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    Paige Wingsley was a girl who thought. She thought of things no one has proably ever thought of, or would ever want to. She has thought about kissing the moon, joinging Alice in Wonderland, and flying around Pluto. But her favourite thing to ponder her thoughts twords was the Goddess and Gods in Greek Mythology.
    Maybe that's why she was chosen.

    In London England, there is a private school, Marcellette Boarding School. As you enter the school you'll see the front gates, once you arrive to a river, you take a ferri to an island, after that, take a stroll threw a path, and then, you'll reach the grand entrance.
    This is the path Ms. Wingsely took on her first journey to Marcellette.
    She was accepted five months ago, at first, seeing the vibrantly described school in the brochure she was exsatic, and then she thought. I never put in an application, but that thought came late after her mother sent in the tution.

    The ferry pulled upto the forest. My stomach turned in a full threesixty, I couldn't see a trail- or a school. The worse thing was, there was only one other person on my Ferri. I couldn't talk to the boy, I'm usually good at talking, but I don't think I'll ever have the chance to, he has had a book in his hand since I first saw him.
    He was good looking though, if no one else interested me, I could see myself finding company in him
    No one usually interests me. Not unless they carry around an owl on their shoulder, or always dress in ball gowns.
    It hit me a few months ago that I'm out of the norm. I can't see anything normal about me when I look in the mirror. I see that I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, so blue that it scares me, and pale skin. But those are on the outside of me, I'm out of the norm on the inside.
    I carry around a mouse in the side pocket of my trench coat. Both never leave my side. The trench coat is beige, it's strucred, but the best thing is that it's long enough to cover my bottom, but not long enough to make me seem more like a freak.
    I love my jacket. The mouse is someone I rescued from a cat.
    Another factor out of the norm I have is that I believe living things speak to me, metaphorcally that is, I'm not crazy.
    Plants are interesting ,the trees, who have been alive for hundreds of years have great tales. If only I could hear their wisdom.
    The boy jerked his head up to me. He stared right into my eyes. It was the first time I noticed this, but his eyes were bright green, and wide. They looked like the Mad Hatter. I couldn't look away, something about them made me not think. It was a feeling I've never had.
    He smiled, half of his teeth showed, as one side of her lip mouth up twords her eyes. I realized he was smiling at me, and smiled back.
    "Hello." I breathed.
    "Hello." He just happened to have an english accent. I jumped inside, he interested me at the first hello.
    "I'm Paige."
    "My name is Daniel." He looked like a Daniel, I don't look like a paige.
    "Is your book any good?" I asked, trying not to break our eye focus. I realzied then I was standing and he was sitting, it seemed awkard. So i sat next to him, no breaking away from his eyes.
    "It's interesting" my favourite word outtered from him lips made me break my focus. I felt like someone I've never been before, my thoughts came back, but the feeling stayed.
    I felt as if I was on top of the world. Looking down upon myself, I was aware of my hand on his knee. When did that get there? I moved it off.
    I wanted back to the silence in my head, but instead, he wasn't looking at me anymore, he was looking at my mouse.
    The white mouse crawled out of my pocket, and went onto Daniel.
    "Who's this?" He wondered, but the crazy thing was, as he met my eyes again, Daniel didn't seem weirded out as most people do.
    "Saitalian," I said.
    He just smiled, suddenly the horn of the Ferri blew, and we apparoach a dock at the shore, breaking our glance.

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