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    RV Dedication:: CALLING ALL WRITERS.

    Post by Steph<3 on Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:24 pm

    We have hopes, dreams, wishes, goals. We want our wildest dreams to come true.
    And I know I want all of you to be their with me.

    Which is why Madi and I are creating a collection of one-shots.
    These one-shots are future glimpses into our lives.
    They can be realistic, they can be far-fetched.
    Want to put us all in Hogwarts? Go right ahead.
    The choice is up to you.

    You can feature as many members as you'd like, or none at all, if you want to stick to yourself.
    This is your story. You call the shots here.

    If you want inspiration, check out The Mirror Of Erised, by Madi.
    You can also look down below, click on the link, and see my one-shot as well.

    Post them directly to this page, and I will edit the directory, linking every member that clicks, directly to your post.

    There are a few rules though, to keep this fun and fabulous.
    001. Proper grammar and spelling. Sarah, if she is willing, had permission to edit any grammatical mistakes. Claire also has permisson.
    This is to keep everything nice and neat.

    002. TITLES. Please give your one-shot a title. I'll put the title next to your name in the directory.

    003. No bashing members, or killing anyone off. Happy thoughts guys!

    004. Have fun with it.

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    Re: RV Dedication:: CALLING ALL WRITERS.

    Post by Steph<3 on Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:25 pm

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    Re: RV Dedication:: CALLING ALL WRITERS.

    Post by Steph<3 on Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:30 pm

    Dreams Come True

    I glanced at the clock next to my bed, then, glanced at the figure next to me. A red headed celebrity had weaseled his way into my life with his charm and British accent. He found his way into my bed too, but that part we can leave out for now. All I knew is, I was famous, I was engaged to Rupert Grint, and my best friends were with me through it all. “Good morning,” I whispered, shaking his shoulder a bit to rouse the lump I called my fiancé.

    The next thing I knew, I was dressing in a blur, throwing clothes on in an effort to be somewhat on time to meet Amber for coffee before we ran off to set together. Amber and I had been best friends for years. She witnessed me in my most bizarre, emotional, and joyous times, and I was pretty lucky to have her. She was there when I received the first of many Oscars. She was there when all of my friends received their Tony awards for being the talented loves that they are. She was there for all the biggest moments in my life, and I was there for her as well. Not quite sisters, but close enough.

    “I’ll see you later,” I murmured, kissing Rupert a bit soundly on the mouth, then grabbed my bag and keys and walked out the door. Being in Manhattan had its advantages. Walking was one of them.

    . . . . .

    “I haven’t seen you in what feels like forever!” Amber laughed as we finally settled in for coffee.

    “I know! I promised Marianne I’d go see her and Madi in that new musical, but I can’t find the time. Anyway, enough about me! Tell me about you. We have a good few weeks of catching up to do, yes?” I said, throwing my hair back with a bit of a laugh.

    “Well…” She showed me her left hand. Sure enough, Amber has gotten engaged in the time period we spent not glued to each other’s side. “Nicholas proposed!” she whisper-screamed.

    “Oh my god! Congrats!” I hugged her, almost knocking over my coffee, which would have spilled on the cover of this week’s shocking People magazine. Stef was at it again, trying to plant lies about this possible break up of Amber and Nicholas, which was now impossible. Did you see the ring? And then there was her “The Life And Lies Of Hollywood” book, featuring a bunch of blabber on Amber, myself, Kate, Julia, and some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, or Manhattan in our case.

    “I’m so excited!” She laughed.

    “We should get going if we want to surprise Marianne and Madi before we head off to set.”

    Madi and Marianne were staring in a new musical, but this was hardly any musical. It was a live-action show. Similar to Glee, but realer than ever. They were the talk of the Broadway world, up for multiple Tony awards. They were simply fabulous. Our two other friends, Lee and Steph, were also guest staring on the show, when they had the time, of course. They were off doing a revival of “Next To Normal,” and “Spring Awakening.” Safe to say, all off our friends that wanted to be on Broadway, got there safe.

    “Madi! Lee!” I felt like a little child running towards them, but I could hardly contain my excitement. They looked so different after their magical adventure through hair and make-up. But they still looked like themselves, with wide eyes and massive smiles.

    “I can’t believe you’re here! Marianne and Steph weren’t expecting either of you two to make it here before your call time, so they went to hair and make-up, but I’m sure they’ll be back in- MARIANNE, OVER HERE!” Lee screamed across the set, catching Marianne’s attention immediately. She ran over too, followed by a transformed Steph, who was now out of her usual jeans and t-shirt ensemble, and into a fresh pencil skirt and purple silk blouse.

