feel asleep eventually.

    I couldn’t fall asleep because of that scene of me finding you with the vampire was running
    on repeat.

    I am so sorry for going off with out telling you or Sammy, but I needed to figure out what was up
    with him.

    I understand. I would’ve done the same thing. As long you are okay, that is all that

    Thank you for understanding. At least the creep is locked up.

    Our note passing conversation ended there since our teacher was staring at us. I stuffed the
    note in my purse and looked at the teacher. Class ended and we made our way to our other class.

    The day finally ended and Demitri went up to the common room before me to get ready for the
    house talent show. When I got up to the common room, it was already full of people changed and
    sitting on the floor or couches. A stage was set up in front of the huge bay windows, taking
    up a good chunk of the common room. I hurried upstairs to change into spandex shorts, sports bra,
    and Salem School poms tank top. I slipped on my black jazz shoes and threw on a gray cardigan.
    I went back downstairs and sat on the floor next to Sammy. I gave her a small smile and she
    smiled back. “Do you know where Demitri is?” I asked her.

    “I have no idea.” Sammy said. “Are you and the poms girls in Archer doing a routine?”

    “Yeah we are. I am kind of nervous since we only have performed as a whole team for football
    games and tonight it is just a few of us dancing.” I said and stretched out my legs by sitting
    in a pike. The show was going to start in a few minutes and Demitri was MIA. Christina, the
    captain of poms, motioned for me to come over to her. I stood up and hurried over.

    “You ready to go? We are first now since someone else requested to go last.” Christina said
    and put her hands on her hips.

    “What? We are going first?” I asked. Christina nodded. I sighed, flipped my head upside down,
    and gathered my hair into a high ponytail. The poms girls also in Archer and I started stretching
    in a corner. I saw Demitri standing next to Michael. He smiled and winked at me. I smiled back
    and continued to stretch. Then the MC’s for the show came up on the stage. The poms girls and
    I made our way over to stage left of the stage area. The MC’s introduced us and then our mix of
    music started playing. It was a mix of Adam Lambert songs. We strutted our way onto the stage
    to the song of Strut and then we got into formation and started our dance. I had several solos
    and by the end of the dance, everyone was cheering and on their feet. We bowed and walked off
    stage. We sat all together on the floor for the rest of the show. By the time the end rolled
    around, Demitri got up on stage with an acoustic guitar. My friends on poms looked at me with
    their eyes asking “what is he up to?” I shrugged.

    Demitri said into the microphone, “I dedicate this song to my amazing girlfriend, Emerald.”
    I blushed. He started playing the beginning of Bruno Mar’s hit song “Just the Way You Are.”
    He started singing. I died at the sound of his smooth and silky voice. A good majority of the
    Archer girls fell in love. When he ended the song, I made my way up to the stage and hugged
    him. A lot of people awed out loud.

    I whispered into Demitri’s ear, “I love you so much.”

    He whispered back, “I love you so much too.” A good chunk of my peers told Demitri he did
    amazing in their fliriest voices. I really didn’t care if they wanted him because they knew he
    was all mine. Everyone stood in clusters, talking and listening to the music blaring over the
    speakers. I was still in my poms outfit and I saw boys staring at my assets. Demitri and I met
    up with Sammy and Michael, whom were standing with a group of the football players. They football
    players told us both good job and I smiled back at them. We had our homecoming football game
    that following Friday, where the whole poms team is going to do our homecoming routine during
    half time. Demitri still hasn’t asked me yet, but a lot of girls have already been asked,
    including Sammy. Michael asked Sammy by leaving a cookie cake and a single rose with the
    homecoming couple ticket on top. It was a cute idea but I did wonder what Demitri had in store
    for me. We said goodnight to each other at the top of the staircase. I went into my room,
    changed into pajamas, and sat on my bed. Since spirit week started today, hence the talent
    show, tomorrow was pajama day. I was going to wear cheetah print footie pajamas. I was so
    excited. A lot of the girls were probably going to wear some skimpy and skanky pajamas since
    we usually wear uniforms. But I, on the other hand, want to be comfy. Before I knew it, I was
    dead asleep.

    I slipped on my footie pajamas the next morning and threw my hair into a messy bun on the top of
    my head. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs to meet up with Demitri, Sammy, and Michael for
    breakfast. When I got downstairs, people liked my pajamas. “You look beautiful, love.” Demitri
    said when I reached him and the others. Sammy and Michael also liked my pajamas. We headed
    downstairs for breakfast and my guess about the girls in the skanky pajamas was 100% right. The
    girls tried strutting there stuff in front of Demitri, but he couldn’t take his eyes off me.
    We made it to breakfast and sat down after getting our food. I was getting many compliments on
    my footie pajamas. I could tell that some people were shocked that the princess was wearing
    footie pajamas from Target in public. Our classes were shortened because we had an assembly at

    Class flew by and then we were at the Homecoming kick-off assembly. The whole poms team was
    going to perform our Homecoming hip-hop routine. We went into the girls’ sports locker room to
    change into black spandex shorts, gold spandex long sleeved tops with Salem inscribed across
    the chest in black stitching, and black and gold Nike high tops, which were the school universal
    colors. I had to say, we looked fierce. We put long jackets over our outfits so we didn’t
    distract anyone just yet.

    The football players were all in their respective jerseys and a lot of people were in school
    colors. We sat in the special section of the bleachers with the JV poms team and the JV and
    Varsity football players. The nominees for homecoming King and Queen, which were going to be
    a surprise, were going to be announced today. Headmistress Jenkins welcomed us to the assembly
    and started it off with the nominees. One by one, the nominees were called up to the stage. To
    my surprise, I was nominated. I got up, still in my jacket, and walked onto the stage. I was
    handed a bouquet of roses and a sash. Then Demitri was also nominated. We were both in shock
    because only 7th and 8th years get nominated. Also, Damon was nominated. He smirked at me when
    he walked past me. It was the first time I saw him in school.

    After the nominations were called up, I had to get off the stage to perform. I joined the rest
    of the dance team at the side of the basketball court and got into formation. We walked in sync
    to the center of the basketball court and waited for the our music to start. Right on cue, we
    ripped off our jackets in a staggering effect. We tossed them to the side and started the
    dance. The crowd loved it. They were dancing and fist pumping in the bleachers. Our performance
    was a bit racy, but what the hell. We whipped our hair back and forth, put our hands up if we
    have ever been in love, and shook what our mommas gave us. At the end of the dance, we stuck
    our poses and held it for a few seconds. We eased and while everyone else walked to the bleachers,
    I had to go back onstage. Then I saw Damon take the microphone.

    “Excuse me everyone,” Damon said into the microphone in his cocky voice. I looked at Demitri
    with alarmed eyes. Then Damon spoke again, “I have an announcement to make.” He started, then
    looked at me, and smirked. “Emerald, will you go to homecoming with me?” My jaw dropped and
    I looked at Demitri. He was fuming. The gym was silent. I was speechless and annoyed. “Well,
    Emerald, will you go with me because I know you do not have a date yet.” Damon said into the
    microphone. Demitri stormed off the stage and up to his brother.

    “What the hell are you doing?” Demitri yelled at Damon.

    “Well unlike you, I have the balls to ask a girl to Homecoming.” Damon smirked at Demitri and
    then at me.

    “She is my girlfriend, and I planned on asking her tonight, but you ruined that. Thanks. That
    adds another item to the list of why I can not stand you because you ruin everything.” Demitri
    shouted. All the kids and teachers were in shock of what was going on.

    “Then why don’t we duel who gets to take her to homecoming?” Damon asked and whipped out his
    wand. Demitri took out his. This has gone too far. I ran off the stage and ran into the middle
    of them just as one of the spells hit me. I fell the ground and submerged into unconsciousness.

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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    like [:
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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Chapter one is upppp(:
    And thanks girls(:


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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    And chapter two is up too!

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    Chapter three will be up shortly.
    I serioulsy typed it all out on my phone all weekend.


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    Three is up!


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    And four is up!

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    LOVE. <3

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    hahah thankyou!
    Chapter five should be up tonight or tomorrow.


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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    this is really gooood! <3

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    5 is up!
    Sorry it took so long.

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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    I have chapter six, but the interent froze.
    And I really don't wanna re-write it):


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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Chapter six is finally done!


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    Chapters 7-10 are now up!!

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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    I want to go to Emerald's party.

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    Hahha so do I. (:


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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Chapter One;

    It was my last day at public school. Thank gosh. I guess you can say I never really fit in there.
    My almost old school, West High, was pretty small. Only 140 kids in my grade. And I have been
    going to school with pretty much all of them since kindergarden. I only had two best friends, whom
    I know that they would feel sad that I was leaving them, but it was time for me to start over and
    make new friends and gain a new indentity. I never dated much throughout Junior High or freshman
    year of high school. There weren't many cute guys to date here. I can't wait to get to my new
    school for the fresh mix of new people.

    I got dressed, wearing a dark purple high waisted skirt, black tanktop tucked in, and gold gladiator
    sandals. I slung my purse and grabbed my Blackberry and headed downstairs for my mom to take me
    to school. "Ready to go?" My mom said to me. I nodded and grabbed a chocolate chip granola bar
    off the kitchen counter. "After school, I will pick you up and then we will go shopping." Alice

    "Where are we going to go shopping? I am pretty sure nowhere around here has a witch and warlock
    store." I asked my mom, who was heading into the garage.

    "Honey, I know places." She laughed and climbed into her Crossover SUV. I climbed into the
    passenger seat and we were off to my school for my last day.

    I walked into West High for my last day there for ever. I headed to my locker and when I arrived
    there, my friends were waiting impatiently. Little did they know that I was leaving forever.
    "Hi guys." I said to Cassidy and Jenny. "So I have some news for you guys..." I trailed off.

    "OMG, did you get a date to the homecoming dance?!" Jenny screamed.

    Shit, I totally forgot about the dance. Oh well, I will be gone anyways. "Uh no. I am not going
    to the dance..." I mumbled.

    "You aren't going?" Cassidy gasped.

    "No. I can't go." I said.

    "Why not?" Jenny and Cassidy said in unison.

    "Because I am transfering schools." I said looking down at the ground.

    "WHAT?!" They screamed. "Where are you going?!"

    "I got accepted into a private school that my mom applied for me." I slightly lied to them.

    "Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Jenny pouted.

    "Because I just found out yesterday. And I leave for the school in two days." I explained.

    "That soon? Now we have to get you a going-away present." Cassidy sighed. "Wait are you going to
    school tomorrow?"

    "No. Today is my last day. I need to turn everything in that belongs to the school. But I would
    rather not to make a big deal about me transfering. I want to keep in on the down low." I said.
    I grabbed my books for my first two periods that I needed to turn in. "I have to go and turn stuff
    in. See you girls later." I walked away, leaving them dumbfounded.

    The final bell rang. Crazy to think that I was free from public school now. I went back to my
    locker to grab the supplies I had to bring home so that my locker would be empty. I put everything
    into a separate bag that I brought earlier and exited the school as fast as I could. But then I
    was stopped by Jake. Oh Jake. He had the biggest crush on me since kindergarden. "Where you
    rushin' off to Emerald?" He asked. Note; every girl at my school was in love with him, except
    for me. And that is why he never gave up because he knew that he could not have me.

    "I am leaving. Bye Jake." I tried to push him out of the way.

    "Not so fast pretty lady. I heard from a little birdie that you are leaving, forever." He smiled

    "Yes it is true. I am leaving this hell hole forever. Go find someone else to creep on." I snarked
    back at him.

    "Woah woah woah, Emerald. I wanted to ask you to homecoming, but since you are acting this way
    and leaving forever, I guess I will just ask one of your little friends." Jake smirked.

    "Hell, go for it. Go ask one of them. I am sure she will be thrilled. And even if you did ask me,
    I would still say no." I rolled my eyes.

    "Whatever. One kiss for the road?" His green eyes glimmered in the flourescent lighting. I
    pretended to lean into a kiss, but then punched him in the nose. "What the hell was that for?"
    He yelled at me.

    "For all those years thinking that you could have me, when you knew I could not stand you." I
    smirked and then walked out of the my now old school for the last time.

    My mom and I were on the way to wherever the stores were that I need my new supplies for. "So
    mom, where exactly are we going?" I asked her.

    "The creepy old bookstore downtown." My mom said.

    "Why there? Last time I was in there, they didn't sell wands or broomsticks or anything." I said,
    very confused.

    "You will understand once we get there." She said. We sat there in silence for ten minutes until
    we reached the bookstore. We both got out of the car and walked inside.

    "Ah, Alice Hallows. Nice to see you again." The creepy old lady that owned the bookstore said
    in an eerie voice.

    "Cassandra, nice to see you again too." My mother said, giving the old lady a hug.

    "And this must be Esmerelda. Welcome. Are you atteneding Salem?" Cassandra said to me.

    "Yes I am Esmerelda. But I go by Emerald. And yes I am." I said quietly.

    "Well good luck there, Emerald. I know you will enjoy it as much as your family did." She smiled
    at me. I smiled back. "Alice, you know the way. Have fun shopping." Cassandara shooed us off into
    a back room. My mother pulled out her wand, which I did not know that she had, out of her purse.
    She tapped the bricks of the wall and then the wall opened up. My jaw dropped in awe. My mother
    walked into the alley that lead to a townsquare-esque place.

    "Mom, what is this place?" I said while following her. I looked behind me and the wall we just
    walked though was closed again.

    "This is Hallows Townsquare. This is where you are going to buy your school supplies." My mom
    said to me.

    "Wait, Hallows Townsquare? Is it named after our family?" I asked.

    My mothe smiled, knowing that I caught on. "Yes it is. Everyone that goes here, knows who the
    Hallows family is. Our family is the reigning family. Kind of like the royal families in Europe."

    I thought for a minute. "So Dad is here then? Right?"

    "Yes your fahter is here. He is at our family castle. He says he is on business trips, but really
    he comes here because this is our empire. The whole warlock and witch world." My mom expained.

    "So we are royalty?!" My eyes widened.

    My mom smiled. "Yes we are. Now you better be on your best behavior because like I said, everyone
    here knows who we are." She stepped out of the alley that we were walking through and into the
    townsquare. The warlocks and witches stopped and stared as we walked around.

    "Look it is the queen and princess!" A random warlock shouted out. People were taking pictures
    and talking about how that they can't believe the queen and princess were here. I smiled and
    kept walking with my mother.

    "Are we going shopping first or what?" I asked.

    "We are going to see your father." My mom stated.

    AN; I am plan on making the chapters lengthy. And I am going to post all the chapters in this
    post. I am going to put the previous chapters in spoilers. And I will update this as much as I
    can. (:

    Chapter Two;

    My mother and I walked to the family castle in the center of Hallows Townsquare, which was also
    the name of the town. We stopped at the gates that lead to the castle. "Hello Christof and Vlad.
    Nice to see you again. I am sure you remember our daughter, Esmerelda." My mom said to the guards.
    The nodded at us and let us in the castle grounds. At the front door to the castle stood my father,
    Joseph, and his parents and my moms parents. A grin came across my father's face.

    "Daddy!" I yelled and ran up to him. He eveloped me into a huge hug.

    "How are you Esmerelda?" He asked after a hug.

    "I am good. Glad to be out of public school too." I laughed. He laughed along with me and my
    grandparents also laughed. "Hi grandma Christine and Ruth. And hi grandpa Jack and Earl." I said
    and gave them each hugs.

    "Hello darling," My dad said to my mom and kissed her lightly on her lips. "Well, ready to go
    shopping Esmerelda?" My dad asked.

    "Of course!" I replied with a grin. We set off, on foot once again, back to the shops.

    Our first stop was Madam Rose's Apparel for my uniform. Madam Rose's was packed with students
    attending Salem's School. Most of the whispered when my family entered. Then Madam Rose came
    up to us. "Oh Princess! It is an honor to have you here!" She squealed with delight. I blushed
    and smiled. "And it is a pleasure to see you again King and Queen Hallows." Madam Rose added.
    "You are here for your uniform right?" She paused. "Let's go back over here, where all the it is
    less crowded. My father, mother, and I followed her over to a far corner, stocked with clothes
    galore. I ran my hand over the clothes to figure out what kind of fabric it was.

    "Madam Rose, can you measure Esmerelda so you can find her the appropriate size for her uniform?"
    Joseph asked. Madam Rose nodded and grabbed her measuring thing and started measuring me. She
    scribbled some numbers on her little notepad and scurried off to find me the appropriate sizes.
    I look around the store. People were still staring at me. Then someone caught my eye. He was the
    most handsome guy I have ever seen in my life. He had dark brown hair, bright green eyes, and
    tanned skin. And he was really tall and trying on a uniform.

    "Hey dad, who is that guy over there with his family?" I asked my dad.

    "Oh those are the Sterlings. And the boy is Demitri. The father works for me." He explained.
    Then Madam Rose came back with several items I needed to try on. She ushered me into a dressing
    room. I put on the uniform and came back out.

    "Oh Emerald, I have waited for this day to see you in that uniform." My mother gushed. I laughed
    quietly and spun around. I looked back at Demitri to see him looking at me. We held eye contact
    until my dad pulled out his credit card to pay for the several uniforms that I needed.

    "Madam, Esmerelda needs 7 of these uniforms please." Joseph said to Madam Rose. She nodded, took
    the credit card, and ran to get more uniforms. Minutes later, she came back with three bags and
    my father's credit card.

    "Thank you Madam Rose." I said to her.

    "You are very welcome Princess." She smiled. We said goodbye to her and before we left, I caught
    Demitri's eyes again. Then we left.

    Next we stopped at Sullivans Bookshop. "Hey mom, dad, can I go outside for a bit? You know what
    books I need. I just wanna look around." I asked them. They nodded and went off to find Thomas
    Sullivan, the owner of the bookshop. More teens were getting their books with their families. I
    walked out the door and accidentally ran into someone. "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" I exclaimed.
    I looked to see who I ran into and it was that Demitri Sterling guy.

    "It is fine." Demitri said in a cool and calm voice.

    "I am Emerald." I held out my hand for him to shake.

    "I know who you are." He said. I pulled my hand back awkwardly. "I am Demitri Sterling."

    "Nice to mee you Demitri. So are you going to Salem's?" I asked.

    "Yes I am. And I am assuming you are too since you are the talk of the town at the moment."
    Demtiri said.

    "Oh, right. Yeah, I am going there. Is me being here that big of a deal?" I asked him.

    "Are you kidding me? You are the princess of warlocks and witches. Yes you being here is a big
    deal." He rolled his eyes.

    "Well I have never been here before." I stated.

    "Well I have. And you seriously think that you being here is not a big deal? I know tons of
    teenage guys that worship at your feet. And when they find out you are here, they are probably
    going to piss themselves." Demitri snapped.

    "Okay chill out. My gosh. I was trying to be nice, but whatever. Just remember, I have authority
    over you." I smirked and walked away.

    Before I got to far, Demitri grabbed my arm. "Wait, I am sorry. I didn't mean to sound so rude.
    I just didn't know that you have never been here before and knew about all of this."

    "You should be. I had no idea that this place even existed. All I knew is that my father went
    on frequent business trips, never knowing that he came to control our kingdom." I said.

    "Emerald, I am truly sorry. I did not mean to sound so rude. Please forgive me." Demitri said
    and I could see the regret in his eyes that he sounded so mean.

    "Fine, I forgive you. But you are now on my list." I smirked.

    "Your list of what?" He asked.

    "Of boys I am attracted to." I smiled and walked away, leaving him stunned.

    I walked around until I found my parents waiting outside the bookshop. They were both carrying
    another several bags of school supplies plus a cauldron. "How do you like it here?" My dad asked.

    "I love it here." I smiled. "Where exactly is Hallows in?"

    "In Salem, Massachussets. Tonight you will have to go back to the other house and make sure
    everything you want is packed, and then tomorrow, you will come back here with your mother and
    take the train from here to the school." My father explained.

    "Oh. Okay. So what are we going to do with the other house?" I wondered.

    "We are going to keep it. But your mother is going to live in the castle full time now since she
    doesn't have the need to live in the Muggle world anymore. The other house will be somewhat like
    a vacation house." He said and kissed my mother on the cheek.

    I nodded in agreement and then asked, "So what else do I need?"

    My mother took a look at my supplies sheet and read off, "Broomstick, wand, and owl, cat, or

    "Let's go get me a broomstick first then." I said. We headed off to Broomsticks Galore which
    was across from the the bookshop. We entered the store and the walls were covered with broomsticks.
    I looked at a few of them and found one that I was in love with. It was dark cherrywood with silver
    accents. "Mom and dad, I found my broomstick!" I shouted to them. They came over to me.

    "That is a beautiful broomstick. If you want it, it is yours." Alice said. I smiled and picked
    it up off the stand. We walked up to the cashier register. I put my new broomstick on the register
    desk. The cashier, whom looked extremely bored, rang up the broomstick. It cost $500, but we were
    royalty and rich, so it was okay, I guess.

    "Thank you!" I said to my parents. "Where to next? I still need a wand and a cat, owl, or toad."

    "Let's go and get you a wand." My mother said. We found Oliver's, which was the wand shop. The
    shop was fairly empty. "Oliver!" My mother said when she saw Oliver.

    "Alice! What a pleasure you see you and Joseph!" Oliver exclaimed. "Is Esmerelda here to get her
    wand?" He asked excitingly.

    "Yes I am." I said proudly. Oliver motioned for me to come with him.

    "This is where all wands meant for royalty are stored. You already have a wand that I made for
    you wehen you were born 15 years ago." He pulled out a long light pink box with my intials, EBH,
    inscribed on the top in silver lettering. He opened the lid and nestled in white silk, laid my
    wand. It was 14 inches long, dark cherrywood, with an ivy like pattern on the handle. Oliver
    placed it in my hand and I felt a rush of power flow through me. "Looks like a perfect fit."
    Oliver smiled with delight.

    "It really is." I said. I walked back to the front, where my parents were standing. "I am ready
    to go. Oliver, how much is the wand?" I asked Oliver.

    "It is free, Esmerelda. It was a gift that you recieved when you were born." Oliver smiled.
    "Nice to see you again, King and Queen. And it was nice to meet you Esmerelda." Oliver shook
    our hands. We said goodbye to him. I placed my wand back into it's case and placed that into
    a bag that Oliver gave us. We exited the shop when someone called my father's name.

    "Joseph!" A man shouted behind us. We all turned around to see the Sterling family walking
    towards us.

    "Ah, hello Jackson." My father shook Jackson's hand. "Esmerelda, this is Jackson Sterling, and
    his wife Patrice." My father introduced us. Jackson and Patrice both kissed me on both cheeks.

    "Nice you meet you." I said quietly.

    "I have been waiting for a while to meet you, Princess." Jackson said, whom had the same cool
    and calm voice of Demitri. "This is my son, Demitri."

    "We already met." Demitri said to his parents.

    "Oh. When did you two meet?" Patrice said in her high soprano voice.

    I looked at Demitri. "We met about a half hour ago outside of Sullivan's." I responded. Demitri
    nodded in agreement.

    Patrice said, "Oh, well it was nice meeting you, Esmerelda. But we have to go now. Demitri still
    needs some last minute items."

    "Bye." My mother, father, and I said in unison. Demitri and I looked eye contact again, and I saw
    a flicker of admiration in his bright green eyes. I gave him a small smile and then they left.

    "Alright, the last thing we need to get for you is an owl, cat, or toad. Which would you prefer?"
    Dad asked me. "We already have several family owls."

    "I would really like a cat." I said.

    "Then let's get you a cat." My parents said together. When we arrived in the front of the pet
    shop, I saw the most adorable kitten through the window. I opened the door and walked straight to
    the tiny kitten sleeping in it's cage.

    "Mommy, daddy, I want this cat." I said, not taking my eyes off the kitten. The kitten was the
    cutest little thing. She was all black, and when she opened her eyes, they were a bright yellow-
    green color. Her tiny ears perked up when my parents came to where I was standing.

    "She is so adorable. If you want her, you can get her." Said my mom when she saw the kitten.

    "Thank you thank you thank you! I am going to name her Midnight because she is so black." I
    declared. My parents went to find a sales associate so that we could buy Midnight.

    After buying some kitty supplies for Midnight, we arrived back at the castle. "Thank you mom
    and dad so much for everything. I will see you tomorrow." I gave my dad a big hug.

    "Your welcome, Emerald. We will put all of your new school supplies into your bedroom here. Do
    you want to leave Midnight here or do you want to take her with you to the other house for the
    night?" He asked.

    "I want to bring her with me." I said to the kitten whom was sleeping in her brand new pink cage.
    My dad and mom agreed. I gave my dad another hug and he kissed my mom goodnight. My mom and I
    walked back to the alley that we came through to get to Hallows. "Boy, am I tired." I said to
    no one in particular.

    "I am with you, Emerald." Mom laughed. She tapped on the bricks with her wand and then the
    wall opened. We stepped through back into the creepy bookstore. The store was already closed
    for the night, so my mom made sure the door was locked when we left. We got into our car, and
    were on our way to our final night in our house.

    Chapter Three;

    It was my final day of freedom. The last day I could wear whatever I wanted to wear everyday.
    My mom and I finished packing up everything that we needed, locked up the house, and then headed
    off to the creepy bookshop so we could enter my new world. I made sure Midnight was looked
    securly in her cage before we got out of the car. Then I saw someone that I did not want to
    see. Jake. "Oy vey," I said outloud.

    "What is the matter, Emerald?" My mom asked.

    "Do you remember me telling you about creepy Jake?" I started. "Well that is him standing
    outside the bookshop."

    "Why is he here?" Mom said.

    I shook my head, "I have no idea. Just stay here for a minute." I got out of the car and walked
    over to Jake, whom was leaning against the wall with his arms across his chest. "What
    are you
    doing here?" I said, obviously annoyed.

    "Well you remember how you told me you were leaving yesterday? Well I followed you to see where
    you were going. And you came here. But you didn't come out for a while. And I when I went in,
    nobody was in there. So where were you?" Jake smirked.

    "Creeper much? And where I was is none of your business." I snapped. "You don't know how happy
    I am to get away from here and you. Just fuck off." I slapped Jake across the face. His face
    turned bright red with anger and embarassment. He started to speak, but then stopped. He huffed,
    then stalked off I motioned for my mom to get out of the car.

    "You must really hate him." My mom laughed silently.

    "Oh I do," I agreed. I opened the backseat door to get Midnight out while my mom got my trunk.
    She took out her wand, flicked it at the trunk, and then it was floating. We walked into the
    bookstore, which was empty like usual. Cassandra must have been in a different room because
    she was nowhere to be found. W manuevered our way into the farthest back room so we could enter
    Hallows Townsquare. My mom placed my trunk on the ground and then tapped the bricks in the
    same pattern as yesterday. Then the wall opened. My mom levitated my trunk again and we walked
    through the wall.

    Hallows Townsquare was already packed of warlocks and witches. There was
    a horse and carriage waiting for us at the end of the alley. We loaded my stuff onto the
    carriage and then climbed in. Then we were whisked away to the castle. A few minutes
    we were at the castle. We were helped out of the carriage by a butler. He pointed his wand at
    my trunk, flicked his wand, and then it disappeared. "Don't worry, it was sent to your room."
    He smiled as he saw my reaction. I laughed quietly. He lead us up to the main castle and then
    opened the main double doors. I walked inside and was in awe. It was midevil-esque yet modern
    at the same time. The walls were a deep burgendy red and the floors were gray stone. Tapestries
    and pictures were hung onto several spots on the walls. Silver lights accented the room making
    it more modern. My mom walked ahead of me, towards an open door to the left. I placed Midnights
    cage on the floor next to the literally grand grandstaircase and followed my mom into the room
    she just entered. When I walked in, I saw my dad sitting in a chair behind a mohagony desk,
    talking to my mom.

    "Ah Emerald, welcome home!" My dad said and got out of his chair.

    "This is amazing!" I said.

    "I will give you the grand tour." He said and left the room. I followed him out of his office
    and back out into the foyer. "This is the foyer and what you were just in is my office.
    And if you follow me back over here," We walked towards the back of the main floor, "is
    the kitchen and dining room." We entered the kitchen and butlers and cooks were scurrying
    around, trying to prepare brunch. They bowed when they saw my father and I. I gave them a
    small smile and then followed my father into the dining room through the kitchen doors.
    The dining room was gorgeous. It had the same wall color and floor style, but there was a
    huge fireplace at the back of the dining room. The dining table, which was very long, was
    placed horizontaly from the fireplace. The fireplace was taller than I am. Many ornate
    paintings hung on the walls of my ancestors. Sculptures and potted plants were placed in the
    corners of the room.

    "This is so pretty. I love it!" I said in awe.

    "For your graduation, we will have your dinner in here, and then the party in the actual
    party in the grand ballroom." He explained. I nodded in appreciation. He motioned for me to
    follow him back into the foyer, and then through another set of huge double doors that
    led into the grand ballroom. Now the ballroom was freaking huge. Like bigger than my old
    school's gym. The walls were literally made out of gold. And the floors were a dark cherry
    wood. A diamond encrusted chandelier hung from the ceiling. "Now we can get a disco ball
    and cool lights for your party. Oh and we are having a Fall Ball when you come home for
    Fall Break. I guess it would also be your coming out party too since all royals need to have
    one for when they turn 16, and your birthday is October 31st. Just so you know, Fall Break
    is October 30th through November 7th." He explained.

    "Perfect! I could have my coming out slash sweet 16 then. What if we made this year's ball
    a Halloween themed one? Especially for my birthday, since it is on Halloween." I told him.

    "That is actually a good idea! I would have never thought of that!" He exclaimed.

    "I am just a genius. Kidding." I laughed. Dad laughed too.

    "You are. Now lets finish this tour and then eat brunch with your grandparents." He left
    the room and I followed.

    My dad showed me the rest of the castle, which was just jaw dropping. The formal livingroom
    was so elegant and perfect, but the family room was more laid back with a big flastscreen
    TV mounted above the fireplace. Then we went upstairs. On the second floor was my grandparents
    rooms, my parents room, tons of guest rooms, and several bathroom that look like they haven't
    been used for years. On the third floor was my room. And let me just say my room was amazing.
    The walls were a creamy off white color, the floors a dark cherrywood. A white desk sat in
    the corner with a white and robins egg blue chari, white shag rugs were placed thoughout
    the room, and a shiny and new-looking flatscreen TV was mounted over a silver fireplace.
    A white leather couch was in front of the fireplace and robins egg blue and black pillows
    were placed neatly on the couch. My trunk sat in front of two white double doors and I saw
    that it was my closet - a walk-in closet that was bigger than my room and my mom's room at
    our old house combined. All the clothes, shoes, and ect that I didn't pack were stored
    in there. "Oh my gosh. I love this!" I squealed with delight. I closed the closet doors
    and opened the doors next to it, which was my own bathroom. Everything was following the
    Tiffany's and Co. theme of white, silver, and robins egg blue. There was a separate shower
    and bathtub and both were huge. Like you could fit ten or more people in each. The bathtub
    was also a jaccuzie and the shower was also a steam shower. There were two sinks and a vanity
    next to it with a little stool to sit on while doing my hair or makeup. I was just in awe.
    To be completely honest, I never though I would ever live like this. I felt like Paris
    Hilton minus all the drugs and arrests.

    "Emerald, there is something else I have to show you." My dad called from my bedroom. I left
    the bathroom and stood next to him. He pressed a button on a remote control and the curtains
    hanging from the two story high ceiling whooshed back to reveal another level to my room,
    which was where my bed was. It was like a loft. The loft overlooked the rest of my room.
    I ran up the silver spiral staircase that led up to the loft and when I got to the top,
    I saw how big my bed was. It was ginormous. It probably didn't even have a name for how big
    it was. I dove on top of the fluffy white and black duvet. The duvet pretty much swallowed
    me. It was like being on a cloud. Or in Heaven. On the sidetables next to the bed had silver
    and elegant lamps and one of the tables had an iPod dock/alarm clock too.

    "This is like a dream come true. It just sucks that I won't be back until Fall Break."
    I shouted down to my dad.

    "It is fine," He started, "you will be back before you know it. Now it is time for brunch."

    I went back down the stairs and followed my father back down to the dining room. My mom
    and grandparents were already seated at the table, waiting for us. My dad took the seat at
    the head of the table, my mom to his left, me to his right, my dads parents next to me,
    and my moms parents next to her. The food magically appeared on the table. We said grace
    and then began eating and talking. Brunch ended and I asked my parents, "Can I go walk
    around some more in the townsquare? I want to get one last feel of it before I leave tomorrow

    "You can go, but one of the guards will have to come with you. And you have to be back
    before dinner at six becuase the Sterlings are coming over." My mom said.

    "The Sterling's are coming over?" I questioned.

    "Yes they are. It is a formal dinner, so you need to dress appropriately. That means a dress
    and nice heels." Dad clarified. I agreed and got up to leave. I ran upstairs to grab my
    purse and cellphone, then ran back down. When I reached the front doors, a guard was already
    waiting for me. I gave him a small smile as he opened the door for me. I walked out and
    it was such a nice day out. Around 73 degrees and cloudy - my kind of weather. I left the
    castle grounds, with my guard following behind me, and went into town to window shop and
    people watch. For about a half hour, I just wandered around. I was asked a couple of times
    for pictures and autographs. Then I ran into Demitri. Ran into him, like I did yesterday.

    "Oh gosh. Sorry Demitri." I apologized and straightened out my blouse.

    "Don't worry about it, Emerald." Demitri said, looking me directly in the eyes. I just
    then realized we had the same eye color, an emerald shade of green. Then it got awkward.

    "So, uhm, will I be seeing you at dinner tonight, right?" I said, breaking the awkward

    "Yes you will. It is kind of a big deal to my parents to have a meal with the full Hallow's
    clan." He rolled his eyes.

    "Oh, well, I will see you then, I guess." I started to walk away.

    "Hey Emerald," Demitri said, and I turned around, "you look good. And I mean that. But I
    am positive you will look even better tonight." He smirked and then walked off. I blushed
    and then walked the opposite way. I walked into this little boutique because I spotted
    the prettiest dress. It was the same emerald green clor of mine and Demitri's eyes. I grabbed
    a size small off the rack and headed towards the dressing room. The attendee automatically
    let me in. I took off my clothes and slipped on the dress. It was freaking fabulous. It
    hit right above the knee and was very form fitting. The neckline was a sweetheart cut that
    gave just a hint of cleavage. I instantly fell in love with it. And I knew it would look
    amazing with a pair of silver heels and silver jewelry. And I knew Demitri would love it.

    Chapter Four;

    I spent some more time in the townsquare before I arrived back home. When I arrived home, it was
    4:45. "Perfect," I whispered to myself. I headed up to my room, went into the bathroom, and turned
    the shower on. I stripped down and stepped into the shower. The hot water pelted my back and it
    felt really good. My muscles relaxed and my head was cleared. I shampooed and conditioned my hair,
    shaved, and then got out. After I dried off, I wrapped myself in a white and fluffy robe and put
    on matching slippers. Then there was a knock at my door. "Come in!" I yelled.

    "Hi honey," My mom said, entering the bathroom. "Want me to help you get ready for dinner? I have
    nothing better to do."

    "Sure." I chuckled. "Can you dry my hair while I paint my nails?"

    My mom nodded and got out the hairdryer from the vanity. She plugged it into the wall while I chose
    a nailpolish color off of the rack of nailpolishes I have in my bathroom. I decided on a plain
    black color. I sat down on the vanity stool, pulled my feet up to me, and started painting my toe
    nails. My mom started drying my hair with a round brush. I did two coats of black on my toes, then
    started painting my finger nails. My mom finished drying my hair and I finished painting my nails.
    "Hey Em, I have a secret tip for you." My mom said.

    "What is it?" I asked, blowing on my nails. My mom took out her wand, said a spell, and then my
    nails instantly dried. "Wow, thank you! That saves me tons of time."

    "No problem, honey. I do it all the time. Well, I guess I have to get ready. I will call you down
    when the Sterling's arrive." My mom said and left the room. I took a section of my already straight
    hair and clipped it to the top of my head. I plugged in my curling iron and waited for it to heat
    up. I wrapped a section around the curling iron, waited twenty seconds, and then unwound it to
    reveal a perfect curl. I did that to my whole head, which took about a half hour.

    When I looked
    at the clock in my bathroom, it read 5:45. I ran my fingers through my curled hair to give it more
    of a less polished look and then went to grab my makeup out of my trunk. I did my normal makeup
    routine, but instead of only wearing clear gloss, I swiped on a pretty shade of red. I went back
    into my room and slipped on my dress and put on my shoes. I looked like a old-school Hollywood
    starlet. I was putting in my diamond studs earrings in when the doorbell rang. I quickly fastened
    a simple silver bracelet on my wrist and my signature Tiffany and Co. necklace around my neck.
    "Emerald, the Sterling's are here!" My mom's voice came over the little white intercom box next
    to my door. I took a deep breath, sprayed on some perfume, and then walked downstairs.

    The Sterling's and my parents were standing in the foyer, conversing with one another. When they
    heard the sound of heels on the stone, they imidiately stopped talking and watched me make an
    entrance. I smiled and I saw Dimitri's check me out. I know I looked amazing and he did too. My
    mom had her hand over her chest because she was in awe. Even Patrice looked stunned. I made it
    all the way down the grand staircase. My father held out his hand and I put my hand in his and
    spun me around. Demitri's eyes were still locked on me. Jackson Sterling took my hand and kissed
    it lightly. Jackson gave Demitri a look clearly saying "kiss-her-hand". Demitri understood, took
    my hand, and kissed it. The kiss sent shivers up my spine. He kept his lips there for a few seconds
    longer and then slowly pulled back. Our same colored eyes locked.

    "You look beautiful," Demitri whispered quietly.

    "Why thank you, Demitri. You look handsome yourself." I whispered. Demitri was wearing an all
    black suit, a dark purple tie, and perfectly polished black leather shoes. I couldn't get how
    attractive he was out of my head. My hormones were raging. I wanted to kiss him so badly.

    "Well, let's go eat." My father announced, breaking the sexual tension between Demitri and I.
    My father and mother lead the way to the dining room, with me trailing behind them, and Demitri's
    family behind me. We made it into the dining room, which was slightly transformed since I last
    saw it several hours ago. The table was shortened so it gave more of a cozier feel. The plates
    and silverwear were already set appropriately. The lights from the chanelier were dimmed and
    candles were lit around the room. My parents sat at the heads of the table, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling
    on one side, and Demitri and I on the other. Demitri pulled out my chair like a true gentleman
    would and I politely thanked him. Dinner appeared on the table and it smelled delicious. We filled
    our plates and chatted. Demitri was somewhat quiet, but every now and then, I felt his knee touch
    mine, which felt like electricity runnig through my veins.

    Then things got awkward when our parents started talking about marriage. Arranged marriages.
    When they mentioned that Demitri and I should get married, we both pretty much choked on our
    food. Demitri decided to change the subject. "King, Queen, mother, father, I would like to take
    Esmerelda on a walk. Will that be fine?" The parents nodded. Demitri and I got up from our chairs
    and left the dining room.

    "So what was that all about?" I asked when we exited the dining room.

    "Is there a problem with us leaving?" He replied.

    "No, but why did you want us to leave?" I cocked my head slightly to the right.

    "Because I want you all for myself." He smirked.

    "Oh, so now you like me?" I teased.

    "Emerald, I have liked you since I first laid eyes on you a few days ago." Demitri said.

    My eyes widened. "Seriously?"

    "Of course." He smiled.

    I heard the parents getting ready to leave the dining room, so I grabbed Demitri's hand and led
    him into the backyard. It was was almost pitch black outside. The moon and stars were shining
    brightly. "I have never been back here. This is so beautiful." I found a bench next to the pond
    the yard and sat down. Demitri sat next to me. Our hands were still interlocked.

    "Why does this feel so right? To be with you, holding your hand, under the moonlight?" Demitri
    said, looking up at the sky.

    "Maybe because we are right, for each other? I dunno. It does feel right though. But at the same
    time, it kind of feels wrong. But I can't place what it is." I stated.

    "Well maybe this will get rid of that feeling." Demitri said and leaned in to kiss me. Now I
    haven't kissed many guys since most of them at my old town were lame-o's. But I decided to go
    with the flow. Our lips touched and it was probably one of the best kisses of my life. We pulled
    away slowly.

    "Wow." I said. "You are a great kisser."

    "You are a good kisser too." Demitri said, stroking my hand with his fingers.

    "It is kind of hard to belive that we are going to be at school tomorrow. Together." I whispered.

    "Oh damn. You are right. We have school tomorrow. I have to introduce you to people too." He

    "Oh my gosh. I have no friends there." I said, wide-eyed.

    "Emerald, you will make friends very easily. You are the princess of the witch and warlock world,
    your whole family is alumni at Salem, and you are goregous. I am positive that you will have girls
    wanting to be like you and guys drooling all over you." Demitri said honestly.

    "Hm, that is true I guess," I joked. "Kidding. I just don't want to be treated any differently
    than a normal student would be treated since I am the princess."

    "Truth be told, you will be treated differently. But you will get used to it." He said.

    "Let's hope. Oh crap, what time is it?" I said, pulling out my cellphone to check the time.

    "Did you just pull your cellphone out of your dress?" Demitri asked since he was very confused.

    "Yes I did." I declared with a smile. I looked at the time, and it was already nine o'clock.
    "I think we better get inside. It is already nine."

    "Wow, already? It feels like we have been out here for like five minutes." Demitri got up and
    helped me up. We walked back to the front of the castle and went inside. Our parents were still
    talking and having a few drinks in the formal living room, so Demitri and I headed into the family
    room. I kicked off my heels and plopped down on the couch. Demitri took off his jacket and sat
    in the corner spot. He patted the spot next to him, so I scooted my way across the couch and
    cuddled up to him.

    The next thing I knew is that my parents were saying my name. "Emerald, honey, wake up." I heard
    one of them say. I opened my eyes and realized that I had fell asleep in his lap. I looked at
    Demitri and saw that he was waking up too.

    "How long were we asleep?" I asked in a groggy voice to no one in particular.

    "Well it is 10:30 right now, so about an hour and a half, I estimate." Mom said. I sat up and
    stretched out my arms. "Demitri, your parents are gathering their things and then they are going
    to be ready to leave." My mom added.

    I stood up and stretched some more. Demitri got up and stood next to me. "I can't believe we fell
    asleep." I laughed. Demitri picked up his jacket and put in on. My parents left to go say goodbye
    to Mr. and Mrs. Sterling.

    "So I will see you tomorrow morning, right?" Demitri asked, putting his arms around my waist.

    "Of course. I am going to the same school as you." I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck.
    I never realized how tall Demitri was. He seemed about 6'4" compared to me being 5'5". He bent
    down and kissed me. It was a light and sweet kiss that gave me butterflies. "I will walk you to
    the door." I said after the kiss. I unwrapped my arms from him, took his hand, and led him to the
    door, where our parents were waiting.

    "Goodnight King and Queen and thank you for having us over." Demitri said, shaking my father's
    hand and kissing my mother's hand. They said goodnight to him. Demitri's parents' said their
    goodbyes and thank yous'. "Bye Emerald. I will find you tomorrow morning at the train station."
    Demitri kissed my hand.