    “We can’t stay long, but at least we got to see you!” Amber chuckled, after a round of hugs.

    “Attention: We need the cast and crew on set in five minutes! I repeat five minutes!”

    “Aweh shit, we have to go,” Madi sighed sadly. We exchanged goodbyes quickly, the hightailed it out of there so we weren’t in the way.

    . . . . .

    I was excited, considering we haven’t been on set in a few weeks. Amber and I were the stars of a Gossip -Girl-styled show called “Empire State Of Mind.” To be honest, it was nice being on a show like this one. We were 23 year olds playing highschool seniors. And we had some of the highest ratings this season.

    I loved being on set. I was like Rupert when he was working on Harry Potter. I’m a kid in a candy store, loving every second of acting. Even though Amber claimed she had no acting skills, our audience loved her. Her character was deep, it made her fans think a bit. My character was a typical bitch, which gave versatility to the show.

    "Steph, sweetheart, get over to hair and make-up! You have 20 minutes! Go!" Addie screamed at me. After making it in Hollywood, Addie decided to try her hand at set managing. She was great at it, and she was slowly becoming the more desired set manager in Manhattan. Allie, after giving up managing, switched to make-up. She was insanely talented with a make-up brush. Cat, with her fiery red hair, was our hair stylist. Hell, with hair like hers, I couldn't see her doing anything else. She was fabulous.

    Alex, the only guy on RV, ended up becoming famous too. How and why, I don't know, but the public seemed to love him. Hell, girls were throwing themselves at him. Delia was one of our on-set coordinators. Basically saying, she planned our entire lives while we were on set. Some of us were grateful, but others overlooked her. Amber and I had our own assistants, so Delia wasn't needed in our case.

    "Amber! I'll see you on set in five!" I called to her, before being dragged away by an impatient Addie.

    Sitting in the make-up chair, I thought of the other girls that went far.

    Tibby took her soccer dreams to the big leagues. She created a girls only team that plays against guys. Shocking, I know, but brilliant. She was the best in the league, and she knew it too. Claire married Tom Felton a little under a year ago, and now she’s enjoying married life. I heard she’s in talks for a day-time talk show, but Amber would know more than I would. Cam and Braelyn started a teen magazine, and Morgayne created a teen empire. It’s safe to say, we all went far after RV. Farther than we all thought.

    Leslie was releasing her first album next month, while Betsy was going to dance in her new music video for “Nobody Owns Me.” Erika and Kelsea were cheering for the Dallas Cowboys, and they were surely the object of most men’s desires. The other Kelsey was guest-starring on “Empire State Of Mind.” If all went well, she’d be on the show for good. Last I heard, her relationship with Ed was going great.

    Sarah was finally going to release her novel, and I knew for a fact Amber and I would be the first in line to buy it. I heard through the grape vine Kelsie was releasing a novel too, and her wedding to Ian was in a few weeks time. That reminds me, I need to call her later.

    "All right, Steph. You're ready to go. I must say, Kaitlyn looks better today than she ever has before," Cat laughed, taking a crack at Kaitlyn, my character. Kaitlyn was notorious for her bitchy ways, and you could see some of it seep through into her looks. With blazing red locks-a wig, thanks to Cat- I agreed with her. Kaitlyn looked amazing today.

    “AMBER. STEPH. SET. NOW.” Addie came barging into Hair and Make-Up looking a mess. Her mic was screaming into her ear, no doubt. Commands and orders were making the girl’s poor head spin. “Addie, chill, Amber and I were making our way there with Kelsey right now. Relax a bit.” I hugged her slightly, which was something that was completely unheard of, but we loved her. She kept the show going. Without her, we’d all be back in little Podunk towns in our home states.

    “C’mon Kelsey!” I laughed, dragging her from her chair.

    And then we were off to set, to film another episode of “Empire State Of Mind.” This episode involves Kaitlyn telling Garrett [portrayed by the talented Daniel Radcliffe] that she can no longer see him. Then, Felicity [Kelsey] ends up sleeping with Garrett to ease his pain. While all of this drama is going on, Maria [Amber] is carrying on her secret relationship with Marcus [the lovely Jared Padalecki] causing everyone to become suspicious. At the end of the episode, Kaitlyn tells Garrett she wants him back, but he refuses because of his guilt for sleeping with Felicity. The screen goes dark with Kaitlyn crying to Maria, and Maria still keeping her forbidden love, a very forbidden secret. You have to give our writers credit, they give us enough drama for a normal teenager’s senior year of highschool, and we do it all in an hour.

    . . . . .