    "Bye Demitri." I said in a daze. The Sterling's left and now it was just my parents and I. "Well
    I am going to go to bed. Thanks for dinner." I said, fast walking to the family room to grab my

    "Night sweetie." My parents said in unison. The shared a look, obviously about Demitri and I. I
    kissed them both on the cheek and ran up to my room. I slammed my door shut, put on some pajamas,
    went up to my bed, and fell asleep like I was on Cloud 9.

    AN; The next chapter will be about Emerald arriving to the school. (:

    Chapter Five;

    Beep, beep, beep. My alarm when off. It was ten o'clock in the morning, and the first day of
    school for Salem School for Warlocks and Witches. I pressed the off button and sat up in my bed.
    I swung my legs off the bed and stood up. I stretched out my legs and then heard my Blackberry
    vibrate. I saw that I had a new text message, from Demitri. It read:

    Demitri; Good morning beautiful. I can not wait to see you this afternoon. (:

    I responded.

    Me; Awh thanks(: And I can't wait to see you too.

    Demitri sent back a smiley face and I exited out of the conversation. I don't remember giving him
    my number, so he must have programed it when I fell asleep last night. I went down the spiral
    stairs into the main portion of my room and saw Midnight sleeping on the couch. I pet her tiny
    black head and her ears perked up when she saw me. I opened my closet to find some clothes to
    wear to school. I decided on a dark jean capris, a pale pink cami, and a cheetah print cardigan
    over the cami. My hair was still perfectly curled, so I left it. I swept on some makeup and made
    sure everything I need for the school year was packed into my trunk. After everything was packed
    up that I needed, besides Midnight, I went downstairs. My parents were in the family room, watching
    TV. "Morning." I said to them.

    "Morning," They said in unison. "There is some breakfast for you in the kitchen." My dad added.
    I walked into the kitchen and saw a chocolate chip waffle, still warm, sitting on the counter.
    I pikced it up and started eating it.

    I headed back to the family room and sat down on the couch with my parents. "So what time do we
    have to leave here?"

    My mom looked at her watch. "About 11:35ish." She said. I nodded and continued eating. It was
    somewhat awkward, so I left the room. I headed out to the backyard since I have never seen it in
    daylight. It was just as pretty in the sunlight as it in the darkness. I sat on the bench where
    Demitri and I kissed each other for the first time. I could not get the video of that out of my
    head. It was on repeat. I wondered what would happen when we see each other at the train station.
    It probably won't be anything over the top, because others will be there. And we haven't made
    anything official, yet. I sat just sat on the bench, until I looked at my phone. It was 11:25
    already. I dashed back inside and up to my room. I found Midnight curled up in a little black puff
    ball on the floor, next to the heater. I gently picked her up and placed her in her cage. She was
    obviously not happy with that, but I have to take her with me. I picked up her cage and brough it
    back downstairs to the foyer. When I went back upstairs to get my trunk, it was already gone. I
    shrugged, grabbed my purse, and went back downstairs.

    My parents were already standing at the door, waiting for me. "Emerald, we have to get a picture
    of you." My mom said, holding her camera. I sighed and stood still so she could take a picture.
    She took one and then put her camera back into her purse.

    "Can we go now?" I picked up Midnight's cage and opened the front door. There was a limo waiting
    for us. "Uh, I thought the means of transportation here were horse and carriages?"

    My parents laughed. "We only use the horse and carriages inside the town. When we leave the town,
    we have to use an actual car." My dad said. I nodded and got inside the limo. I placed Midnight
    and my purse next to me. My parents climbed in after me and then we were off to the nearest train
    station, which was Salem Station. I had no idea why I had to take a train to Salem when we were
    already in Salem, but I didn't have the need to actually care. Then ten minutes later, we reached
    the train station.

    My parents and I walked into the train station and found a cart to put my trunk and Midnight's cage
    on, instead of carrying it. I looked at the train track markers, and did not see a single sign for
    4 1/2. Then it hit me. "Ohhhh!" I said outloud. My parents looked at me like I was crazy. "This is
    like Harry Potter, right? The whole platform 4 1/2 thing?" I asked them. They nodded yes. I nodded
    in satisfaction. We stood a few feet back from platform 4 and 5. My mom rushed through the brick
    wall first. I blinked and then she disappeard. My dad ushered for me to go next. I took a deep
    breath and than jogged right into the wall, and then I saw the Salem Express. My mom was waiting
    for me and then my dad appeared right behind me with my cart. When everyone saw us, they went quiet.
    I grimaced and made my way to a middle cabin. I stopped and looked around while my parents conversed
    with other parents. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

    It was Demitri. He was looking hot. Like really hot. He was wearing dark denim jeans, a purple
    v-neck, and black blazer. His dark brown hair was perfectly messy and his green eyes sparkled. He
    smiled down at me, since he was like a foot taller, and I smiled back at him. He pulled me into a
    hug and I heard a few gasps. I turned around to look at the silly girls gasping. Three girls, whom
    were really pretty, were staring at us. I looked up at Demitri, and he just shrugged. I waved at
    them and then they stalked off. "Who are they?" I asked Demitri.

    "One of them was my ex-girlfriend. The one with the brown hair." He said.

    I looked back at the girls who kept looking back at us. The one with the brown hair stopped and
    turned around. She marched right over to us and then threw herself at Demitri. She knocked me out
    of the way. "Excuse me?" I said to her.

    "Honey, do you know who I am?" She said to me, with her arms around Demitri's waist. His arms
    hung at his side and was leaning back because he wanted her off of him.

    "Ha, honey, do you know who I am?" I raised my eyebrows.

    "Why would I care who you are?" She snapped.

    "Because I am the princess of the warlock and witch world." I smirked. Demitri smiled at me.

    Her jaw dropped. Then she laughed. "No you are not."

    "Wanna bet?" I asked as my parents came over to us. My dad had on his crown and my mom had her tiara

    "Esmerelda, you trunk is already loaded and here is Midnight." My dad said, handing me Midnight's
    cage. I looked at the girl all over Demitri then back at my parents. Her arms dropped from around
    his waist and he sighed a sigh of relief.

    "You really are the princess Esmerelda?" The girls eyes gleamed with anger.

    "Mhm." I nodded. My parents and Demitri nodded too. She huffed, turned on her heel, and then
    attempted to strut off. "Why would I lie about being the princess?" I pondered aloud.

    "No idea. I never really liked her." Demitri said to me, putting his arms around my waist from
    behind me. My parents shared a look but shrugged it off.

    My mom rummaged through her purse and found her camera. "Picture time!" I sighed and looked at
    Demitri. He laughed quietly. "Emerald, Demitri, stay like that. I am going to get a picture of you
    too." She said. I smiled at the camera. "That is such a cute photo!" She squealed. She made us
    pose various ways to make sure she "captured the moment." Then she had Demitri take pictures of
    her, my dad, and me. I looked at the clock on the wall and it read 11:57.

    "Mom, we gotta go." I said. I hugged her and my father. They both kissed me on the cheek.

    "Have a safe trip and call us whenever you need to!" My mom said and a tear slid down her cheek.

    "Awh mom, don't cry! It will make me cry!" I said.

    "Em, we gotta go." Demitri said.

    I looked at the train and then at my parents. "I love you."

    "I love you too." They said in unison. I hugged them one more time and then walked off to board
    the train with Demitri and Midnight.

    Demitri lead me into a compartment that already had three other teenagers in it. Two guys and a
    girl. "Everyone, this is - " Demitri said and then got cut off by one of the guys.

    "Esmerelda Hallows." The guy said dumbfounded.

    "Yes. I am Esmerelda. But I go by Emerald." I stated.

    "Emerald, this is Mason, Robert, and Ginger." Demitri pointed to each person. Mason had blonde
    hair, Robert had light brown hair, and Ginger was, of course, a redhead.

    "Hi guys. Nice to meet you." I waved to them. I placed Midnight's cage on the top rack that everyone
    else put their animals on. I sat down next to Demitri and placed my purse on the floor. The was
    an awkward silence.

    Then Ginger broke it. "So Emerald, what is it like being the princess?"

    I hesitated. "It is good, I guess. I only just found out a few days ago that I am a witch, let
    alone princess."

    "Are you serious? For as long as I remember, I always knew I was a witch." Ginger widdened her eyes.

    "Really? My mom told me she couldn't tell me until I was accepted into Salem School. I have no idea
    why though." I pushed my bangs out of my eyes.

    Robert jumped into the conversation. "Really? That is so weird."

    "I guess it is just because I am royalty. I dunno. But let's change the subject." I laughed.

    "So, I am guessing you went to a public school, right?" Mason asked me. I nodded. "Were all the
    guys drooling all over you?" He blushed.

    I laughed out loud. "Noooo. Well this one guy was, but I hate his guts. But I lived in a small
    town and went to a small school, so there were never any guys I was interested in."

    "What about me?" Demitri said with fake shock.

    "Demitri, you didn't go to my school!" I lightly jabbed him in the arm with my elbow.

    He laughed. "I know, I am just kidding."

    "Wait, are we moving?" I asked, looking out the window. I saw that we were still at the station.
    I saw my parents and I smiled at them. My mom blew a kiss and my dad waved. I blew a kiss back to
    both of them. Then I felt the train move. Parents outside were waving to their kids and my parents
    waved one more time. I smiled. I looked at Mason, Robert, and Ginger. Mason was staring at me.
    Scratch that, he was staring at my chest. Truth be told, I do have nice boobs, but that does not
    mean that guys I just meet can stare at them. I pulled up my tank top and straightened up. "So,
    have you guys ever been to Salem School?"

    "I been there to see my sister graduate from there. It is a really nice school. I am excited to
    find out what house we are in." Robert said.

    "House? Like in Harry Potter?" I asked.

    They all laughed. "Yes, like Harry Potter. Only there are five houses, from the five founders. The
    houses are Winifred, Neely, Willis, Downing, and Archer. They will explain the names of the halls
    at the feast tonight, after we get sorted." Robert explained. I nodded and we all talked until
    the intercom came on.

    "We will be at Salem School in a half hour. Start putting on your uniforms." The person over the
    intercom said.

    "Already?" Ginger clapped. Then magically our uniforms appeared in our compartment.

    "How do we change?" I asked.

    "The boys have to go change in the boys bathroom," Ginger said, "and we change in here." I nodded
    and then they guys left. Before Demitri left, he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I blushed and then
    he left.

    "How long have you known Demitri?" I asked while Ginger closed the window shade for more privacy.

    "All my life. Our parents are really close. What about you?" She replied.

    "Only a few days. I met him in Hallows Townsquare while shopping for school stuff." I said.

    "Really? Wow, he never gets along with people, let alone dates girls, that fast. I can totally
    tell he is into you." Ginger smiled.

    "How can you tell?" I asked, while slipping my skirt on over my capris.

    "By how he looks at you. I can see it in his eyes. I have never seen him look so happy. Has he
    officially asked you out yet?" Ginger put on her blouse.

    "That makes me happy. And no he has not, yet." I said. Ginger nodded and continued getting dressed.
    I took off my cardigan, slipped off the straps of my cami, and put on my button down over it. I
    wiggled out of my cami and jeans until they fell on the floor. I picked up my knee highs and slid
    them over my feet and legs. Then I moved onto putton my blazer on and then my tie. Last but not
    least, I put on my Mary Janes. Instead of the no heel Mary Janes, I chose a sexier pair that had
    a three inch heel. I left the top three buttons on my oxford shirt unbuttoned and my tie was
    slightly loose.

    There was a knock on the door to the compartment. "Are you girls ready yet?" Mason whined. Ginger
    opened the door and then the boys came in. Ginger looked like a regular private school girl while
    I, on the otherhand, looked somewhat skanky yet classy at the same time. "Damn." All three guys
    said at the same time. I looked down to make sure I had very little cleavage, which I did. I
    shrugged at Ginger and sat down. Demitri, who still looked hott in a school uniform, sat next to

    He whispered into my ear, "I think Mason and Robert died on the inside when they saw you. But you
    do look amazing."

    I held my laugh in. "Thank you. I don't blame. I mean, look at me. Kidding." I whispered back to

    "Secrets secrets are no fun if you can not tell everyone!" Mason shouted like a five year old.
    We all laughed at him. Demitri took my hand in his and started playing with my fingers. I saw
    that we were heading into some sort of village. A few minutes later, the train stopped. Teenagers
    were filing out of the compartments with their pets and such. I made sure all of my clothes were
    stored in my giant purse and I grabbed Midnight's cage down from the top rack. We exited our
    compartment, off the train, and ended up on another platform in a village.

    Demitri and I interlocked hands and followed Ginger, Mason, and Robert to a group woman who
    was shouting "First years over here!" There were only about 30 first years in the group.
    Everyone knew who I was. I just kept my cool. I was not used to all of this staring and people
    knowing who I am. "First years, I am Meredith McConnell, the head of Neely House. I will be taking
    you to the castle that you will be attending for the next nine months. There will be an first day
    feast in the dining room. But before you eat, you all need to be sorted into houses. There will
    be about 6 of you in each house. I will give you a run down of each house right now. Neely house
    is the house for the brave. Winifred house is the house for the genius. Willis is for the talented.
    Downing is for the . And last but not least, Archer is for the cunning. Well, come along first

    We all looked at each other, wondering who would be in each house. And then we followed Professor
    McConnell. At least I didn't get any special treatment so far. We entered and castle and then
    headed straight until we entered the dining room. It was huge. Truth be told, the castle looks
    the same way as Hogwarts does. I wondered if they filmed Harry Potter here. They probably did.
    Professor McConnell ushered for us to go to the front. We got up to the front and stood across
    from the table of professors. The students from the five house tables were scrutinizing us
    carefully. Some pointed at me. I sighed.

    Headmistress Jenkins stood up and everyone fell silent. "Welcome to another year at Salem School
    or Warlocks and Witches. I would like to welcome back our students and I would like to welcome
    our first years. We are pleased to have all of you here. I am sure you will find yourself a famiy
    here at Salem School. Now we would like to have all the first years get sorted. So Ginger Klass,
    will you please come up?"

    Ginger looked around wide eyed and then went up onto the some-what of a stage. She sat down on a
    stool and Headmistress Jenkins placed the sorting hat upon Ginger's red curls. "Willis!" The hat
    shouted. My jaw dropped. It was like Harry Potter. Ginger clapped and then rushed to her new house
    table. The students in that house were whooping and clapping. Then Demitri's name was called. I
    gave his hand a quick squeeze and smiled at him. He smiled back and then walked up onto the stage.
    The hat hesistated and then shouted "Archer!" The Archer house got all excited and Demitri joined
    them. Every first year went one by one until I was the last one standing.

    "Esmerelda Hallows." Headmistress called my name. The room fell silent, again. I gracefully walked
    up onto the stage and sat down on the stood. I was seriously shaking because I was so nervous.
    Headmistress placed the hat on my head. I didn't even know which house my whole family has been

    "Seems like we have another Hallows here." The hat said. "It has been quite a while since I have
    been on top of a Hallows' royal head. And the appropriate place to put you in," The hat stopped,
    "is Archer!"

    I sighed and smiled. The Archer table went crazy. I smiled at Headmistress and she smiled back. I
    walked to the table and was greeted by Demitri hugging me.

    "Now let the feast being!" Headmistress shouted. Food appeared on the table and we sat back down.
    We all filled up our plates. I knew this was going to be a good year.


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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Chapter Six;

    "First years, follow me please." Patrick Maxwell said to us. We trailed behind him on our way to
    our dormitories. We reached a dead end with a picture on the wall.

    "Password?" The picture said.

    "Purple flamingo." Patrick said. The picture nodded and opened to show a corridor into a larger
    room. We walked through the door and into the common room. "First years, this is the Archer common
    room. Girls dormitories are up the stairs to the right and boys upstairs to the left. First and
    Second years share a dorm room since there are only fourteen of you. The third through sixth years
    are father up the stairs. Those rooms are off limits to you because you are underclassmen. There
    are boys and girls bathrooms on each floor. Please use your own bathrooms. And girls, you can not
    have guys in your dorm room. And same for the boys, no girls in your dorms. All your belongings
    are already in your dorm rooms. You each have a bed, sidetable, and wardrobe. You need to be in
    the common room by 9 o'clock at night, unless you are with a teacher. You need to be in your dorm
    by 10. Lights out at 10:30. If you do get introuble for any reason, whether it be from a teacher
    or being out too late or dressed inapporpriately, you will be sent to our Head of House, whom is
    Sneverus Snape. Breakfast starts at 7:30 and goes until 8:30. Classes start at 9 sharp. Don't be
    late. You get three warnings and then sent to Professor Snape. Only tomorrow, all first years will
    stay in the Great Hall to get their schedules. And after classes end tomorrow, there will be an
    activities fair in the ballroom. You should go to find something to join. Well that is all for the
    night. Good night all." Patrick explained and then headed upstairs to his dorm.

    The girls rushed up the stairs to claim the best beds and such. Demitri and I stayed behind. He
    grabbed both of my hands and I started swinging them back and forth. "Is it crazy to think that
    we will be sleeping only a few dozen feet away from each other?" I asked, looking up at him.

    "Yes." Demitri laughed. He leaned down to kiss me. He only meant it to be a soft kiss, but I placed
    my arms around his neck and kissed harder. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.
    This were getting really heated. His hands ran up and down my back. Then we heard a door open. We
    pulled apart quickly and acted natural. No one came down the stairs or anything. I sighed in relief.

    "I guess we need to go to bed." I frowned. Demitri used his thumbs to turn my frown into a smile.

    "Tomorrow is going to be a long day. We both need our sleep. Meet me down here at 8 for breakfast?"
    Demitri said. I nodded. I kissed him softly on the lips and then we parted ways.

    I entered my dormitory. Twelve girls were emptying their trunks into their wardrobes. There were
    only two beds left. I took the one that was next to the window overlooking the grounds. "Hi, I am
    Sammy. Sammy Lockwood." The girl sitting on the bed next to me said.

    "I am Emerald." I replied while unlocking my trunk.

    "Nice to mee you, Emerald. Oh look, here come trouble." Sammy said when the door to our dorm room
    opened. I saw the girl whom was all over Dimitri.

    "Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in." She said to me.

    "Excuse me? Look whose talking." I fired back.

    "Well at least I am not considered an outcast here." She smirked.

    "Okay, first off, what is your name? Second, how am I an outcast?" I cocked my head.

    "Candace, but everyone calls me Candie. And because all of us first years have pretty much known
    each other since kindergarden. It is going to take you a lot of effort to make friends." Candie

    "Well Candie, you may think everyone loves you right now, but newsflash, that will change very
    shortly." I smiled.

    Candie let out an ugly cackle. "You think you are going to take all my friends and worshipers away
    from me? You must have something wrong with your brain. Oh wait, you are blonde. You don't have a

    "You are calling me stupid? I was in all honors classes since fifth grade. And I was the smartest
    in my sophomore class back where I used to live. So if you are calling me stupid, you are seriously
    disturbed. And I am positive I can win over almost anyone since I already won over Dimitri." I

    "Oh hell no. You did not just go there with the Dimitri thing. He was mine first and is still mine."
    Candie fumed.

    "Oh hell yeah. I went there. Obviously he is not still yours since he does not want you. Do I have
    to spell it out for you?" I shook my head in annoyance.

    "And you think he wants you? You are just some spoiled rich bitch whom is also the princess. He
    is only with you since you are the princess." Candie said.

    "If you really think that, I will ask him." I said.

    "Do it now." Candie said sharply.

    "Fine I will." I exited the dorm room and walked across the hall to the boys dorm. I knocked on
    the door. A guy I did not know answered the door. "Hi," I said in my sweetest voice, "I need to
    speak to Dimitri please. It is important." He shrugged and shouted for Dimirtri.

    Dimitri arrived at the door and boy, he did look hot in pajamas which consisted of dark blue plaid
    pajama bottoms and a white wifebeater that showed his abs and arm muscles. "Hey Emerald. And Candie.
    What's up?"

    "Emerald needs to ask you something." Candie said and crossed her arms.

    "What is it Em?" Dimitri's eyebrows furrowed.

    "I hate myself for saying this, but according to Candie," I glared at her and then looked back at
    Dimitri, "she said that you are only with me for my title. Is that true?"

    Dimitri's eyebrows furrowed even more. "What the hell, Candie? Why would you say something like

    "Well you only dated me because I was the most popular girl at our school and because my daddy
    is a very powerful man." Candie said with puppy dog eyes.

    "Wow Candie. I never thought you could be so low. Especially to my girlfriend." Dimitri harshly
    said. I smiled because he called me his girlfriend. "If you do want to be actually dating, Emerald."
    He added. I shook my head yes. Candie was practically fuming smoke from her ears. She turned on
    her heel and then stalked off to the girls bathroom.

    "Thank you." I said to Dimitri.

    "Your welcome babe." Dimitri said. I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him on the lips. The boys in
    his room hooted and hollered. I giggled and rolled my eyes playfully.

    "Good night." I said to him. "Night boys!" I shouted from the hallway. I heard them all respond
    "Good night!" back. "Oh, by the way Dimitri, you look hott in that wifebeater." I winked and then
    sauntered back to my dorm room. All the girls were waiting to hear what happened between me,
    Dimitri, and Candie. "Let's just say Emerald: one and Candie: none." I laughed. I finished unpacking
    and found a sheet of paper at the bottom of my trunk. It was a spell for locking up all my stuff
    so no one else could steal it. I took my wand out of it's case and quietly cast the spell on my
    wardrobe, trunk, and sidetable. I grabbed a pair of Soffee's and an old dance t-shirt from my old
    dance company and my little caddy of bathroom stuff. "Hey Sammy, would you mind coming to the
    bathroom with me? I don't want Candie to bitch me out again." I asked Sammy whom was reading a book.

    "Sure." She agreed and got out of her bed. She also grabbed her pajama's and bathroom caddy and
    followed me into the bathroom. I opened the door and nobody was in there, which was kind of
    suprising. The bathroom was kind of cool. When you first enter, it was a changing area with a
    huge mirror against the wall. Then when you looked farther back, there were separate toilet stalls,
    sinks, and showers.

    "So do we just change in the open or in a stall?" I asked Sammy.

    "It doesn't matter. Some girls change in the dorm room too since we are all girls and it is like
    a girls lockerroom." Sammy explained and changed into her pajamas. I nodded and slipped out of my
    clothes and into my pajamas. After putting my shirt on, I unsnapped my bra and took it off
    underneath my shirt. I sighed in relief. One of my favorite feelings in the world was taking off
    my bra after a long day. I piled up my clothes and set them on the shelf my caddy was on. I found
    my toothbrush and toothpaste and then started brushing my already white teeth. Sammy brushed out
    her long dark blonde hair.

    "So what school did you go to before here?" Sammy asked.

    I spit out my toothpaste and water. "I went to West High. It was in a small suburb a few dozen
    miles out of Salem. What about you?"

    "I went to Salem Elementary and Junior High. It was an all witches and warlocks school, but didn't
    teach magic or anything." Sammy responded.

    "Why am I the only one who went to a Muggle school?" I asked rhetroically.

    "I am now wondering that too." Sammy agreed and then laughed. "You ready to go back to the room?"

    "Let me just go to the bathroom." I headed off to the toilet section of the bathroom. It was like
    a public restroom, only cleaner, nicer, bigger, and had showers. I quickly went to the bathroom
    and then washed my hands. Then I headed back to Sammy. "I am now ready." I picked up my clothes
    and grabbed my shower caddy. We headed back into our room. I opened my wardrobe and placed my
    dirty clothes in the hamper already in the wardrobe and placed my caddy on a shelf.

    Then an announcement came over the intercom. "Light's will be going out in ten minutes. Repeat,
    lights will be going out in ten minutes." I sighed and sat down on my bed. The bed was suprisingly
    comfy. Several of the other girls were settling into their beds.

    I came up with an idea. "Hey girls!" I said loud enough so I could catch their attention. "I have
    an idea. Since some of us don't know each other, we should introduce ourselves." I paused and girls
    nodded in agreement. "I will start. I am Emerald Hallows and a first year. I formly lived in a small
    suburb a few dozen miles outside of Salem and attended a Muggle school up until now."

    Sammy then followed. "I am Sammy Lockwood and also a first year. I lived in Salem all my life and
    went to Salem Elementary and Junior High." We went around the whole circle. Then the lights went
    out. We all said good night to each other and fell asleep.

    The previous night I set my alarm to go off at six thrity in the morning. I opened my eyes and
    stretched out my arms and yawned. I already saw several girls up and getting ready. I got out of
    bed and opened my wardrobe. I pulled out one of my uniforms and my shower caddy, then headed to
    the bathroom.

    I opened the girls bathroom door and found it relativitly empty. Only two other girls, from what
    I could tell, were in the showers. I placed my uniform into a cubicle across from the shower and
    grabbed a towel off the towel rack. I placed it around me and shimmied out of my pajamas. I threw
    my pajama's into my cubicle and picked up my shower caddy. I found myself I shower, took off my
    towel, and turned the water on. I placed my caddy on the little hook of the glass door and let
    the hot water hit my back. I washed my hair and shaved, which took about a half hour total. I
    got out, changed into my uniform, and did my makeup. Then I moved onto my hair, which was almost
    dry already after spending ten minutes doing my makeup. I blow dried the rest and then straightened
    it. Then I was ready to go.

    I headed down to the common room at exactly eight a.m. I looked fabulous in my uniform. My wand
    was tucked away in my blazer and my dark green leather tote bag held my school supplies. Dimitri
    was sitting in one of the chairs, watching TV with his buddies. One of his friends saw me and I
    gave him the "shush" signal. I crept up behind Dimitri's chair and placed my hands over his eyes.
    He was slightly starled. "Guess who!" I said in a sing songy voice.

    "Hm, lemme guess. Emerald?" He laughed.

    "Aw man! How did you know?" I fake pouted.

    "Because I just new." Dimitri said and got out of his chair. He waved goodbye to his friends and
    then kissed me on the cheek. "How was the rest of your night?" He asked when we exited the common

    "It was good after Candie left." I said. "How was yours after I arrived at your door?"

    "The guys definitly approve of you. And they think you are smokin' hott." Dimitri laughed.

    "Well I am glad they approved. But it is kind of weird that they think I am hott." I smiled.

    "You are stunning and gorgeous, so I don't see why you find it is weird that they think you are
    hott." Dimitri said.

    "Thanks." I laughed my girlish laugh. "When I saw your abs through your shirt last night, I am
    pretty positive I died a little inside."

    "Really?" Dimitri looked at me with wide eyes.

    "Yes really. No guys at my previous school had abs. Let alone muscles." I shrugged.

    "Wow. Well now you have a boyfriend that has abs and muscles of steel." Dimitri joked. I laughed
    and before I knew it, we arrived to the Great Hall. The Great Hall looked different then it did
    during dinner. There were smaller tables scattered around the room and several buffett lines to
    get food. Dimitri and I walked hand-in-hand to the buffett line. I got myself two pancakes, a
    piece of wheat toast, a bowl of fruit, and a cup of coffee. Dimitri was holding a plate of eggs,
    a waffle, several strips of bacon, and a cup of coffee. I lead us to a table for two off to the
    side of the Great Hall. While I was putting my food on the table, Dimitri pulled out my chair for

    "Aw thanks Dimitri." I smiled and sat in the chair. We ate breakfast and talked until the bell
    rang, signalling first period. The upperclassmen left to go to class while the first years stayed
    where we were. Headmistress Jenkins came in, followed by all the Heads of Houses.

    "First years need to be with their houses." Headmistress said and pointed out certain places for
    each house to stand. Archer was in the middle, between Neely and Willis. "Okay, each student will
    meet with their Head of House to get their schedule. You will always have first hour with your
    HOH during your first year here."

    We went in alphabetical order with our Head of House. When I went up to Professor Snape, he said,
    "Ah, Esmerelda Hallows. Here." He handed me a half sheet of paper. I walked away from him and read
    my schedule.

    Hour Class Teacher
    1.) Potions- Snape
    2.) Flying- Lindor
    3.) Herbology- Rose
    4.) Lunch
    5.) Transfig- McConnell
    6.) Hist of Mag- Phillips
    7.) Charms- Charles
    8.) Astronomy- Duncan
    9.) Def Dark Art- Hathaway

    I thought I had a pretty good schedule. Thank gosh there were no gym classes. Dimitri appeared
    besides me. "What is your schedule?" He asked. I showed him mine and he compared classes. Then he
    spoke. "We have all the same classes."

    "Really?" I asked and looked at our schedules. He was right. "Wow. Well this is going to be

    "Very interesting." Dimitri winked. Headmistress spoke again, saying that we needed to head off to
    our first hour class. Dimitri was right. This year is going to be very intersting.

    AN; I used HP classes because I am too lazy to make up new classes(:

    Chapter Seven;

    It was finally the end of the day. Today was probably one of the longest days I have ever had. I
    had pretty good teachers and classes and what made it even better was that Dimitri was in all of
    them. Now we had the activities fair. Dimitri and I dropped our books off in our rooms and then
    went back to the Great Hall.

    We entered the Great Hall and it was completely transformed again. Row after row of different
    activities were lined up by alphabetical order. I told Dimitri that we were going to start at the
    beginning. After spending a half hour looking at each table, we decided to go back to the tables
    we liked. My likes were the dance team, choir, and fashion club. Dimitri chose football (no
    suprise) and also choir, which was a suprise to me. "You sing?" I asked him.

    "Yes I do." Dimitri nodded.

    "I did not know that!" I exclaimed.

    "And I did not know that you danced or sang. I knew you loved fashion though." Dimitri said.

    "I am an amazing dancer. Kidding. But I have danced since I was three. And I have sang since I was
    ten." I said.

    "Well when we get back to the commons, I wanna see your dance moves." Dimitri joked.

    "Fine. I will show you what I got." I smiled. We spent twenty more minutes at the fair, conversing
    with people and making sure we didn't forget anything. I decided I was going to try-out for the
    dance team and audition for one of the choirs. And join fashion club. Dimitri was going to try-out
    for varsity football since I guess he played since he was little. And was going to audition for the
    same choir as I was going to.

    We headed back up to the commons. I told him I would be right back so I could change into something
    more comfy. I pulled on a pair of yoga pants, sports bra, and long sleeved top. I slipped on my
    moccasins and ran back downstairs. Dimitri was sitting in the same chair as he was this morning.
    And he changed too into black basketball shorts and a white v-neck. Other students were sitting
    in other chairs or at desks doing first day homework, which I had none, thank gosh. I sat on the
    floor across from Dimitri. "So when am I going to see your dance moves?" He joked.

    "After I am done stretching out." I said, oozing "duh". I went into a stradle and stetched to the
    right. And then the left. And then the middle.

    I was laying in a pancake when Dimitri said, "How in the world can you do that?"

    "A lot of stretching and dance classes." I said. I pulled my legs back together and went down into
    a pike. I sat up and shifted so that I fell into the spits all the way down. Dimitri cocked his
    head, obviously intrigued by how flexible I was. I laughed quietly to myself and stood up. I felt
    much better that I was stretched out. "So what do you want me to do?" I asked, placing my hands on
    my hips.

    "Hmm, what about that thing where you pull your foot up to your head?" Dimitri asked. I lifed
    my left foot and stretched my leg straight up. "Damn. That is hot. Sorry, but it is true." Dimitri
    winked. I shook my head and let go of my leg. "How about a spin now?" Dimitri requested. I took off
    one of my moccasins and did a triple pirouette in my socks. Dimitri asked me to do a few other
    dance "moves" and was then satisfied. The a girl came up to me.

    "Hi I am Christina Roseheart. You should totally try out for the poms. You would make varsity
    for sure." Christina said.

    "Oh, thanks." I smiled. "I plan on trying out. I at least hope I make JV. And I am Emerald Hallows."

    "Trust me, Emerald, you will make varsity if you try out. Most of the girls are varsity can not get
    their developpe as straight as yours. And your pirouettes were amazing. Please try-out for the
    team. First years rarely make varsity but you will for sure. Trust me, I am captain, and I know
    when I see a good dancer. Well I got to get back to my work, but I will see you at try-outs tomorrow,
    right?" Christina said.

    "Aw thanks. And I will see you at try-outs tomorrow." I smiled and she walked away. Dimitri patted
    his lap for me to sit on. I walked over to him and sat on his lap. He put his arms around me and
    held me close.

    "Looks like you are making varisty poms." He kissed my shoulder.

    "Looks like I am. I pretty much just made the team with out actually trying out." I said.

    "Let's hope that I do good for football try-outs." Dimitri added.

    "Babe, you will do amazing. Are they tomorrow?" I asked.

    "Yeah they are. From 3:30 to 7:00." He sighed.

    "Aw, you need all the rest and food you could get. Speaking of food, wanna get some dinner?" I

    "Thanks Em. And we will in a bit. I like sitting here with you." He smiled. I smiled back and
    cuddled closer to him. "Okay, I am hungry now." Dimitri said and lifted me up as he stood. I let
    out a little shriek because I was caught by suprised. He gently put me down and we made our way
    down to the Great Hall for dinner.

    Dimitri and I ate dinner with our house. Half of the students were in their uniforms, while the
    other half were dressed in regular clothes. I decided to leave early from dinner to call my parents.
    I went back to the commons and up the stairs into my room. I opened my trunk and picked up my
    Mac. Yes I had a Mac, but I bought it all by myself a few months ago with birthday and Christmas
    money I had saved up. I sat on my bed and booted it up. After I logged on, my iChat list was
    automatically up like it always was. I clicked on my moms name and she accepted the chat right
    away. "EMERALD!" My mom, Alice, squealed.

    "Hi mom." I laughed.

    "How are you? How is school going? Are people being nice to you? How is Dimitri?" My mom rambled on.

    "Woah, slow down! I am fine. School is going pretty good. A lot of people are. And he is good."
    I answered.

    "That is good. Has Dimitri finally asked you to be his girlfriend?" My mom smiled coyly.

    I blushed. "Yes he did. Yesterday night, actually. Oh, I am trying out for the poms team tomorrow.
    And for one of the choirs." I added.

    "Aw! That is cute. I knew you would!" My mom gushed.

    I let out a chuckle. "So how are you and dad?"

    "We are good. It is weird not having you here. But we have been keeping busy. Expect a package
    in the mail sometime soon. Well, I got to go. We will have to start planning your birthday/coming
    out party next week. Okay?" My mom said.

    "That is good. And I wonder what it will be. Oh right. I completely forgot about that. Are we going
    to plan it over video chat or what?" I asked.

    "We will call you out from school to meet with the party planner." My mom stated.

    "Oh. You can do that?" I questioned.

    "Yes I can. I got to go. I love you!" My mom blew me an air kiss.

    "Bye mom. Tell dad that I miss him and love him. I love you too!" I blew a kiss back and then the
    chat screen went black. I exited out and opened up Safari to go on Facebook. There were about 20
    notifications, most from my friends and ew, Jake. And I saw a relationship request. I opened that
    first. It was from Dimitri. I didn't remember adding him, but I accepted. Then I opened my profile
    page to see what my friends and Jake wrote. My friends were just complaining on how much they missed
    me and that I need to come home and go to the homecoming dance. Uh no. Not going back there. Jake
    was trying to be cocky and cool by saying a bunch of bullshit. I decided to edit the school section.
    Instead of it saying West High, I changed it to Salem School. It said nothing about witches or
    wizards, which was a good thing in my opinion. Then there was a knock on the door, which was wide
    open. Dimitri was standing there.

    "Hey." Dimitri leaned against the doorframe.

    "Hi." I smiled.

    "Wanna come downstairs?" He asked.

    "Sure." I agreed.

    "Bring your computer too." He said and then walked downstairs. I stood up and grabbed my laptop
    and followed him. He was sitting against the back of one of the couches and patted next to him,
    signalling for me to sit. I sat down and opened up my computer again.

    "So what are we going to do?" I asked, tracing my finger around the trackpad.

    "I dunno, actually." Dimitri shrugged.

    "Let's take pictures!" I exclaimed and openned up photobooth. I moved the computer over a bit so
    that the pictures would be of both of us. I made a funny face and nudged Dimitri with my elbow to
    do the same. He made a face and I clicked the trackpad to take a picture. We spent a good half hour
    taking random and silly pictures. I posted them on Facebook and made one of them my profile picture.
    Immediatly I got three comments. Two from my friends and one from Jake. The ones from my friends
    said something along the lines of "OMG he is soooo cuh-ute! Where did you meet him? And I miss you
    soooo much! Please come home soon." The one from Jake was actually quite rude. It read, "What the
    hell Emerald? So you reject me and a few days later, I see this picture of you and some other dude?

    I responded to the comments. "Thanks girls(: I met him at my new house/school. I will try, but I
    can't promise anything because I have a pretty busy schedd. And Jake, fuckk off. Of course I rejected
    you, and if I could do it over again, I would still reject you. And you calling me a whore when
    you are so much more of man whore that is way to desparate."

    Demitri looked at me with approving eyes. "I know I am awesome." I said.

    Chapter Eight;

    The month flew by and next thing I knew, it was already October. October 23rd, to be exact. In the
    past month, I made varisty poms, Demitri made varsity football, and we both got into the highest
    choir at Salem School. Today I had poms practice and then I am going home to plan my party.

    Poms practice was brutal. We did a lot of conditioning and starting to learn our competition
    routines since competition season started at the end of November. I took a quick shower and got
    ready to leave. Since it was already cold out, I put on a pair of dark wash jeans, tanktop, and
    a sweater. I put on my Uggs and swung my bag over my shoulder. I headed downstairs to see Demitri
    watching football with his buds. I walked up to him and said, "Bye hun, I will see you later on
    tonight." And kissed him on the lips. His friends hooted and hollered. "Bye guys." I said to them.
    Over the month, I have became good friends with his friends. And Sammy and I became best friends.

    "Bye babe. Have fun planning your party. Call me if you need any help or anything." Demitri said.
    I smiled and left the commons room and went down to the main entrance. My parents were standing
    there, talking to Headmistress Jenkins.

    "Emerald!" My mom squealed and hugged me when I reached her.

    "Hi mom. Hi dad." I let go of my moms hug and hugged my dad.

    "Headmistress Jenkins was telling me how you have adjusted so well to the school and made tons of
    friends already." My dad said.

    "I have adjusted pretty good. I like keeping busy with poms and choir but I also like having downtime
    in the commons room and just hanging out with Demitri, Sammy, and Demitri's friends." I explained.

    Headmistress smiled. "Well you probably have to go. Have fun planning your party, Emerald."
    I smiled back and said goodbye to Headmistress. My parents also said goodbye and then we left the
    school. There was a black SUV waiting for us. We all got in and we were off to our castle.

    We arrived home and entered to find a party planner pacing in the foyer. "Hello again, King and
    Queen. This must be Princess Esmerelda. I am Clarice St. John, your family's party planner. So we
    are planning your comming out party slash sweet sixteen, right?"

    "Hi. And yes we are. I turn sixteen on the 31st. We get out of school for fall break on the 30th.
    And I want to have my party on the 31st since we don't have school and it is Halloween and my
    birthday." I explained to Clarice.

    "Alright. Let's take a seat somewhere and you will tell me what you want to do for your party."
    Clarice said and scribbled on her clipboard. My parents led us into the formal living room. My
    parents took a seat on the loveseat, Clarice on a chair, and me on the other chair.

    "Okay, for my party, I want it to be a Halloween costume party. I would want to have a formal
    dinner in the dining room for the Fall Ball part, but then have a huge dance party afterwards. So
    for decorations, I would want like skeletons, pumpkins, ghosts, candles, spiderwebs and fake
    spiders, coffins, tombstones, fake body limbs, fake blood, fog machines, and lighting effects
    everywhere. Especially in the ballroom. And I would want a DJ for the dance party part. Oooh! It
    would be pretty cool if we had like a haunted house that led to the ballroom. That would be
    awesome. Like we could have people dress up and create different scenarios and scare people. I
    like that idea a lot. For food for the dinner, I would just want regualar food, but for the dance
    party, I would want like "bloody" punch and stuff like that." I rambled on. Clarice was fastly
    scribbling on her clipboard.

    "Okay. We will be able to do that. Now about the cost-" Clarice was cut off my my father.

    "There is no budget. This is one of the most important days for Emerald, so she gets whatever she
    wants." My father stated. I gave him a huge smile.

    "Oh okay then. Let's go into the ballroom and dining room to see how it will all work out." Clarice
    said and stood up. I stood up too and led her to the ballroom first. I opened the huge double doors
    and walked in with Clarice following behind me. She took out her wand and then the room was
    transformed into a Halloween wonderland. My jaw dropped because it look just like I imagined it to
    look like. I couldn't even describe how perfect it looked. "We will have to food here the afternoon
    of your party." Clarice said to me, knowing that I was thrilled with the results. "And for the
    foyer, we will do that the day of your party also, so that it is not interfering with your parents
    being here. I have already made invitations for you. Here they are." Clarice handed me an invitation.

    The invitation read;
    "You are coridally invited to Esmerelda Hallow's Comming Out/Sweet 16 party
    on Halloween night from 5 p.m. to the stroke of midnight at the Hallows'
    Haunted Mansion. Costumes are required. Dinner will be from 5-6:30, and
    the party from 6:30-12. RSVP if you dare to King Joseph and Queen Alice
    Hallows no later than October 28th. You are in for a mischevious filled night.
    No vampire costumes allowed.

    Hallows Haunted Mansion
    1 Royal Street, Hallows Townsquare, Mass.

    The invitation had a creepy looking picture in the back. "I love it and thank you!" I said to

    She smiled. "Good. The rest are back in the formal living room. If you need anymore, just have your
    parents call me. I will see you on the 31st then." We walked back into the foyer. My parents and
    I said goodbye to her and she left.

    "Em, we got to get you back to school now." My mother said and put on her coat. I sighed and exited
    my house and got into the SUV. My parents followed and then we were on our way back to school.

    I entered the common room and the boys were still watching football. And getting very rowdy about
    it. I laughed and shook my head. Demitri heard the familiar sound of my laugh and turned his head
    to see if it was really me. When he saw me, he motioned for me to come over to him. I walked over
    to the chair he was in and sat on the arm. "So how was your party planning?" Demitri asked, focusing
    his attention on me instead of the football game.

    "It went really good. Everything is pretty much all set. It is going to be a Halloween costume
    party thing. I am having a formal dinner before and then the party after. It is going to be amazing.
    Here is your invitation." I dug in my purse and pulled out part of the stack of invitations and
    handed him one.

    "I can not wait." Demitri smiled and then read the inviation to himself. "Thanks babe."

    "Neither can I. And no problem. Oh! I forgot to ask you, will you be my escort for my party?" I
    took his hand.

    "Of course I would! I feel so honored." He kissed my hand.

    "Yay! Thank you. So for my costume, I am being a vampire." I winked.

    "Does that mean I am going as a vampire too?" Demitri smiled.

    "Only if you want to, Dracula." I giggled.

    "I will, Elvira." Demitri also laughed. I guess something big happened during the football game
    that Dimitri's friends jumped up and started cheering and high-fiving. "What did I miss?" Demitri
    asked the boys.