    It only took us a few hours. We have a knack for being one takes, nailing it on the first shot. Okay, we weren’t always first takes, but close enough. And every now and again there was a few wardrobe malfunctions, so we called Zoe in to give us her professional opinion. Zoe split her time evenly between styling celebrities with her hipster looks, and being one of the hottest stars to ever hit Broadway. Three Tony Awards, and she still hasn’t stopped. The beauty of fame, I suppose.
    We were done on set a few hours later. We had to scrape our make-up off with a butter knife, and get our scripts for the upcoming episodes, but as much as we complained, we loved our job.

    “Steph, are we meeting Claire and Tom for supper? I bet Rupert would like seeing Tom again, and you know Nicholas loves getting together with them,” Amber already had her phone out, dialing numbers, so there was no way I could say no even if I wanted to.

    “If they want to, then sure. I’d say we could invite everyone, but we’d rent out ‘Dusk’ to fit everyone.”

    Dusk was one of the hottest clubs in Manhattan. You didn’t get in unless you had connections, or you were famous. That was just the way it was.

    “Maybe for your 24th. That would me pretty amazing, now that you mention it,” she laughed.

    We arrived at my apartment a few minutes later. Nicholas had hung out with Rupert all day, so we were only waiting on Claire and Tom. One step ahead of Amber, I got out my phone and called Claire.

    “Claire!” I greeted her happily. Funny enough, I hadn’t spoken to her in a while.

    “Hey Steph!” She was equally as happy.

    “How would you and Tom feel about coming over for a little get-together tonight? Amber and Nicholas are going to be there, and obviously Rupert and I will be there too,” I laughed. It was typical of me, wasting little time getting to the point.

    “Of course we do! But can Sarah come too? I think it’d be cool to have us all together again. Especially since the guys haven’t seen each other in forever. They love getting together. Hang on- Yes Tom! Yeah, it’s Steph. She wants us to come over! Hurry up and get ready! And call Joseph, and tell him that he and Sarah are coming too- sorry about that. We’ll be over soon. Bye!” She laughed before hanging up.

    “Looks like we have two more joining us tonight. Sarah and Joseph are coming along with Claire and Tom. We better get up there and call for food.” I smiled at the doorman, glanced at Amber, and made a mad dash for the elevator.

    . . . . .

    “Oh my god! I almost forgot what we were like all together,” Tom laughed.

    Over the course of an hour, we had laughed, cried, screamed, and had a good time together. It was surreal, having all of us together. Claire, Tom, Amber, Nicholas, Sarah, Joseph, Rupert, and I, all in one room.

    “I missed you guys so, so much. I think this should be a weekly affair.” I actually meant it. It was great to have friends that you cared about, and friends that cared about you. That was a hard thing to come by, in the business we were in. It reminded me of the adult sex industry. You never knew who your friends were. And your costars and coworkers are not your friends. They are simply there to get a job done. I was lucky enough to have a group of friends that I worked with. “Empire State Of Mind” was by far and away the happiest set.

    “I’m going to propose a toast. To us, and our amazing friendship. Our amazing, yet slightly dysfunctional friendship.” Sarah raised her glass, and we followed in suit.

    “I love you guys,” Amber laughed.

    If I had to be honest, I’d tell you this was just like a dream… a very vivid dream…

    . . . . .

    I glanced at the clock next to my bed, then, glanced at the figure next to me. A red headed celebrity had weaseled his way into my life with his charm and British accent.

    It was the best kind of dream.

    It came true.

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    Re: RV Dedication:: CALLING ALL WRITERS.

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    ooohh cuuute!
    love it steph!

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    Re: RV Dedication:: CALLING ALL WRITERS.

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    I LOVE IT!
    Oh Ed and I<33


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    Re: RV Dedication:: CALLING ALL WRITERS.

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    Don't Worry, Be Happy.

    May 22nd, 2013.

    High school was over. I just graduated. Mixed emotions flooded through me. I was estatic that I was
    the day I was wishing for since the first day of freshman year was here, yet on the other hand, I
    was a mess. Tears rolled down my bright pink cheeks. I dried my tears and smiled for pictures with
    my friends, whom were also crying. My parents found me in the sea of hundreds of parents and recent
    graduates. My mom and stepdad were both crying. My siblings were following behind. My sister, Emalee,
    gave me the biggest hug. Her baby step-sister just graduated high school. My parents handed me a
    boquet of pink carnations. My mother motioned for my siblings and I to take a group picture. I just
    couldn't believe it. I was no longer a student at my high school. My three best friends found me and
    we just bawled. We were best friends since freshman year. We have been through everything. Baking
    parties, heartbreaks, millions of sleepovers, and I one of my biggest fears is that things are
    going to change. We are all going to different schools. Nothing would be the same anymore. No more
    crazy choir classes or Disney World trips. I just couldn't believe this was happening.