    "We won!" Michael shouted. Demitri nodded and then looked at me.

    "So are you going to be a hott vampire?" He smiled mischeviously.

    "Obviously." I rolled my eyes and laughed. "You better also be a hott vamp."

    "Obviously." Demitri mimicked me. I playfully jabbed him in the ribs. I got up off the chair and
    walked over to Demitri's friends.

    "Hey boys, I am having a Halloween party for my birthday on Halloween and I wanted you guys to come.
    Here are the invites." I handed each guy an invitation and they were excited. I found several other
    people to give invitations too, also. Sammy came into the commons room and I ran over to her.
    "Sammy! Here is your invite to my party." I handed her one of the invites.

    "Aw thanks Em! I can't wait! Well I am gonna take a shower and stuff. So I will see you later."
    Sammy hugged me and went up stairs to our dorm. I walked back over to where Demitri was sitting.

    "Sorry about that. I had to give some people their invites." I sat down on his lap. He wrapped his
    arms around me.

    "I really can not wait until fall break." He whispered into my ear.

    "And why is that?" I asked.

    "Well because there is your party, and I want you to come over to my house one of the days to have
    dinner with my family." He smiled.

    "Aw really?!" I smiled back.

    "Yes really. I want you to meet my siblings too." Demitri said.

    "You have siblings?" I asked.

    "Yeah I do. I have an older sister who graduated from here last year, and a young sister who will
    be here next year. And I have an older brother, whom is here." He explained.

    My eyes grew wide. "I never knew that!"

    "I usually don't talk about my family." He shrugged.

    "Why not?" I questioned.

    "Because they are not here. And I like it that way, just us and none of my family." Demitri kissed
    my neck.

    "Will your siblings like me?" I asked.

    Demitri kissed my neck again. "They will love you. Trust me." I shrugged and then our Head of
    House came in.

    "There is a all school meeting in the auditorium. You must all attend." He said in his monotone
    voice. I got up off of Demitri's lap and held out my hand for him. He took it and stood up. He
    streched his back and legs. We followed Professor Snape down to the auditorium.

    "Students and staff here at Salem School, something bad is starting to happen." Headmistress
    Jenkins started. "There have been two attacks in the past hour in Salem. We do not know who
    attacked the people, but we have a hunch. But for now, we are safe here at Salem School, but no
    one will be allowed to leave here until fall break. Our school is going to be under super tight
    security. No leaving and no one other than students and staff entering unless approved by me.
    Any questions, comments, or concerns?"

    A Neely student raised their hand. "Headmistress, what if we live in Salem? Do you think it would
    be safe for us to go back for break?"

    "By the start of break next week, I hope it will be safe enough, but if not, we can leave the school
    open for students to stay. Or you can go to Hallows Townsquare to stay there with friends or family
    or one of the several hotels there." Headmistress answered.

    Several other students asked questions, but Headmistress Jenkins had no exact answer for any of
    them. She dismissed us to dinner and we all left, confused and somewhat scared. Kids that lived
    in Salem were somewhat freaking out. But I was unusually calm. I looked over at Demitri, who had
    a blank expression on his face. I grabbed his hand and interlocked fingers. He looked down at me
    and gave me a small smile. I saw Sammy in the crowd, looking very worried. "Save me a seat at the
    table." I said to Demitri and let go of his hand. I walked over to Sammy. "Hey girl." I said.

    "Hey." She sighed.

    "You okay?" I asked.

    "I hope so." Sammy said.

    "Well, if you need to, you can stay at my house for break. We have plenty of rooms and a full-time
    staff. And my party is during break anyways." I offered.

    "Thanks Em. I will keep that in mind." Sammy gave me a hug. I hugged her back.

    "No problem. That is what best friends are for." I smiled.

    Sammy grinned back. "Let's go get some dinner."

    Sammy, Demitri, Demitri's friends, and I ate dinner all together and actually had a good time. I gave
    a bunch of people invites to my party and they were more than thrilled to be invited. I invited
    pretty much all of the Archer house and about half of each other house. Plus the JV and Varsity
    poms teams. And the whole Varsity football team. Let's just say that there are going to be a lot
    of people at my party.

    After dinner, we all headed back to the common room to watch a movie. It was kind of like house
    movie night in Archer house. I changed into sweats and a sweatshirt and slippers. I threw my hair
    into a messy bun on top of my head, but before I left, I checked my cell phone. I saw that I had
    a text from my mom. It read: "We got you a performer for your party. You will love it!"

    I responded. "WHO?!"

    I received a text back from my mom. "It is a surprise. (:"

    I didn't respond and headed back downstairs. Demitri was sitting on the couch. I plopped down next
    to him. "You look comfy." He said.

    "I feel very comfy. I like being comfy." I grinned and snuggled closer to him. Sammy threw a
    blanket over us. "Thanks Sammy." I laughed. We decided to watch a scary movie. The boys got to
    choose because they won the game of Rock Paper Scissors. The boys decided on Alfred Hitcock's
    Pyscho. It was going to be one scary night.

    Chapter Nine;

    Over the past week, there were three more Salem attacks. Students that lived in Salem were not
    allowed to go back. Sammy was going to stay with me at my house for break. Sammy was worried
    about her family back in Salem, but was glad to be staying with me. We were going to be like sisters.
    The only thing I was slightly worried about was spending time with Demitri since Sammy was going
    to be there. Like I didn’t want her to feel like a third wheel. Maybe I could find her a boy to hang with.
    “Hey Demitri!” I shouted when I saw him in the common room, waiting for me to go to breakfast on
    our final day before fall break.

    “Hey Em.” He said and gave me a quick peck on my lips.

    “So, you know how Sammy is staying with me over break?” I started. Demitri nodded. “Well, I was
    wondering if you could hook her up with one of your boys because I was thinking about it last night
    and I wouldn’t want it to be awkward with her hanging around with us.”

    Demitri thought about it for a moment. “I guess I could. I know that most of my friends are single,
    so I could find Sammy someone, if that is what you really want.”

    “Thank you! Oh my gosh. Can you believe I turn sixteen in two days?! I am having a party and getting my
    license. I am so freaking excited.” I clapped my hands in excitement.

    “Damn, I can’t believe it either. You are going to be older than me, but only for a week.” Demitri

    “That is true, but I will never let you forget I am a week older than you.” I smirked. “Let’s go get some
    breakfast.” We headed downstairs to the Dining Hall and grabbed some breakfast. Then we went to
    Potions when the bell rang. Of course, Professor Snape assigned us homework over break. We all
    groaned but figured it would benefit us in the end. Sammy, Demitri, and I headed to all of our other
    classes together, but while we were walking, I tried thinking of good guys to set Sammy up with. I
    figured out who she would be perfect with, which was Michael Diovitelli. They would be perfect
    together because they both played soccer, was in our House, and had mutual friends such as Demitri
    and I. I decided that I would set them up at my party on Sunday. Professor Hathaway let us out early
    to finish packing before we left for break because we were leaving right after dinner. Sammy and I
    entered our dorm to see Candie packing her things. She has been MIA lately, so I didn’t know why
    she was back all of the sudden. I completely ignored her and started packing up the stuff I would need
    for break, which was about one half of my entire wardrobe. By the time dinner rolled around, I was
    all packed for break. I placed Midnight in her cage and placed her cage on top of my trunk. I was
    changed into jeans and a sweatshirt and moccasins. Sammy and I headed down to dinner to meet
    up with Demitri and Michael. We found the two boys laughing about something. I sat down next
    to Demitri and Sammy sat next to Michael. I discreetly nudged Demitri in the arm, signaling that Sammy
    and Michael look so cute together. “So Michael, do you also live in Hallows Townsquare?” I asked.

    “Yeah I do. I am Demitri’s neighbor.” Michael nodded.

    “Oh that is cool. Sammy is staying with me during break because of the Salem attacks.” I said.

    “Really? Us four should hang out then over break.” Michael said. I nudged Demitri again in excitement.
    We ate our dinner and then were dismissed to the Salem Express. Demitri, Sammy, Michael, and I
    shared a compartment. We actually had a lot of fun on the way home. When the Salem Expressed
    started to slow down, we knew we were home. I stood up and stretched out my legs and then the train
    halted to a stop. I fell on top of Demitri.

    “Oomph. Sorry Demitri.” I laughed and stood back up. Demitri and Sammy and Michael burst out
    laughing. “Shut up!” I started laughing too. We exited the train and onto Platform 4 ½. My parents were
    waiting for us with Demitri’s and what appeared to be Michael’s parents. “Hi mom, hi dad. This is
    Sammy Lockwood.” I introduced my parents and Sammy. Demitri said hello to his, mine, and Michael’s

    “Well, are you ready to go girls?” My dad asked. Sammy’s and I’s trunks and animals showed up next
    to us.

    “Looks like we are.” I said and Sammy nodded. “Bye Demitri. Call me later?” I asked him.

    “Will do.” Demitri agreed and kissed me lightly on the forehead. Him and his parents left, along with
    Michael and his parents. My parents, Sammy, and I headed out into the regular train station and into
    the same black SUV my parents always take. We arrived home shortly after.

    “Oh my gosh.” Sammy said as walked into the house. “This is freaking amazing.”

    I giggled. “Thanks. You will love what I did to the ballroom.” I led her to the ballroom and opened the
    doors. Sammy’s jaw dropped at the sight of the ballroom.

    “Emerald, you are going to have the party of the century.” Sammy said in awe.

    “Really?” I asked. “This is not all either. I am having a dinner before hand and when people enter the
    castle, in the foyer there is going to be like a haunted house maze type of thing. It is going to be so cool.”

    “Only if Candie was invited to see how awesome your party is going to be.” Sammy sighed and then
    burst out laughing.

    “Let me show you the rest of the house.” I said and showed her around. Then we reached my room.

    “Emerald, I am in love with your house.” Sammy said as she walked into my room. She plopped down
    on the couch.

    “Thanks.” I smiled. “This is my like fourth time being here, ever.”

    “Man, I can not believe you went to a Muggle school. That is just so crazy.” Sammy sighed. Then my
    cell phone vibrated in my back pocket. It was a text from Demitri.

    Demitri: I think Michael has a crush on Sammy. (:

    Me: Really?! We will set them up for sure at my party then. (:

    Demitri: Yes really. Or we could do it before then. The drive in movie theater is having a scary movie
    show tonight. And we should go. Michael already has his license, so he could drive us.

    Me: OMG! Yes! We totally should do that tonight. What time?

    Demitri: The showing starts at 10. So we will pick you up around 9:30. Sound good?

    Me: Perfect! See you then(:

    “So Sammy, we are going out tonight.” I said and started twirling my hair.

    “Where?” Sammy perked up.

    “To the drive-in with Demitri and Michael.” I smiled.

    “Wait, are you serious?” Sammy said.

    “Of course. Do you not like Michael or Demitri?” I asked.

    “I like Michael, a lot. Like, I like like him.” Sammy confessed.

    “Aw! Well, you can’t tell him this, but he likes you too.” I clapped.

    Sammy blushed. “Well then, when are we going?!”

    “Demitri said Michael will pick us up at 9:30, so we only have about a half hour until they get here.”
    I looked at the clock on my phone. Sammy and I spent that half hour on refreshing our hair and makeup
    and changing into something cuter. I kept on my jeans and Uggs, but put on a pink embellished tank top
    and a cute black leather jacket over it. Sammy changed into skinny jeans, black riding boots, and a dark
    blue cardigan. Then the door bell rang.

    “Emerald! Sammy! Two boys are here for you.” My dad said through the intercom. Sammy and I did one
    last check and then hurried downstairs. Demitri and Michael were standing in the foyer next to my dad.

    “Hi guys. Dad, Sammy, the boys, and I are going to go out to the drive-in. Michael is driving and is
    already sixteen. Is that cool with you?” I asked my dad. He nodded and kissed me goodbye on the
    forehead. “Bye dad!” I said before I closed the door behind me.

    “Sammy, you look really pretty.” Michael said.

    Sammy blushed. “Thanks Michael.” We got into Michael’s car. The minute we arrived to the drive-in,
    I knew something bad was going to happen.
    Chapter Ten;

    There was an eerie feel at the drive-in. A light layer of fog hung about the ground. “Demitri, something
    doesn’t feel right here.” I whispered as we got out of the SUV to get food.

    “Babe, you are fine. Don’t worry.” Demitri whispered back and tightened his grip on my hand. I sighed
    and sped up my pace. Demitri, Sammy, Michael, and I reached the concessions booth. Demitri and I
    both wanted an ICEE, so we decided to split an extra large white cherry ICEE. Sammy and Michael
    got a bag of popcorn. We headed back to the car and got in, Sammy and Michael in the front, and
    Demitri and I in the back. The movie started and Demitri and I snuggled close to each other, only
    my reason was different than his.

    Half way into the movie, the same bad feeling crept over me. While Demitri was fixtated on the
    movie, I carefully and quietly pulled out my wand from my Uggs, making it seem like I was itching
    my leg. At school, we learned about a hundred different spells, and a lot of them were defense
    spells. Then the movie stopped. My heart raced. I knew something was up. I tightened my grip on my
    wand. Demitri looked at Michael and then at me, with a look of confusion on his face. "Guys, get
    your wands out." I told Michael, Sammy, and Demitri. They did what they were told. I unlocked the
    car door and got out.

    "Where are you going?" Demitri said, grabbing my wrist.

    "I am going to figure out what the hell is up." I said and he let go.

    "Then let me come with you." He said.

    "Fine. Sammy, Michael, stay in the car with your wands ready just in case. And keep the doors
    locked." I said and kept the door open for Demitri to get out. He got out and shut the door behind
    him. I heard the doors lock. It was somewhat difficult to find what I was looking for since there
    were so many people at the drive-in. And most of the people were couples. I crept around cars with
    Demitri behind me, both of our wands ready. I walked towards the front of the drive-in where the
    screen was and that bad feeling that washed over me earlier was intensified. People were loitering
    everywhere since they were confused about the movie stopping. "Demitri, stay here." I told him
    when we reached the screen.

    "No, I am not letting you go alone." Demitri said firmly.

    "Yes you are." I said and walked away. I reached the edge and looked behind the screen, and I saw
    an interesting sight.

    "Oh shit." I murmured to myself. There was someone laying on the ground and he or she looked dead.
    I quietly walked over to the body. It was a girl. And she looked like she was drained of blood.
    I kneelt down onto the ground and took a good look at the girl. She looked about to be seventeen.
    I got up and ran over to Demitri, on the other side of the screen. "Demitri, oh my gosh. There is
    a girl, back there, dead."

    "Wait, what? A girl, dead?" He asked. I nodded and brought him to the girl. "Oh god." He whispered
    when he saw the girl. We both knelt down, next to the girl. Demitri pulled out his cell phone from
    his back pocket. "Yes, we need an ambulence right away at the drive-in." He said to the dispatcher
    and ended the call. I thought for a minute, and then stood up. I walked around to the other side
    of the girl. I looked at her neck and saw a bite mark. My eyes widened.

    "Demitri, this is no ordinary death. There is a bite mark on her neck, white two dominent
    punctures." I said.

    "Then what killed her?" He asked. We heard the ambulences on their way.

    "I have a feeling it was a vampire." I said softly.

    "A vampire? Emerald, you gotta be kidding me." Demitri shook his head.

    I sighed. "Demitri, I know my vampire stuff. I time I didn't spend dancing, I spent it reading, and
    I have read a lot of vampire books." The ambulence arrived. "We will finish this discussion later."
    I said as the ambulence guys got out of the truck. The questioned me and Demitri of how we found
    her and if we moved her and stuff like that. They finally let us go as they loaded the poor girl
    onto a gurnee. The police made everyone leave the drive-in, so we decided to walk back to my house.
    I called Sammy and told her to meet us there.

    "So you really believe in that vampire stuff?" Demitri asked.

    "Uh yeah. Since I found out I was a witch, I belive pretty much all folklore now." I stated.

    "But why would their be a vampire in Hallows Townsquare? It makes no sense. Hallows Townsquare is
    for witches and warlocks only." Demitri said.

    "I have no idea, but I saw a bite mark. And she looked like she was drained of blood. It seems
    pretty obvious to me." I ran my fingers through my hair. We walked in silence when we heard a
    scream from an alley. I held out my wand and ventured to where I heard the sound. I felt the same
    feeling coming back to me.

    "Emerald, where are you going?" Demitri asked. I held my index finger to my mouth, signaling him
    to shut up. I crept my way to the alley. I peaked around the corner and my eyes widened. I saw
    someone holding somebody against the brick wall. It looked like the person holding the victim was
    drinking their blood. I accidentally stepped on a stick and it made a cracking sound. The predator
    whipped his head at me. He snarled and then ran off at super speed. I ran over to the person on
    the ground, and she looked like she was still alive.

    Demitri found me and imidiatly took out his phone to call 911, again. They arrived and were suprised
    to see Demitri and I again. I told them I saw a male, about six feet tall, drinking the girls blood,
    and that he snarled at me and ran off. They took the girl to the hospital. I slumped against the
    brick wall and placed my head in my hands. "Emerald, we got to get you home." Demitri said, and I
    knew he was worried about me. I held up my finger, telling him to wait a minute. I took a few deep
    breaths and stood up. "Babe, you okay?" Demitri asked.

    "No. Not at all. I just found two girls. One dead and the other almost dead. So do you still think
    I am crazy for thinking it was a vampire? Because whom ever was doing this, was drinking the girls'
    blood." I said and started walking. Demitri caught up to me.

    "I believe you now. I just don't know how a vampire could have gotten here though. You need to be
    a witch or warlock to get into here." Demitri said. "Let's just get you home. You need to sleep."
    We walked up to my house. I nodded to the security guards as they let us into the grounds. I opened
    the door and walked in. Sammy and Michael were sitting in the family room with my parents.

    "Emerald, what happened?" Sammy said as I sat down on the couch. I kicked off my boots and pulled
    by legs up to my chest. I explained to her and everyone else what happened at the drive-in and
    alley. They were freaked out, except for Demitri, whom was with me.

    "Oh my gosh, Em." My mom said with a worried expression on her face. "Will you be okay for your

    "I think so." I lied. But we are not letting anyone leave unless they are picked up by their parents or
    siblings." I stated. "I think I am going to go to bed." I stood up and so did Sammy, Michael, and
    Demitri. I walked them to the door.

    "Emerald, are you sure you will be okay?" Demitri pulled me off to the side while Sammy and Michael
    said goodbye.

    "No." I said and started crying. "Not at all. I just witnessed two attacks. One is dead. The other
    is barely alive. I can't believe this happened."

    "I wonder if the same thing happened in Salem..." Demitri trailed off. My tears stopped.

    "Wait, what did you just say?" I asked him.

    "I said 'I wonder if the same thing happened in Salem.'" Demitri replied.

    "Oh my god. Why didn't I think of that?" I ran upstairs to my room. Demitri followed me. I grabbed
    my laptop from my bag, sat on my couch, and powered it on. While it booted up, I tapped my fingers
    impatiently. Sammy and Michael came upstairs. Demitri signalled them to not ask any questions yet.
    The minute the computer fully booted up, I clicked on Safari. I went to Google and typed in "attacks
    in Salem, Mass." Tons of results popped up. I clicked on the most recent one. I read the article
    about the attacks and how similar they were. Bite marks to the neck, drained of blood, no evidence
    left, and all teenage girls or young women. "Shit." I said outloud.

    "What is the matter Emerald?" Sammy asked. I showed them the website.

    "I am pretty positive the same thing is happening here. There have been no attacks in Salem since
    we arrived. And now they just started here? Something is attacking these girls. And it is not your
    usual killing." I said. Sammy and Michael stared at me like I was crazy and on crack. "Guys, I am
    serious." I said.

    "But how could this happen?" Michael asked.

    "I don't know, but someone living here must have gotten this vampire in." I said.


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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Chapter 11 up!

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    Oh god I REALLY want to go to Emerald's party now.
    And that dress is so pretty!

    love this story <3

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    Hhaha thankyou!
    And I know the dress is soooo pretty.
    I fell in love with it when I first saw it.


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    Chapter 12-14 are now upp!


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    I loooove this:D
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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Chapter Eleven;

    I paced back and forth in my room. Demitri, Sammy, and Michael were sitting on the couch,
    watching me. I ran my fingers through my hair like I always did when I was stressed, scared,
    or nervous.

    “So what are we going to do?” Sammy asked.

    “I have no idea. We need to do something though.” I said.

    “We need to tell the school this.” Demitri suggested.

    “No.” I flat out said. “We can not tell the school because they will make us come back and
    I want to have my party.”

    “But Emerald, other people could get hurt.” Michael added.

    “Ugh! I just don’t know what we should do. I am tired, cranky, stressed, and freaked out.
    My thoughts are everywhere. I just need to think for a minute.” I snapped.

    Demitri, Sammy, and Michael sat in silence while I kept pacing back and forth. I sat down
    on the floor and the next thing I knew, I was awoken by Demitri. “Babe, you up? The minute
    you sat on the floor, you passed out.”

    “What? I fell asleep? What time is it?” I asked and sat up.

    “Yeah, you fell asleep. And it is almost midnight.” Demitri said and helped me up.

    “Where are Sammy and Michael?” I asked.

    “Sammy is asleep in the guest room and Michael went home. I didn’t know if you wanted me
    to stay or not, so I decided to stay until it became too late.” Demitri shrugged.

    “Oh. Well, thanks for staying. I know it is not the most exciting thing, watching me sleep.”
    I gave him a small smile.

    “It is actually very exciting to watch you sleep. You like to talk a lot in your sleep too.” Demitri cracked a smile.

    My eyes widened. “What do I say?”