    September 3rd, 2013.

    First day of college. I was a freshman at Southern Illinois University. My parents made me stay in-
    state, so this was the farthest I could go and stay in Illinois. I found my first class perfectly.
    The previous days before, I walked my schedules for each day over and over again. I know I looked
    somewhat like a loser, but at least I knew where I was going. I wasn't paying attention of where
    I was going and the next thing I knew is that I was laying on the ground. "Oh shit. I am so sorry!"
    A guys voice said. I opened my eyes and looked up. I saw the most handsome guy I have ever seen,
    holding out his hand to help me up. I took his hand and he pulled me to my feet. "Are you okay?"
    He asked.

    "Yeah, I am fine." I said while brushing grass off of me.

    "Okay, good. I am Dimitri." He said.

    "I'm Kelsey. Nice to meet you, even if it was in an inconvient way." I said and then laughed.

    "Very true. Nice to meet you too, Kelsey." Dimitri said. "Are you a freshman here?"

    I nodded. "Is it that obvious?"

    "Nah. You seem like you know where you are going and what you are doing. So I just guessed." He
    smiled. I think I died at the site of his smile. He had perfect, straight, and gleaming white teeth
    that stood out from his true Italian tan.

    I smiled back. "Ah, okay. Are you a freshman here?"

    "Yeah I am. What are you majoring in?" Dimitri asked.

    "Criminology. What about you?" I replied.

    "I am majoring in criminology too. Weird." He laughed. I laughed too. "So what high school did you
    go to?" He asked.

    I told him what high school I went to and he told me his. Turned out, we didn't live that far from
    eachother. We talked and then departed for our classes, but right before that, I wrote down my cell
    phone number on his hand.

    April 16th, 2019.

    I couldn't belive it was my wedding day. I was actually getting married. I have dreamed of this day
    so many times. I was pacing back and forth in my three inch heels. My bridesmaids were gushing on
    how gorgeous I looked and that they would never forget this moment. My stepdad knocked on the door.
    "You ready Kels?" He asked as he came in. I nodded and smiled. My bridesmaids filed out before me.
    I followed them with my stepdad behind me. Then I heard the Wedding March start. My bridesmaids
    made their way down the aisle. Before I knew it, my stepdad and I linked arms and made our entrance.
    Everyone stared at me either with a smile on their face or tears streaming down their cheeks. I
    looked at my fiance, whom was standing there, speechless. As we made it to the alter, I saw my mom
    and my three grandmas crying. I tear escaped but I quickly wiped it away. I smiled at them. My
    stepdad released me to my fiance.

    I looked up at Dimitri, remembering the first day I met him back in freshman year of college. Ever
    since that day, we talked, hung out, and eventually started dating. We dated all throughout
    college and after that. He proposed to me at my college graduation party, in front of mine and his
    whole family. I obviously said yes. We decided to get married on April 16th, which was today. We
    chose this date because it was the day my mom and biological father got married. We had a
    traditional Catholic wedding with some Italian flair, since we were both Catholic and Italian. An
    hour later, the ceremony was over. It went by so fast. Then we took pictures. Tons and tons of
    pictures. My face hurt so badly from smiling so much. My mother, stepfather, and grandmas all had
    to fight back their tears of me finally married. I knew my father was watching over me from Heaven,
    and I knew that he was happy for me. My sisters and even my brother were crying. I couldn't help
    but cry too.

    October 16th, 2020.

    I placed my hands on my extremely large, pregnant belly. It was two in the morning and I couldn't
    fall asleep. Then I thought I peed myself. "Honey," I said urgently to the sleeping Dimitri. He
    stirred and then finally realized I was tapping him repeatedly on the arm.

    "What?" He murmured.

    "My water just broke." I said.

    He jumped out of bed and grabbed his cellphone and called the hospital. My wife just went into
    labor. We will be over shortly." He barked into his phone.

    I smiled at him. "Babe, breathe. I am very calm and I feel good." I got out of bed slowly and stood
    up. I was still leaking. "Ew gross." I said under my breath. Dimitri grabbed my bag for the hospital,
    my cell phone, and threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt over his naked chest and boxers. I
    decided to just leave on my sweats and sports bra, not caring on how I look to give birth. I only
    put on a jacket because the Boston weather in October was getting chilly. Dimitri took my hand and
    lead me out of our two story house in a Boston suburb. We moved out to Boston shortly after our
    wedding since we both wanted to live there. Our parents, siblings, and grandparents were all staying
    in a neary by hotel since I didn't want our families all living in our house at the same time.
    Dimitri helped my into his SUV and we rushed off to the hospital. On the way there, I called my
    mom, telling her I was in labor. She flipped a shit and said she would be there with the family
    right away. Then I called Dimitri's mom, telling her the same thing and she also flipped out and
    would rush over with everyone right away.