    Demitri thought for a minute. “Let’s see, that you are freaking out about what happened tonight,
    that you are excited for your party, and that you love me.” I looked down in embarrassment. “Emerald, it is okay because I love you too.” Demitri said and smiled.
    I looked up and he cupped my face in between his hands. And then he bent down and kissed me.
    It was one of the best kisses of my life. We pulled apart and embraced in a hug. “I better
    get home. My mom and dad think I am at Michael’s house.”

    “How are you going to get home?” I questioned.

    “I am going to walk.” He said.

    “Oh no you are not. You are not walking home with a vampire killer on the loose.” I put my
    arms across my chest.

    “Emerald, I will be fine.” Demitri said.

    “I will not let you.” I protested.

    “Then how am I going to get home?” Demitri asked.

    “Stay here and leave in the morning.” I smiled.

    Demitri asked, “Won’t your parents freak out about their only daughter and her boyfriend
    sleeping in the same room?”

    “Do they still know you are here?” I raised my eyebrows.

    “I think they do.” Demitri frowned.

    I started walking towards my door. “Then let me ask if you can stay. I have had a traumatic
    night.” I headed down to the second floor and knocked on my parent’s door. I heard my dad
    say something along the lines of “come in”, so I opened the door and found my dad pacing back
    and forth and my mother sitting in a chair. “Mommy, daddy, can Demitri stay the night? I have
    had a traumatic night, and Demitri was the only one there for me.” I pleaded.

    My father looked at my mother. She nodded her head. Then my dad said, “Fine, he can stay, but
    no fooling around.”

    “Thank you so much.” I hugged them and kissed them on the cheek. “Goodnight and I love you.”
    I said. They said their “goodnights” and “I love you”’s back. I left their room and closed
    the door. I ran up back the stairs to my room. Demitri was sitting on my couch. “They said
    yes as long as we do not fool around.” I smiled.

    Demitri smiled. “Good. I texted my parents and they were fine with it as long as we do not
    fool around also.”

    “Yay! Well, I am going to change into my PJ’s. What are you going to wear?” I said as I headed
    to my closet.

    “Em, we could do magic. I will just zap some PJ’s here.” Demitri took out his wand, flicked it,
    and then a pair of PJ’s appeared on his lap. He smiled at me and stood up with his PJ’s in his

    “I will change in my closet and you in my bathroom.” I said and shut myself in my closet. I
    heard the bathroom door close. I put on a pair of purple flannel shorts and a black long-
    sleeved shirt. I threw my long blonde hair into a messy bun on the top of my head and slipped
    on a pair of slippers. I exited out of my closet and Demitri exited my bathroom at the same
    time. He was in a dark green v-neck t-shirt and gray plaid flannel PJ pants. I smiled at him
    as I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. He followed. I pulled out an extra tooth brush
    for him. He took it and we brushed our teeth. We finished and I flipped off the light as we
    exited the bathroom. I took his hand and led him up the spiral staircase that led to my bed.
    Midnight was sleeping on the edge of my bed. I scratched her behind her ears and I heard her
    let out a loud purr. I laughed quietly and undid my bed. I threw the nicer pillows on the
    floor and pulled back my covers. I got into my bed and patted the spot next to me. Demitri
    got in next to me. I laid down and pulled my part of the covers over me.

    “So this is the second time that we are sleeping together.” Demitri said.

    My eyebrows furrowed and then I realized what he meant since we both fell asleep the night
    our family had dinner. “Ohhh! Right.” I giggled. I snuggled up next to him. He put his arm
    around me.

    “Goodnight, Emerald. I love you.” Demitri said and kissed the top of my head.

    “Goodnight, Demitri. I love you too.” I said and fell asleep in Demitri’s arms.

    “AHHHH!” I screeched and bolted upright in my bed. Demitri opened his eyes and freaked

    “Baby, Emerald, you are fine.” He sat up and put his arms around me. “Did you have a

    I nodded yes. “I was one of those girls getting the blood sucked out of me. And they guy
    was scary looking. It was so realistic.” I put my head in my hands.

    “Come here.” Demitri gently laid me back down next to him. “You are okay. I am here and I
    won’t let anything happen to you.”

    Demitri and I locked eyes. “Thank you for staying here. I am just so scared from what happened. What time is it?” I asked.

    “You are very welcome and I don’t blame you. I am somewhat scared too. And it is three in
    the morning.” Demitri responded.

    “It is only three? I thought it would be like five or something.” I sighed.

    “You should go back to bed. I will keep you safe.” Demitri kissed my forehead. I nodded and
    fell back asleep.

    I woke up again and saw that Demitri was still sleeping. I quietly got out of bed and looked
    out the window. The sky was a milky gray that matched my feelings at the moment. There was a
    knock at my door. I went down the stairs and opened the door to see Sammy standing there in
    her PJ’s. “Hey, how you feeling?” Sammy asked.

    “I am still shook up from it. But let’s hope that today is a better day.” I shrugged. “How did
    you sleep?”

    “I slept okay. It was weird not being in my room, but it was fine.” Sammy said. Then I
    heard Demitri walking down the stairs. “Demitri stayed over?” Sammy asked.

    “Yeah, my parents said he could because of what happened.” I said. I felt Demitri put his
    arms around my waist.

    “Morning, Emerald and Sammy.” Demitri said to us.

    “Morning.” Sammy and I said in unison.

    “Did you sleep well after your nightmare?” Demitri asked me. I nodded.

    “You had a nightmare?” Sammy questioned.

    “Yeah I did. It was what happened last night, only it was me getting the blood sucked out
    of me.” I sighed.

    “Oh, that sucks. I’m sorry.” Sammy hugged me. It was kind of weird since Demitri was hugging
    me from behind and Sammy from the front.

    “Emerald sandwich,” I murmured. Sammy and Demitri laughed. “Let’s go get some breakfast.” I
    wiggled myself out of the Emerald sandwich and exited my room with Sammy and Demitri following
    behind. We headed down to the kitchen and when we entered, the head chef asked us what we
    wanted for breakfast. “I will just have a toasted chocolate chip bagel, a fruit cup, and a
    coffee with French vanilla creamer.” I said. Demitri ordered chocolate chip pancakes, bacon,
    and an orange juice. Sammy ordered a ham and cheese omelet and chocolate milk. We sat down
    at the island counter on the barstools and talked. Ten minutes later, our food was ready. I
    ate my food slowly and lost appetite after finishing one half of my bagel and only a few pieces
    of fruit.

    Demitri put his hand on my knee. “You okay?” I nodded.

    “Emerald!” My mom’s voice rang throughout the kitchen. “We need to go shopping today to get
    your costume for tomorrow. Oh, good morning Demitri and Sammy.” My mom smiled.

    “Oh right. I need a costume. Sammy do you need a costume?” I asked Sammy.

    “No, I have my costume already.” She smiled.

    “What are you going to be?” I asked.

    “I am going to be a fairy.” Sammy blushed.

    I giggled. “That is so cute! Demitri and I are going as vampires."

    Demitri looked at the clock on the wall. “I need to get home. I told my parents I would be
    home at ten.”

    “Oh okay. Let me walk you to the door.” I got off the barstool and walked Demitri to the door,
    leaving my mom and Sammy talking about my party. “Will you be okay walking home?” I asked

    “Hon, it is daylight. I am pretty positive I will be fine.” Demitri put his hands on my

    “Well, you can never be too sure. Just please don’t take any alley shortcuts. Take the way
    though the square or something. Just no shortcuts.” I pleaded.

    “Okay, I promise I will not take any shortcuts.” Demitri held out his pinky finger. I locked
    pinkies with him.

    “Thank you. Call me later tonight?” I said.

    “I will. I love you. And have fun shopping. It will get your mind off things.” Demitri kissed
    me on the lips.

    “I love you too. And I will.” I said after the kiss. I opened the door and Demitri left. I
    closed the door and walked back into the kitchen. “So when are we going to go shopping?”

    “Well, why don’t you girls change and then we will leave?” My mom said. I nodded and motioned
    for Sammy to come with me. We got up to my room and I walked into my closet. I picked out a
    pair of boot cut jeans, a sweatshirt, and brown moccasins. Sammy put on a pair of yoga pants,
    zip up hoodie, and sneakers. We quickly brush our teeth and hair and put on our makeup. Fifteen
    minutes later, we were ready. We headed back downstairs. My mom was standing by the door.
    “Ready?” Sammy and I nodded. I slung my purse over my shoulder and made sure my phone was in
    my back pocket. My mom got into the driver’s seat of the SUV and Sammy and I in back. Then
    we were off to shop.

    My mom took us to a small fashion boutique in the Townsquare. She parked the car and we got
    out and went into the store. It was such a cute store. And all couture too. “So what kind
    of dress or outfit do you want?” My mom asked.

    I thought for a minute. “I want a black dress. Actually, I want two. One for the dinner and
    grand entrance, and the other for the dance party portion. For the dinner, I want a long dress
    and for the dance, a short dress.” We walked around the store for about ten minutes when I saw
    the prettiest dress I have ever seen. I looked at the tag and it was a Carmen Marc Valvo dress.
    It was all black, long, and had beading. I fell in love.
    “Mom, this is the first dress.” I said in awe.

    “That is gorgeous. Try it on!” My mom urged. I took the dress off the rack in a size three and
    walked to the dressing room. I took my time putting it on because it was just so perfect.

    I walked out of the dressing room, holding up the top of my dress. “Can one of you zip my
    dress please?” I asked. Sammy zipped it up. My mom’s eyes started to tear up.

    “Emerald, you look gorgeous. You need to get that dress.” Sammy said. I looked in the full
    length mirror and I was pretty positive the dress was made for me.

    “I want it.” I declared. “Now I just need to find another dress.” We brought the dress up to
    the cashier and told her to hold on to it for the moment. I walked over to the other part of
    the store and found my other dress. It was a short, black, strapless, sequins, and form fitting.
    I loved it. I tried it on and had Sammy zip me up again. “I want this too. It would look perfect
    with some fake vampire fangs and red heels.”

    My mom agreed and we bought the two dresses. We walked out of the store with the two dresses
    in dress bags and stored them in the car. Then we walked to the shoe store. Oh how I love
    shoes. Especially designer shoes. My mom ended up buying me two pairs of Christian Louboutins.
    One pair of Banana extremely high heels in black and the other in red. They were perfect. I also
    got a ruby and onyx necklace of a red and black spider with onyx earrings and bracelet. Last
    but not least, I got my fake fangs. I was so excited to wear my outfit tomorrow. I texted

    Me: For tomorrow, my outfit consists of black and red. Don’t put on your fangs until after
    dinner. But both of my dresses are black but with red accents. Have fun figuring out your
    Dracula costume (:

    Demitri responded.

    Demitri: Alright. Don’t worry; I think I have a great outfit already for tomorrow. Will I be
    seeing you tonight?

    Me: Yay! And I don’t know. But I would like to see you. And for tomorrow, be at my house at
    4 because we need to go over my entrance and stuff. And enter through the side entrance. You
    don’t have to come in costume, so just bring it with you.

    Demitri: I would love to see you. Okay, I will be at your house at 4. Call me later if you can
    make plans, okay?

    Me: Mkayy. I will call you later. Bye (:

    Demitri: Bye (:

    I put my phone back into my pocket. “So Emerald and Sammy, I made an appointment earlier today
    for a hairstylist and makeup artist and nail technician to come to the house tomorrow around
    nine to get you girls ready while Clarice takes care of the decorations in the foyer and such.
    Is that okay with you girls?” My mom said after we got into the car.

    “Perfect.” Sammy and I said in unison and laughed. We arrived home and I put my new dresses
    and shoes in my closet.

    “Sammy, can I see your costume?” I asked Sammy. She nodded and opened her trunk. She pulled out
    a pink dress with a poof at the waist, small pink and sparkly fairy wings, a silver wand, and
    silver high heels. “That is so cute!” I gushed.

    “Why thank you. I can not wait for your party. Who is coming to the dinner?” Sammy asked.

    “Whoever wants to come. The dinner is going to have a lot of older people since my party is
    also the Fall Ball.” But the dance is going to be teen only.” I smiled.

    “Oh damn. Tomorrow is going to be a good night.” Sammy said. And I agreed.

    AN; On Microsoft Word, this is now over 100 pages long(:

    Chapter Twelve

    “Emerald, you got to get up honey. Happy 16th birthday!” My mom woke me up. I opened my eyes
    and sat up. My mom and dad were staring at me. Sammy was sitting next to me in my bed since
    we decided to sleep in my room like we were having a sleepover.

    “Happy 16th birthday, Emerald.” My dad said and kissed my forehead.

    “Thanks mom and dad.” I smiled.

    “Happy sweet sixteen, Em.” Sammy said and hugged me.

    “The people doing your hair and stuff will be here in ten minutes, so you girls need to wash
    your faces, brush your teeth, and brush your hair before they get here.” My mom stated. She
    left my room and Sammy and I headed to my bathroom. We changed into Soffee shorts, tank tops,
    and zip up hoodies so everything would be easy to get on and off. Ten minutes later, the
    doorbell rang. And then a few minutes after that, my mom, the hairstylist, makeup artist, and
    nail technician were up in my room. “Ladies, we will set up in the bathroom. Emerald, Sammy,
    can you girls wait a few minutes while they get set up?” My mom said. Sammy and I nodded. We
    walked into my bedroom and flopped on the couch. I turned on the TV on to MTV. My Super Sweet
    16 was on, which was ironic because I today was my birthday and the day of my party. I felt
    my Blackberry vibrate. It was Demitri calling. I answered. “Hello?”

    “Happy sweet sixteen, Emerald.” Demitri said in his smooth and heart melting voice.

    “Why thank you.” I giggled.

    “How has your day been so far?” He asked.

    “It has been pretty good. The people are all here, getting things set up and Sammy and I are
    going to get ready soon. And we just got up like twenty minutes ago.” I laughed.

    “That is good. Well, you day will get better when you see me and what I got your for your birthday.” Demitri said.

    “You got me a present?!” I said surprisingly.

    Demitri chuckled. “Of course! You are my girlfriend and I would be a terrible boyfriend if I
    did not get you a present for your birthday.”

    “But I never asked for anything!” I stated.

    “So? I still got you a present. I know you need to get ready, so have fun. I will see you at
    four. I love you.” Demitri said.

    “Bah fine. I will see you then. I love you too.” I said and hung up.

    “Girls, you ready?” My mom walked out of my bathroom. Sammy and I nodded and got up off the
    couch. We walked into my bathroom to see it transformed. There were two salon chairs set in
    front of my mirror. Makeup, nail polish, and hair supplies filled the counters. Sammy and I
    took our seats. My mom was taking pictures.

    “Ma, what are you doing?” I asked.

    “I need to document your day!” She replied. I shook my head and smiled.

    “So how do you want your hair to be like?” The hairstylist, Lucy, asked.

    “I want Taylor Swift curls, except my bangs somewhat straight.” I explained. While I got my
    hair done, Sammy got her nails painted a cotton candy pink. After about an hour, my hair was
    completed and held firmly by super strength freeze spray. Sammy had her nails and makeup done.
    We switched chairs so she could get her hair done and so I could get my makeup and nails done.
    I chose a blood red nail polish for my nails and toes. The makeup artist, Linda, gave my
    emerald green eyes the smoky treatment and made my skin look airbrushed. She finished it off
    with a nude colored lip gloss. I looked good. My nails dried fast thanks to that spell my mom
    taught me. My mom kept taking pictures of Sammy and me getting ready.

    By the time four o’clock rolled around, Sammy and I were beautified. Then the doorbell rang. I
    heard my father open the door and say hello to Demitri. I quickly walked downstairs to the side
    entrance with Sammy and my mother behind me. “Happy 16th birthday again, Emerald.” Demitri said
    and handed me a bouquet of pink carnations and purple daisies. He kissed me lightly on the cheek
    since my parents were there and I had lip gloss on.

    “Thank you, Demitri. These are beautiful flowers. I love them!” I said, admiring the flowers.

    “Well I needed to get beautiful flowers for my beautiful girlfriend.” Demitri said. My mom literally awed out loud.

    “You two need a picture together with the flowers.” My mom said and held up her camera. I laughed
    and Demitri and I posed for a picture with the flowers.

    “You will get your other present later.” Demitri whispered into my ear.

    “There is more?” I whispered back.

    “Yes. Hello today is your sixteenth birthday. You deserve to have one of the best days of your
    life.” He whispered. I giggled quietly while my mom made us take more pictures.

    “Okay, mother, we need to practice my entrance. So will you let us do that now or else we will
    be off schedule.” I said. She nodded and Demitri, my mother, Sammy, my father, and I walked
    into the part of the foyer that wasn’t being used for the haunted house part that was already
    finished, except that the actors were still getting ready in several of the second floor
    bathrooms. “So everyone after going through the haunted house will stay in here by the stairs.
    I will make my entrance and walk down the stairs and Demitri will be at the bottom, waiting for
    me. Grandpa Jack will announce my name right before I walk down the stairs. Shoot, let me run
    upstairs really quick to get my heels. Be right back.” I ran up the stairs up to my room,
    grabbed my new Louboutin’s and ran back down the stairs but stopped at the second floor. Grandpa
    Jack was at the bottom of the stairs and standing next to him was Demitri. I slid on my shoes
    and was ready.

    “I would be pleased to introduce to you, Esmerelda Blair Hallows, princess of Hallows Townsquare,
    daughter of King Joseph and Queen Alice Hallows.” Grandpa Jack announced. I slowly made my way
    down the grand staircase. When I reached the bottom, Demitri held out his arm for me to take.
    I took it and we made our way to the dining room.

    “That was perfect!” I said and walked back over to everyone else. I decided to stay in my shoes
    to get used to them since I would have to wear them all throughout dinner. “So now for the
    entrance to my actual party will be different. The DJ will turn the volume down on whatever song
    he is playing and I will walk out from behind the curtain and thank everyone for coming and to
    have a good time.” I announced. Everyone nodded in agreement. “Wait, mom, dad, who is my mystery

    “It is a surprise.” My dad said and smiled. I fake pouted. We all burst out laughing. Before we
    knew it, it was 4:45 and I needed to get dressed. Demitri had to change in one of the downstairs
    bathrooms since he couldn’t see me before my grand entrance. Sammy changed in one of the second
    floor bathrooms and my parents and grandparents changed in their respective rooms, only my mom
    was in my room to help me zip up my dress. After she helped me put my jewelry on, she gave me a
    kiss on the cheek and went downstairs because it was five o’clock. I heard people freaking out
    in the haunted house two floors below me. I smiled to myself and sprayed on last spray of perfume

    Since I had time to spare until my grand entrance, I logged onto Facebook. I had over 100
    notifications of people wishing me a happy birthday. I made my status as, “Thank you everyone
    for the birthday wishes! It means so much to me. Sweet 16 party now! ” And then I logged off.
    Then my mom’s voice came out of the intercom.

    “Emerald, you ready to go?” She asked.

    I walked over to the intercom and pressed the button to speak. “I sure am!”

    “Okay, you need to be on the second floor like now. Everyone is here.” My mom said. I said okay
    back and made my way down to the second floor, using the back staircase so nobody would spot
    me. I paced back and forth in my new dress and heels and I was really nervous. I took a quick
    peak down below and saw everyone waiting for me. I knew it was show time when I heard my grandpa
    clear his throat to speak. I took a deep breath, plastered a smile on my face, and walked towards
    the edge of the stairs.

    “I would be pleased to introduce you all, Esmerelda Blair Hallows, princess of Hallows Townsquare,
    daughter of King Joseph and Queen Alice Hallows. And her escort is Demitri James Sterling, son
    of Jackson and Patrice Sterling.” Grandpa Jack announced loudly for all in the foyer to hear. I
    made my way down the stairs as the party goers clapped and whispered about how pretty I looked
    and how fabulous my dress was. Everyone looked kind of silly in their costumes, but it was a
    costume party. Demitri looked very handsome though. He wore a black suit, black button down shirt
    underneath, a blood red tie, a black cape over the suit jacket, and black shoes. He kept his
    hair down instead of gelled back and his jaw dropped when he saw me. Seriously, everyone that I
    invited showed up. I saw several photographers taking pictures of me. I kept my smile on my face
    and finally reached the bottom of the stairs. Demitri held out his arm and I took it. I saw my
    mother and grandmothers wipe several tears from their eyes. I blew them all a kiss. Demitri and
    I made our way down the aisle to the dining room. We entered the dining room and everyone filed
    in after us. Let me tell you, there were tons of people in the dining room. And there were so
    many people to talk to.

    I received so many compliments and happy birthdays that I thought it would never end. Demitri
    stayed by my side the whole time. All of my presents were in the formal living room, according
    to my parents. I posed for many pictures and smiled so much that my face was probably going to
    have a permanent smile on it. “Everyone!” My dad shouted in the dining room, standing on a small
    platform at one end of the room. “It is time to eat!” He shouted and food magically appeared on
    several long buffet tables at the other end of the room. People rushed over to the food, giving
    me some time to sit down for a minute. My father offered me the head seat at the table and I
    accepted it. Demitri sat down next to me while my parents went to make everything was running

    “I believe I didn’t have the chance to tell you how stunning you look.” Demitri said and held my
    hand that was resting on the table.

    I smiled and blushed. “Thank you. You look so handsome yourself. I am already so tired though.
    And it is only quarter to six.”

    “Thank you. It is going to be a long but fun night. This night is all about you, so live it up.”
    Demitri squeezed my hand slightly. He was true, and it did get my mind off of what happened the
    other night. When the line for food cleared up a bit, Demitri and I made our way over to get
    food. I wasn’t that hungry, but I decided to eat some grilled chicken, a small salad, a piece
    of French bread with butter, and water. I found Sammy and Michael and all of our friends eating
    at one end of the table. Demitri and I walked over to them. Everyone said happy birthday to me
    and gave me a round of hugs. We had a good time, just eating and talking. I looked at the huge
    clock on the wall and it read 6:215, which meant that my dance party started 15 minutes. Then I
    head my father call for everyone’s attention again.

    “Everyone, I would like to bring my daughter, Emerald up here for a special gift.” My dad announced
    loudly. I looked at my friends and then got up and walked over to wear my father was standing
    with my mother and grandparents. “Esmerelda, you are finally sixteen years of age and that every
    royal in our family has gotten a coming out party. Tonight is the night that you receive your
    tiara.” My dad stated and my grandma Ruth handed him a large wood box. He opened the box and
    inside laid a silver tiara. My hand covered my mouth in shock because I didn’t know I was receiving
    a tiara. My mother and father took it out of the box together and placed it on my head. “By the
    power invested in your mother and I, we officially declare you Princess Esmerelda Blair Hallows
    of Hallows Townsquare.” My dad announced. Everyone clapped and hooted. I posed for pictures with
    my parents and grandparents.

    “Honey, you need to change into your other dress. Go and I will be up in a minute.” My mother
    whispered to me. I nodded and made my way off the platform and though the crowd of people that
    were congratulating me and bowing. I smiled and maneuvered my way around everyone and finally
    reached the back stairs. I took off my shoes and jogged my way up the stairs and into my room.
    I slipped off my dress and put on a pair of Spankies and hiked up my strapless bra. My mom came
    into my room as I was slipping my other dress on. She zipped me up and hung up my other dress.

    “You look beautiful, Emerald. Have fun the rest of the night. And you can take your tiara off.
    Just take good care of it.” My mother smiled and hugged me. She left the room as I took off my
    tiara and placed it in the box on top of my dresser that the tiara came in, in the first place.
    I put on my red Louboutin’s and walked into the bathroom to put my vampire fangs in. I wiped
    off my lip gloss and then I glued each fang, stuck them on my canine teeth, and waited about a
    minute for it to dry. I swiped on some red lipstick and then I was ready to go. I made my way
    back downstairs through the back ways and entered the ballroom before anyone else did. I went
    backstage behind the DJ booth and waited for everyone to come in.

    I heard the chatter of teens coming in to the ballroom. They were obviously impressed by the
    decorating. The DJ was already playing music while I waited backstage. Ten minutes later, the
    DJ came back and told me that everyone was in the ballroom. He handed me his extra microphone
    and went back to his booth and stopped the music. I walked out from the curtain and was engulfed
    by fog. I made it out of the fog and the everyone started cheering. “Hey guys, I would like to
    thank all of you for coming out tonight to celebrate my sweet 16 slash coming out party. I really
    appreciate. If you want, you can take off your shoes and stuff. Just leave it by the door. Now
    let’s get this party started!” I said into the microphone and cued that DJ to start playing the
    music again. I made my way of stage to find Demitri. My peers were dancing and grinding to the
    beat of the music. I finally found Demitri at the ballroom door.

    Demitri looked me up and down. “You look hot.” He smirked.

    I spun around in my 14 centimeter heels. “You think?”

    “Of course.” Demitri said and pulled me to him.

    “Let’s go dance!” I said and kicked off my shoes, which disappeared thanks to my mom using her
    magic to send my shoes back to my room.

    “Anything you want.” Demitri agreed and I lead him to the dance floor that was already packed
    with teenagers. We made our way to the middle, where our closest friends were dancing. Michael
    and Sammy were grinding and so were our other friends Cara and Nate and Lindsay and Craig. Demitri
    placed himself behind me and we also started grinding. I knew it was going to be one hell of a

    After dancing for a solid two hours straight, my mother came onstage with my father. “Emerald,
    could you please come up here?” My mom asked into the microphone. I got up on stage and stood
    next to my parents. “Earlier this week I told you that we got you a performer, I was lying.” My
    mom started. I furrowed my eyebrows. “We got you three performers.” Alice smiled. Just then, Cobra
    Starship, 3OH!3, and Ke$ha walked out from backstage. My hands covered my mouth because I was
    so excited. “Happy birthday, sweetie,” My mom said and smiled. I hugged my mother and father so

    “Oh my gosh, how did you get them to perform here?!” I asked.

    “Honey, they are all grew up in a witch or warlock family and are warlocks and witches.” My father

    “Really?” I widened my eyes. My dad nodded. Then Ke$ha took the stage.

    “Hey everyone, I would like to wish Emerald a happy sixteenth birthday! Emerald, you better live
    it up!” Ke$ha shouted into the microphone. She motioned for me to come over to her. “So Emerald,
    you know the words to ‘We R Who We R’, right?”

    “Of course!” I said.

    “Well then let’s get this party started!” Ke$ha said and then the music started to “We R Who We
    R”. I was handed a microphone to sing along with her. Ke$ha and I danced around the stage together
    and we were having a blast. The song ended and Ke$ha gave me a hug. I was kind of weirded out
    since I didn’t think she was the hugging type of person, but I was fine with it. I saw tons of
    people at my party taking pictures of Ke$ha and I. Then 3Oh!3 came on stage while Ke$ha went
    backstage. I jammed out with 3OH!3, whom also wished me a happy birthday and hugged me. Then my
    favorite band ever, Cobra Starship, came out. And it was one of the best moments of my life when
    the front man, Gabe, gave me his purple sweatshirt. Cobra Starship sang several songs and I died
    a little inside from how amazing my night was going. I got a huge group picture with Cobra
    Starship, 3OH!3, and Ke$ha after Cobra Starship finished their set. I was having the night of my

    Everyone was asked to clear the dance floor and to make an aisle from the door to the dance
    floor. Our head chef wheeled a huge cake in the shape of mouth with vampire fangs and sixteen
    candles plus one more for good luck, with my parents following behind. The chef lit the seventeen
    candles and everyone started singing “Happy Birthday” after the lights were dimmed. I blew out
    my candles after the song ended. I cut the first piece of my cake and posed for the photographer
    taking pictures.

    The end of my party was drawing near. Then the DJ spoke. “Hey ya’ll, would you please clear the
    dance floor for a moment except for Emerald.” Everyone took their time getting off the dance
    floor and onto the outskirts. I stood their awkwardly with everyone’s eyes on me. I couldn’t
    even find Demitri or Sammy. But then, Demitri walked onto the stage that the DJ was on. The DJ
    handed Demitri the microphone.

    “Emerald, I would like to dedicate this song to you. I am madly in love with you and you are all
    I ever think about. And you are amazing, just the way you are.” Demitri said, locking eye contact
    with me. My cheeks blushed and my hands covered my nose and mouth like I was praying. The party-
    goers “awed” and the Bruno Mar’s “Just the Way You Are” started playing. Demitri walked off stage
    and right to me. “Can I have this dance?” He asked and held out his hand. I nodded and took his
    hand and placed it on my hip, and then I placed my hands on my shoulders since he was a tad to
    tall for me to put my arms around his neck. Demitri was the best dancer I have ever danced with.
    And trust me; I have danced with a lot of boys when we did the dancing unit in gym.

    “Thank you for everything. For being here for me. Especially over the past few days. It means so
    much to me. I love you.” I said to Demitri.

    “You are very welcome. And I will always be here for you. And I love you too.” Demitri said and
    kissed me in front of everyone. Everyone awed and Demitri and I kept dancing until the song ended.
    Then everyone stormed back onto the dance floor to party up the last ten minutes of my party.
    The final song ended exactly at the stroke of midnight. I ran up on stage and the DJ handed me a

    I stood at the stage and waited for people to shut up. “Hey everyone, I would like to thank all
    of you for coming out tonight to celebrate my sweet sixteen. It was defiantly a night I will
    always remember. You guys all mean so much to me. And I can not wait to open the presents from
    you all! I would like to thank my parents for throwing me the best party ever. I love you guys!
    And I love all of you guys too. I will see most of you at school next week. Have a good rest of
    the night guys.” Everyone clapped and shouted. I got off stage. I said my rounds of goodbyes to
    everyone and made sure everyone received a goody bag full of Halloween candy, spider rings,
    vampire teeth, and glow sticks. I caught Michael and Sammy kissing. I walked past and said, “Get
    a room!” Sammy pulled back and gave me the finger. I laughed and plopped down on the formal living
    room couch after everyone left, besides Demitri and Sammy. They both plopped on either side of

    “Em, that was the best party I have ever been to.” Sammy said and shimmied off her wings and
    tossed them on the floor.

    “Why thank you. I am exhausted though.” I sighed.

    “Oh, I need to give you your present!” Sammy reminded her self. “Be right back.”

    “I still have to give you yours too.” Demitri smiled.

    “I wanna know what it is!” I said and clapped my hands together.

    “I will give it to you after Sammy gives you hers.” Demitri smiled.

    Sammy came running back downstairs and was holding a big bag. She put it on the floor in front
    of my feet. I dug into the bag to find the card and opened it. I read the card to myself and
    smiled because it was just so nice. I put the card next to me and pulled the tissue paper out
    from the bag. Inside the bag was a Barbie doll that looked just like me. “Oh my gosh! This is
    so cute! I love it! Thank you Sammy!” I hugged her and placed the Barbie back into the bag along
    with the card. Sammy decided to give Demitri and I alone time, so she went upstairs to
    change. “Demitri, where is my present?” I gave him the puppy dog eyes.

    He rolled his green eyes, smiled, and stood up. He walked over to the pile of my presents
    from everyone else and picked up two bags and a small box. “Open the small box last.” He handed
    me the two bags first and then the box. I found the card first and read it. It was such a cute
    and sappy card. I opened up the first bag and inside was a picture frame. The picture frame held
    a picture of Demitri and me at the train station.

    “Aw, this is adorable. Man, I can’t believe that was the first day of school. It seems like
    forever ago.” I said. I put the picture frame back into the bag and then opened the next bag,
    which was bigger than the other. In the bag was a basket full of my favorite candy, DVD’s, a mix
    CD, a stuffed animal bear from Build-A-Bear that was dressed in a birthday outfit, a box of
    Scooby Doo Band-Aids, microwavable popcorn, hot chocolate mix, and several different colors of
    nail polish. “I love it! How did you know my favorite DVD’s, candy, and hot chocolate mix? Let
    alone that I love Scooby Doo Band-Aids?”

    “I pay attention to the little things.” Demitri shrugged. I smiled and put the basket down on
    the floor and opened the small box that was sitting on my lap. Inside the box was a silver
    ring that had my birthstone, tourmaline, set all around the ring.

    My jaw dropped in shock. It was the prettiest ring I have ever seen. Demitri took it out of
    the small box, took my right hand, and slid it on my fourth finger. I held up my hand and admired
    it from different angles. “Demitri, I love it. I can not believe you bought me this. It is
    stunning.” I said and kissed Demitri.

    “I am so relieved that you like all of it.” Demitri said after the kiss.

    “I don’t like it, I love it. Thank you so much. I never thought I would be in such an amazing
    relationship with a guy. And I am so grateful that I met you.” I spilled my heart out.

    “Your welcome. And I am as equally grateful that I met, let alone saw, you at Madam Rose’s.”
    Demitri laughed.

    “Oh my gosh, when I first saw you, I was like damnnnn, I needed to meet this boy.” I blushed
    and giggled.

    “And I felt that same about you.” Demitri spilled.

    “I love you.” I smiled.

    Demitri smiled back. “I love you too.” And he kissed me. Then I heard my parents voices in the
    hallway. I pulled back right before my parents walked in.

    “Emerald! We have one thing to show you outside!” My mother said. She called Sammy down to witness
    what I was going to receive. Demitri, Sammy, my parents, and I headed out the door. Then I saw
    a yellow Volkswagen Bug sitting in the driveway with a big pink bow on top. I literally squealed
    and ran down to my new car.

    “Is this for real?!” I asked.

    “Yes it is. Happy birthday honey.” My father said and hugged me. “Tomorrow, we will take you to
    get your license.”

    My brows furrowed. “They have a DMV here?”

    “No, no, no. We are going into Salem to get it.” My mother said. I nodded and my father handed
    me my keys to my brand new car. I opened the door and got in. And let me tell you, I looked
    pretty damn adorable in my new car. My mom started taking pictures. I sighed and rolled my
    eyes. “Why don’t you go and take your new car and park it into the garage?” My mother said.
    I nodded and started up my car. I put the car into drive and drove around to the side of the
    house that the garage was on. I pressed the garage opener button that was on the visor thing
    and waited for the garage to open. I pulled into the garage, next to the family SUV. I shifted
    into park and then got out of the car. I locked my car for safe keeping. I took one look outside
    and saw a pair of red eyes staring at me behind the gate. My eyes widened and I quickly pressed
    the garage opener to close the garage and went inside the house. I ran into my house, and I
    literally meant ran, until I accidentally ran into Demitri.

    “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry.” I exhaled.

    “Are you okay? You are acting like you just saw a ghost.” Demitri held my hands.

    “Not a ghost, but red eyes staring at me.” I shivered.

    Demitri shook his head. “Shit.” He said under his breath and pulled me into his arms. I couldn’t
    believe that the vampire has found where I lived. Well, I guess he could have found out from
    the people who live here, but how did he know who I was? It was dark when he saw me. That is
    what puzzled me the most.

    Demitri’s older brother came to pick Demitri up to leave. I said goodbye and I thanked him for
    one of the best birthdays ever. We kissed goodnight and I made sure he got into the car safely.
    I closed the front door and locked it. Sammy went back up to my room after I put my car away to
    go and change. I walked into the kitchen to see my parents sitting at the island. “Mom, dad,” I
    said, “thank you so much for tonight. It was the best birthday I have ever had. I just wanted
    to say that and goodnight and I love you both so much.”

    “Your welcome. And we both love you too. Also, we are glad you had a great birthday. Goodnight
    and sleep in. You have had a long day and night.” My mom said and kissed me on the forehead. I
    hugged her and my dad and then went upstairs to my room. Sammy was sitting on the couch, watching
    TV in her PJs.

    “Well, tonight was a success.” Sammy smiled.

    “It most certainly was.” I grinned back. I walked into my closet, slipped out of my dress, and
    put on some sweats, sports bra, and t-shirt. I hung my dress up next to my other dress and then
    walked out of my closet. “So, tomorrow morning, I guess I mean this morning, wanna help me open
    all my presents?”

    “Sure! But for now, let’s get some sleep.” Sammy said. And I couldn’t agree more.

    Chapter 13;

    The next morning I woke up with a sore body. My legs killed from dancing so much, my arms hurt
    from hugging everyone, and my mouth ached from smiling so much. But today was the day I was going
    to get my license. Thank God. I have been dreaming about this day since I was ten. I looked in
    the little mirror on my side table and I actually looked decent. My hair was still in place from
    my party because of all the freeze hairspray my hair stylist used. I would have to fix my makeup
    though, but that was an easy fix. I climbed out of my bed while Sammy was still sleeping. I
    guess she heard-slash-felt me get out of my bed because she then woke up. “Morning.” I said.

    “Morning. What time is it?” Sammy asked.

    I glanced at the digital clock on my side table. “It is 12:15 in the afternoon.”

    Sammy got off my bed. “Can we please get some coffee and lunch?”

    “What if we got coffee and then after I get my license, we go out to lunch?” I offered.

    “Fine by me. I just really need some coffee.” Sammy said and stretched out her arms. I went into
    my bathroom to fix my makeup, which took about five minutes, and then changed into boot cut
    jeans, a black v-neck t-shirt, purple Juicy Couture track jacket, and gray moccasins. Sammy was
    already changed into yoga pants, long sleeved shirt, and Uggs. She threw her hair into a messy
    bun and just put on some makeup. I grabbed my phone and purse and headed out my bedroom door
    with Sammy. We went downstairs to see the haunted house from my party already gone. The doors
    to the ballroom were opened. I peaked in and saw that the ballroom was back to its normal room.
    It somewhat saddened me, but I just wanted some coffee. We entered the kitchen and saw my parents
    sitting at the island, eating breakfast.

    “Morning girls.” My mom said and handed Sammy then I each a coffee mug.

    “Morning,” I started, “so mom, dad, what time are we going to get my license?”

    My mom looked at my dad. “Do you want to go now?” My dad asked. I shook my head yes. “Well, then
    we will go. You wanna drive your car down there with your mom and I will take the SUV?” My dad
    said to me.

    “Fine by me. But how do we get the car out of here? I thought we have to go through that one wall.”
    I said since I was confused.

    My parents and Sammy laughed. “Emerald, there are other ways to get in and out of Hallows. I
    just always took you through the wall because it is just easier.” My mom said.

    “Oh. Well, then let’s go!” I said and headed to the garage. I dug my keys out of my purse and
    unlocked the car. Sammy got in the backseat, my mother in the passenger seat, and me in the
    driver’s seat. My dad got into the SUV and pulled out first. My mom told me to follow him. I
    pulled out and followed my dad down the driveway and out the gates. We went straight and through
    the Townsquare. My fellow townsfolk watched me drive in my new car, which was somewhat weird
    since I knew a lot of the teens that were there.

    I followed my dad to an alley big enough to fit two cars and he drove straight through the wall.
    My mom told me not to freak out and follow what my father did. I nodded, took a big deep breath,
    and drove through the wall. Next thing I knew, I was driving in the real world, as I would call
    it. I nodded and felt very proud of myself. “Hey mom, is that the only wall that I can drive
    through?” I asked.

    “No it is not. You can drive pretty much through any alley wall as long as you make sure you can
    get into Hallows. To do that, you just say a simple spell and then you can get in. And no Muggles
    can see you do that, which is a plus, but only if you are in an alley. Make it look as natural
    as possible.” Alice explained. I nodded and we drove in silence, except for the radio playing.
    My dad made a right hand turn into a strip mall and I followed. He pulled into a spot in front
    of the DMV. I did the same, turned off the car, and got out. I followed my parents into the DMV
    with Sammy at my side. Surprisingly, it was pretty empty. I did the necessary stuff to take the
    test and an hour later, I got my license! I did a quick happy dance with Sammy in the parking

    “So Emerald, you and Sammy are going out for lunch back in Hallows, right?” My father said as
    Sammy and I got into my car.

    “Yes dad, we are. I will be a safe and good driver. And we will be home later.” I stated. My
    father chuckled and said goodbye to us as he and my mother got into the SUV. They were going
    to spend some time in the real world to do who knows what. I started the car and took the same
    way we came from the wall back to the wall, since I knew for sure I could get into Hallows. “So
    where should we eat?” I asked as we drove through the Townsquare.

    Sammy looked at the restaurants as we slowly drove by them. “What about that little Italian
    place right there?”

    I nodded and pulled into a parking spot. We got out and I locked my car and dropped my keys
    into my bag. We entered the restaurant and asked to be seated outside, in front of the restaurant,
    where there were several tables and chair. The hostess agreed, knowing who I was, and lead us
    outside. Sammy and I ordered our drinks and an appetizer of mozzarella sticks. We talked about
    my party last night, when I saw a familiar face on the other side of the street. It was Demitri,
    walking and talking with another girl, with a big smile plastered on his face. I slipped on my
    sunglasses and advised Sammy to do the same.

    “What the hell is he doing with another girl?” I whispered to Sammy.

    “Maybe that is his sister or something? I don’t know. I never saw him as the cheating type.”
    Sammy whispered back. I looked back over to Demitri and mystery girl and let me tell you, she
    was gorgeous. She had bronzed skin, black hair with a reddish tint, and model thin. I decided
    to text Demitri to see what was up.

    Me: Hey boo(: Wanna do something right now?

    I saw him look at his phone and reply.

    Demitri: Sorry, I am busy. Maybe later?

    Me: Oh okay. Maybe. I still have to go through all my presents later, so maybe after that?

    Demitri: Alright. I got to go. I will call you later.

    I didn’t even bother to respond. I was pissed. He just blew me off, his girlfriend whom also
    had the power to ban his ass from Hallows, for another girl. I showed Sammy the conversation
    and she was also pissed. “What a jackass.” Sammy stated.

    “I just want to know who the girl is. I am so tempted to go up to them and bitch either one of
    them out. I can ban both of them if I wanted to. Nothing could stop me.” I said. Our appetizer
    arrived and I was grateful for the distraction. We also ordered our food. I saw Demitri and
    mystery girl weave in and out of stores, looking so damn happy. Then they crossed the street
    and were headed towards us. “Shit, fuck, Sammy, avert your face or something.” I whispered and
    held up my menu in front of my face. Sammy did the same. Demitri and mystery girl went into the
    restaurant we were at and the hostess showed them to their seats inside, thank God. I peered
    into the glass and saw that Demitri and the girl were looking very cozy together. I was beyond
    furious. So furious that I felt like crying. Then I got a call. It was from Demitri. Oh shit,
    I thought. I hesitated and then answered. “Hello?”

    “Hey Em. So, you know how I want you to come over for dinner at my house tonight, I was wondering
    if you wanted to come tonight?” Demitri said.

    “Oh hi. Uh, sure. That is fine with me. Do I have to dress up or anything?” My voice quivered.

    “Nah, just probably a skirt and top is fine. Babe, are you okay? You sound like you are going
    to cry.” Demitri sounded truly concerned.

    “Yeah, I am fine. Don’t worry about it.” I said, trying to steady my voice. Sammy kept giving me
    concerning glances.

    “I do not believe that you are fine. Do you want to meet me in the Townsquare? I am down here
    right now.” Demitri said.

    “I am fine, really. And no, you have fun with whatever you are doing.” I said with a little snip
    in my tone.

    Demitri sighed. “Okay, well then be at my house at 6:30. You know where my house is, right?”

    “Yeah I do. I will see you then. Bye.” I hung up. Then I looked at Sammy. “He wants me to come
    over to his house for dinner.”

    “Are you going to go?” Sammy asked. I nodded. It was the only way I could get down to the bottom
    of this mystery girl.

    Sammy and I came back home after our lunch. I was still pissed and same with Sammy. We brought
    all of my presents upstairs and decided to go through them. I was going to open the presents
    and Sammy was going to write down what I got and from whom. By the time we finished opening all
    my presents and cards, I had over $2,000 in cash and check, $1,000 worth of gift cards, and had
    so many miscellaneous items scattered around my floor. I looked at the clock and it was already
    6:00. I stood up, cracked my back, and then walked into my closet. “So Sammy, for the dinner,
    I have to look hot.” I said while leafing through my clothes. I pulled out a tight pencil skirt
    that hit right above the knees, a dark purple Oxford shirt to tuck into the skirt, and my black
    Louboutin’s. “How would this look?” I walked out and said after I changed into the outfit.

    “You look hot. Just unbutton one more button.” Sammy stated truthfully. “And add some pearls.
    That would look good.” I did what she said. I looked in the mirror and I did look good. Demitri
    was going to forget about the mystery girl when he sees me tonight.


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    Re: Anything But Ordinary [15&16 up!]

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    Chapter Fourteen;

    I got into my car and made my way over to Demitri’s house. The guards at the gate let me in and
    I drove up the long driveway. I parked in front of the double doors. His house was very nice from
    the outside. His house was big, but not as big as mine, not trying to sound cocky. I got out and
    locked my car. I walked up the several stairs leading up to the door and when I got to the door,
    I rang the doorbell. The door was opened by an old woman. “Hi, I am Esmerelda, I mean Emerald
    Hallows, Demitri’s girlfriend.” I said to the old woman. She nodded and let me in. Demitri was
    walking down the stairs with mystery girl. They were laughing and talking. Then Demitri saw me,
    standing in the foyer. I gave him a small smile.

    “Emerald! How are you, darling?” Demitri said and walked over to me.

    “I am fine. Still tired from last night. And my whole body aches from last night, also. But I am
    fine.” I said. Mystery girl stood there awkwardly when Demitri kissed me on the cheek. Right
    before Demitri pulled back from the kiss, I turned and kissed him right on the lips.

    “That was a surprise.” Demitri smiled and chuckled.

    “I missed you today. So are you going to give me the tour of your house?” I asked.

    “Oh sure.” Demitri said. “Follow me.”

    It took about twenty minutes to fully cover his house. Mystery girl didn’t come with us. We ended
    the tour of his house in the basement, which was amazing. Demitri sat on a barstool that was at
    the bar in the basement. I took off my shoes, walked over to him and placed myself in between
    his legs. I ran my fingers through his dark brown hair. He placed his hands on my waist. “I have
    to say, you look hot.” Demitri admitted.

    “Why thank you. You look just as hot yourself.” I seductively smiled. Demitri was wearing dark
    wash jeans, a charcoal gray blazer with a burgundy button down underneath.

    “How did you sleep last night? No nightmares or anything?” Demitri asked.

    “Nope. I actually slept quite peacefully. I had a good dream though.” I led on.

    Demitri raised his eyebrows. “And how did that dream go?”

    “A little like this.” I kissed him hungrily. I knotted my fingers in his hair and he pulled me

    “Do you know how much you tempt me?” Demitri said in a hushed tone in between kisses.

    “I am pretty sure I do.” I said back. Demitri moved his lips down my jaw and my neck. His lips
    lingered at my collar bone and right to the edge of where my cleavage peaked out from my Oxford
    shirt. I heard him take a deep breath, inhaling the scent of my vanilla scented perfume. It was
    a proven fact that guys loved the smell of vanilla on a girl. His lips made their way back up my
    neck and onto my lips. He pulled back.

    “Esmerelda, you drive me crazy.” Demitri smiled his sexy and seductive smile.

    “I know I do. And same goes to you.” I smiled back. Demitri slowly ran his hands up and down my
    side. Then a voice rang out from the door to the basement.

    “Demitri, Esmerelda, time for dinner.” A girls voice said.

    “Coming!” Demitri shouted. “Can we pick up where we left off later tonight?” Demitri whispered
    to me. I nodded.


    Demitri and I headed back upstairs, hand in hand and went into the dining room. His parents,
    Jackson and Patrice Sterling were sitting at the dining table with Mr. Sterling at the head
    and Mrs. Sterling to his left. “Ah Esmerelda, it is such a pleasure to see you again.” Mr.
    Sterling got up and kissed my hand lightly.

    “It is nice to see you again too, Mr. Sterling.” I smiled. “Hello, Mrs. Sterling.”

    “Hello Esmerelda.” Patrice smiled. Demitri took a seat in the chair next to his father and
    motioned for me to sit next to him. Then the troops came in. There were three girls and one boy.
    They all looked somewhat alike, yet somewhat different in their own unique ways. They all had
    the same dark brown hair and tanned skin, but different eye colors from what I could tell. And
    they were different heights.

    “Hey little bro, who is this gorgeous young lady with you this fine evening?” The boy in the
    group said.

    Demitri stood back up and so did I. “I am Esmerelda. Esmerelda Hallows to be exact.” I stated,
    cutting off Demitri whom was about to speak.

    “My, my. THEE Esmerelda Hallows?” Damon asked with a smirk.

    “Yes thee Esmerelda Hallows. But I go by Emerald.” I said.

    “Little bro, I never knew that you of all people would pick up the hottest and most powerful
    babe in all of Hallows Townsquare.” Damon picked up my hand and kissed it. I sighed impatiently.

    Then the youngest girl spoke up. “Hi, I am Daniella, Demitri’s younger sister.”

    She was freaking adorable. “Hi Daniella. Nice to meet you.” I smiled at her. She smiled back.

    “I am Destiny, Demitri’s older sister.” The oldest girl said. She hugged me.

    “Hi Destiny.” I smiled.

    Then mystery girl cleared her throat and then spoke. “And I am Annemarie. Their cousin.”

    My heart flooded with relief. Thank God, I thought to myself. “Hi Annemarie.” I said to her. We
    all sat down at the table. Stephan sat across from me, in between his mother and Mackenzie.
    Daniella took the seat next to me. Annemarie sat next to Mackenzie. Then the food appeared on
    the table. We helped ourselves to food and began eating.

    “So Emerald, Demitri has told us that you didn’t know you were a witch until you got your
    acceptance letter to Salem. Is that right?” Destiny asked.

    “Yes, that is right. I had no idea whatsoever that I was a witch. I went to a Muggle school for
    my whole life. I never thought anything of my father going on frequent business trips. But when
    I found out, it changed my life.” I shrugged.

    “You went to a Muggle school?” Damon cocked his head. “Were all the guys drooling over you?”

    “Only one, but I punched him in the face.” I smirked. “But I went out with a few guys, but never
    anything serious until now.”

    Demitri discreetly put his hand on my leg under the table. It sent a shiver up my spine. “What
    is it like, being a Muggle?” Destiny asked.

    “Not much different than being a witch, really.” I let out a little laugh. “I went to school,
    did homework, and extracurriculars. The only real difference is that I don’t see my parents’
    everyday and that I live at school now. Well and that we learn magic now.” Everyone let out a
    small laugh.

    “No magic? Even in your house?” Destiny said.

    “Nope. I always thought that magic and the supernatural existed and stuff, but I never knew that
    in my family it would. Let alone me. I have lived quite a normal and ordinary life until this
    year.” I said. We all talked the rest of dinner, except for Annemarie and Damon. Damon couldn’t
    take his eyes off me, which I found a little weird. Annemarie didn’t even look at me.

    “Emerald, what is it like being the princess?” Daniella asked me.

    I thought for a minute. “It is cool, I guess. It is still new to me, but I have a tiara. But
    since I am at school, I don’t have many royal duties or anything. My parents take care of that.”

    “Do you live in a castle?” Daniella questioned.

    I laughed. “Yes I do, actually. Which is also new to me.”

    Daniella’s eyes widened in awe. “Can I come over someday and see it?”

    “Daniella, you just don’t go asking people if you can go to their house.” Demitri said.

    “No, no. It is fine. I would love to have you over one day, Daniella.” I smiled at her. She
    smiled back. We finished dinner and then had desert and coffee and tea.

    “Why don’t you kids go down to the basement and have fun?” Jackson offered. We agreed and made
    our way down to the basement.

    “It was your party that Demitri went to last night, wasn’t it?” Destiny asked me when we got

    “Yes it was. It was my sweet 16 yesterday.” I said.

    “Well happy belated birthday.” Destiny smiled. I smiled back. Demitri plopped down on the leather
    couch and I sat down next to him. Damon sat down next to me.

    “So Miss Emerald, what drew you to my little brother?” Damon asked.

    “Well, I first saw him in the Townsquare a few days before classes started and I was instantly
    attracted. Then I accidentally ran into him a few times. He was somewhat rude to me, but I like
    a challenge. Then he came over for dinner one night with your parents. Ooh, then he also kissed
    me that night and we fell asleep on my couch. Then we headed off to school together. And after
    that, his ex-girlfriend, Candie, bitched me out over him, and the rest is history.” I shrugged
    and looked at Demitri. He kissed me lightly and that somewhat made Damon a little annoyed.

    “What an interesting story, princess.” Damon said.

    “Please, don’t call me princess.” I said with irritability in my voice. Damon shrugged and then
    got off the couch. He went back upstairs. Daniella and Destiny were occupying themselves by
    playing some XBOX 360 game on the other TV. “I think your brother has a thing for me.” I whispered.

    “I knew he would. Just don’t let him get to you.” Demitri put his arm around me. I snuggled in
    closer to the best of my ability with my tight pencil skirt on. Then Annemarie took a seat next
    to Demitri.

    “Hey Demitri. And Emerald.” Annemarie said with enthusiasm saying Demitri’s name, but monotone
    when she said mine.

    “Hi Annemarie.” I said sweetly back. “So do you go to Salem?”

    “No, I do not.” Annemarie said in the same monotone voice. I nodded and gave up trying to start
    conversation with her. Us three sat on the couch awkwardly, watching TV.

    Demitri got off the couch. “I will be right back.” And he went back upstairs. So then it was
    just Annemarie and I.

    “Let me tell you this. Demitri and I are best friends and he tells me everything. If you hurt
    him one bit, count on your face being asymmetric.” Annemarie hissed quietly to me.

    “When did I ever say I was going to hurt him? I never did. So I won’t have to worry about my
    face being asymmetric.” I hissed back.

    “Just watch yourself. You may be the princess of Hallows, but that doesn’t mean anything.”
    She hissed again.

    “Woah woah woah, there is no need to be dissing my title. I was born into this family. I don’t
    have control over being the princess.” I said defensively. Just then, Demitri came back. Thank
    the Lord. Annemarie gave me a glare and then went back upstairs. “I think your cousin hates me.”
    I said to Demitri.

    “Why would Annemarie hate you?” Demitri inquired.

    “No idea. She just told me that if I ever hurt you, my face will be asymmetrical and that me being
    princess does not mean anything.” I rolled my emerald green eyes.

    “She said that to you? I don’t see any reason for her to hate you.” Demitri said and was confused.
    I shrugged.

    “Hey Demitri,” Destiny called, “Daniella and I are going back upstairs.”

    “Alright.” Demitri shouted back. We heard Destiny and Daniella close the door to the basement
    after they left. Destiny knew what was up.

    “Alone at last.” I smiled coyly at Demitri.

    “Finally.” Demitri smiled back. I hiked up my skirt so it his right below my spankies covered
    crotch and straddled on top of Demitri’s lap, placing my arms around his neck. Demitri’s hands
    ran up and down my thighs. I leaned in to kiss Demitri. I teased Demitri by pretending to lean
    in for another kiss, but then pulling back right before our lips touched. “You are killing me,
    Em.” Demitri laughed and then flipped us over so that I was lying on the couch and he was on top
    of me. Our kisses kept getting more and more intense. This time, I shifted us so that I was on
    top of Demitri, whom was now lying down. “Do you know how much I want you, Emerald? I seriously
    want to rip your clothes off right now.” Demitri said.

    “I feel the same way about you. But feel free to explore.” I winked. Demitri raised his eyebrows.
    I nodded.

    “By the way, Emerald, happy two month.” Demitri smiled and sat us back up so that we were back in
    our original position.

    “I can’t believe it has only been two months. It feels like only two weeks that we have been
    together.” I said.

    “I love you.” Demitri said and kissed my hand.

    “I love you too.” I smiled. I unbuttoned the first few buttons of Demitri’s button down shirt
    and ran my finger down the part of exposed chest. Demitri eyed me with his eyes saying “are you
    sure you want to do stuff?” I nodded. He sighed with relief and started unbuttoning my oxford
    to reveal a red lacey pushup bra. His green eyes sparkled with appreciation. He started kissing
    my collar bone and went down my chest. His hands rested on my hips as he kept kissing my chest,
    making sure he didn’t get to close to my perky C-cups. I skillfully unbuttoned the rest of his
    button down.

    “I have an idea.” Demitri said. I looked at him with questioning eyes. “Let’s go into the guest
    bedroom down here so we would be more comfortable.”

    “Fine by me.” I agreed. Demitri lifted me up and carried me to the guest bedroom and shut the
    door quietly behind us. He placed me gently on the bed and took off his already unbuttoned shirt
    and took off his jeans so he was only in his boxers. I slipped off my skirt and my shirt, only
    to be in my bra and spankies. I did have on underwear underneath the spankies, but I didn’t want
    to give everything away just yet. Demitri looked me up and down and was definitely happy with what
    he saw. And I was happy with what I saw. Demitri was freaking ripped. He even had the sex lines
    which made me die a little inside. I used my index finger to motion for him to come over to me.
    He made his way over to me and cupped his hands around my face.

    “I love you.” He said and kissed me. He led me over to the bed and we laid down, still kissing.
    His hands made his way down my waist and to the edge of my spankies. The tips of his fingers slid
    inside my spankies and he just left them there. I could tell he was happier by his little, or
    not so little in this case, friend getting harder and harder. “Do you want to…” Demitri trailed

    I thought for a minute. “Not all the way tonight because your family is home. And I don’t want
    them hearing any inappropriate sounds coming for either one of us.” I giggled.

    “That is fine by me.” Demitri smiled. “Then what do you want to do?”

    “Cuddle.” I blurted out and then blushed.

    “You are just so cute.” Demitri said and kissed the tip of my nose. He shifted us so that we
    were spooning.

    “This is really nice.” I said quietly and snuggled closer to Demitri.

    “So when do you want to do it?” Demitri asked.

    “I really have no idea. My theory is that it just happens when the time is right.” I replied.

    “So should we do more of this more often then?” Demitri laughed.

    “I like that idea.” I laughed with him. After lying with Demitri for about ten more minutes,
    I said, “Well, I think we should get back to your family now. They are probably wondering what
    happened to us.”

    “I guess so. But they shouldn’t be surprise with me being alone with you. They already dealt
    with the same thing with Destiny and Damon. As long as we are safe, they don’t give much thought
    to it.” Demitri said.

    “Really? My parents would probably freak out. But I dunno for sure since I haven’t really had
    serious relationships other than you.” I said and sat up, looking at Demitri.

    “We will figure that out eventually.” Demitri winked. “One last kiss in this nice warm bed,

    I gave in and gave him a sweet kiss. “Come on.” I said and got out of the bed. I put my Oxford
    shirt back on and then tucked it into my skirt. I looked into the mirror that was above the
    dresser and smoothed out my hair. Demitri got dressed, fixed the bed, opened the door, and we
    left the guest bedroom. Damon was lounging on the couch and his eyes were on me as I exited the
    guest bedroom with Demitri behind me.

    “Well, well, look what we have here. Mr. Perfect Little Brother Demitri and Princess Esmerelda
    coming out of a bedroom together. I wonder what went down.” Damon smirked and cocked his head.

    “Nothing went down besides some making out and cuddling. So don’t get your hopes up.” I snapped

    “Calm down Miss Priss. I never said what exactly went down but now I do know.” Damon chuckled
    to himself.

    “Damon, shut up.” Demitri said and took my hand and led me upstairs. His parents, Destiny, and
    Daniella were sitting in the family room watching TV.

    “Welcome back.” Jackson gave Demitri a smile meaning “I hope you got it in”. Demitri shook his
    head no and laughed. Demitri sat on the floor with his back against the leg of the couch. He
    brought his knees up to his chest and spread his legs slightly apart for me to sit and lean
    back against him. I leaned against him and watched TV with his family. When I looked at the
    clock, it was already ten at night.

    I stood up and held out my hand for Demitri to take to help him stand up. “I got to go. Thank
    you so much for dinner and desert Mr. and Mrs. Sterling. It was nice to see you two again.” I
    said to Demitri’s parents.

    “You are very welcome, Emerald. You are welcome over anytime. And it was nice to see you again
    too.” Mr. Sterling said to me. Mrs. Sterling smiled at me. I smiled back.

    “Bye Destiny and Daniella. Just call me whenever you guys want to come over and see my house.”
    I said and grinned.

    “Will do.” Destiny and Daniella said in unison.

    “Bye everyone.” I said and headed towards the front door. Demitri was behind me. I slipped my
    heels back on. “Thank you for having me over hun. It was nice.”

    “Your welcome. Do you have any plans tomorrow?” Demitri asked.

    “I don’t think so. My parents are going out and I think Sammy is going to see Michael tomorrow
    night. Do you want to come over and have some fun?” I winked.

    “Of course.” Demitri said. “Just call me tomorrow afternoon, alright?”

    “I will.” I said and opened the front door. I went outside and it got significantly colder out
    than it had been earlier. Demitri followed me out. “Why are you out here?” I asked.

    “To walk you to your car.” Demitri said as if I should have known. I fished in my bag for my
    keys and unlocked the car door. Before I got in, Demitri and I kissed for the hundredth time
    that day. “I love you and get home safe. Don’t get out of your car until you get home.”

    “I love you too. And I won’t. But what if someone is getting hurt by the vampire dude?” I

    “Then call me. And I will be over as soon as possible.” Demitri pleaded. I nodded. “Goodnight.”
    We said in unison. I got into my car, started it up, and then left Demitri’s house. I was on my
    way home when I noticed a car following behind me. I flipped on my blinker to see if they did the
    same thing and they did. I turned off the blinker and so did they. I stopped at a red stoplight
    and got out my phone. I dialed in Demitri’s number and pressed call.

    “Demitri, a car is following me. What should I do?” I said, panicking when Demitri answered the

    “A car is following you? What kind of car?” Demitri inquired.

    “It is a silver crossover of some sort.” I said.

    “Just go straight home. The guards have to let you in anyways and they won’t let in an
    unidentifiable car, right?” Demitri said.

    “Alright. Will you please stay on the phone with me?” I said.

    “Yes I will. Just don’t take any detours or anything. Go straight home. How far are you from
    your house?” Demitri said.

    I studied the distance outside the windshield. “About two or three minutes.”

    I heard Demitri sigh a sigh of relief. “Okay, good. Just stay calm baby.” I glanced in my
    rearview mirror and saw that the car was still following me. The gates to the castle were
    right ahead. The only ways to go were left, right, straight, or turn around. The guards saw my
    car come up the driveway and opened the gate. I stopped at the guard booth.

    “Don’t let this car in behind me. Please don’t.” I pleaded and drove up the rest of the driveway.
    I saw the car that was following make a right handed turn and kept going. I knew he or she would
    be back. I said to Demitri, “He or she stopped following me as I got to the gate of my house.
    Thank you for staying on the phone with me.”

    “Your welcome. Sleep tight and I love you.” Demitri said.

    “I love you too.” I said and then hung up.


    After pulling into the garage, I went into the house. The house was quiet but some of the lights
    were still left on like always. I took off my shoes and fast walked up to my room. Sammy was
    sitting on the couch, reading a magazine and watching E! News. “Hey girl.” She said, looking up
    from Seventeen magazine.

    “Hey.” I sighed and sat down on the other end of my couch.

    “How was your night with Demitri’s family?” Sammy asked.

    “It was good. I found out whom mystery girl is though!” I said.

    Sammy placed down the magazine. “Who?”

    “She is Demitri’s cousin. And she hates me already. I did nothing to her. She told me if I hurt
    Demitri, then my face will be asymmetrical and that me being princess means nothing.” I rolled
    my eyes.

    “Whatta bitch. So how was meeting the rest of his family?” Sammy said.

    “It was nice. His sisters love me and so does his brother. Like his brother has a thing for me.
    It is weird, but whatever.” I shrugged. “Oh, but some stuff did go down between Demitri and I.”

    Sammy’s eyes widened. “Like what?”

    “We kind of fooled around. We both ended up in our underwear and me also in my bra. We made out,
    a lot, and we spooned. And we were going to do it, but I found it a little weird that we were in
    the house with his family.” I gushed.

    “NO WAY!” Sammy’s jaw dropped. “You guys were going to do it? Like it it?”

    “No, we were going to bake a cake. Yes we were going to do it it. But instead, I was thinking,
    Demitri turns 16 tomorrow, so maybe that will be part of his presents from me. But I am not sure
    yet. And he is coming over tomorrow night anyways. Aren’t you going over to Michael’s anyways?”
    I said.

    “Oh damn girl. I am pretty sure he would love that gift. And yeah I am.” Sammy replied.

    “I know he would. Okay, good. My parents are going out tomorrow night. I have a feeling tomorrow
    night is going to be a good night.” I smiled.

    “What are you going to wear?” Sammy asked.

    “I was thinking this cute bra and panty set from Victoria’s Secret I have and wear one of my
    many silk robes when he gets here.” I said.

    “Ooh la la.” Sammy giggled. “Just make sure to shave.”

    I lightly punched her in the arm. “Let’s go to bed.”


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