    We arrived to the hospital and there was nurse with a wheelchair waiting for us outside. The nurse,
    Rhonda, and Dimitri helped me into the wheelchair and whisked me away to my room. I changed into
    a hospital gown and made myself comfortable in the hospital bed. I was very calm and relaxed.
    Demitri periodically video taped and took pictures of me. "Mrs. Grimaldi, you have some vistitors."
    Rhonda announced.

    "Send them in." I said. Then the troops came in. My parents, my two sister, my brother, and my
    three grandmans, followed by Dimitri's parents, his two younger sisters, his older brother, and
    all his grandparents. Let's just say it was a full house in that tiny room. Everyone was so excited.
    Then I felt the pain kick in. The nurse told me it was time to push. My eyes widened. I held out
    my hand for Dimitri to grab. "Darryl, film this with Dimitri's video camera." I said to my younger
    sister whom was now 22. She pressed record and started filming. I got to admit, it was somewhat
    awkward having everybody in the room, but I would feel bad if I kicked them out. So I just let them
    all stay. My doctor came in and got situated. She told me to push. I pushed several times and then
    then there was crying filling the room.

    "It is a girl!" My doctor announced to the room. Everyone started whooping and hollering. My jaw
    dropped open. I had a child now. I am a mother. Dimitri and I are parents. Everything seemed so
    unrealistic. "Would you like to hold her?" My doctor asked me after cleaning her up. I nodded and
    my doctor placed my baby girl in my arms.

    "What are you going to name her?" My mother asked.

    "Genevieve Christine Grimaldi." I said to the whole room. They awed and smiled. "Dimitri, do you
    want to hold her?" I asked my husband, whom was still in shock. He nodded and smiled. He gently
    picked up Genevieve and held her. Emalee took several pictures of him and Genevieve like she did
    with Genevieve and I. I tear slid down my cheek.

    Later that night, Genevieve and I were released from the hospital. When we arrived home, little
    Evie was asleep. Dimitri and I entered our bedroom and I placed Evie in her crib. I kissed her
    lightly on the forehead. She looked like an perfect blend of Dimitri and I. She had by blonde hair,
    Dimitri's tan skin, both of our blue eyes, my nose, and Dimitri's lips. I settled in my bed after a
    very long day and instantly fell asleep.

    December 25th, 2023.

    I looked out the huge bay window in the living room. Evie was growing up so fast. She was already
    three. It felt like it was yesterday that I had her. Evie was playing with her new toys she got
    from Santa Claus, Dimitri was making some hot chocolate for us, and I just looked out the window.
    Everything was white. The trees, bushes, grass, everything was covered with snow. It looked so
    peaceful. I saw my neighbors kids making a snowman in their front yard. I smiled and walked back
    to the couch. Actually, more like waddled. I was pregnant, again. I was due in February. Dimitri
    enterd the livingroom with our hot chocolates. He gave Evie her sippy cup of chocolate milk and
    he handed me my mug. For Christmas, Dimitri got me my favorite Frango mint chocolates from Macy's
    and the prettiest diamond encrusted bracelet. I got him an old-school Snuggie that was popular
    when we were in highschool ten years ago and a new watch. We snuggled up on our leather couch and
    watched Evie play with her new toys. I was the happiest and luckiest person in the world, no doubt
    about it.

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    Re: RV Dedication:: CALLING ALL WRITERS.

    Post by allie on Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:17 pm

    And how can we move on?

    The feeling is undesirable. I don't really know how else to put it, except that it's a mixture of intense nervousness
    and yet at the same time, a small sliver of hope. Just a sliver. We have so many dreams, so many expectations, so many unfulfilled
    hopes and desires. And yet, how do we know that they will become a reality? How can we ever be certain that our futures will
    live up to the grand fantasies we have created inside our heads> Broken promises and crushing realities smother our initial aspirations.
    We wish to become movie stars and actresses and singers and writers and dancers and poets. But the real, concrete path of our future lays
    itself out in front of us, demolishing one by one those pleasant dreams we had once thought so likely to happen. Nothing is set in stone, day by
    day, from decision to decision, our future is constantly changing. Will we become that acclaimed Broadway star? Will we be nothing more than a
    midwestern suburban? Will we ever amount to anything? These questions fill our heads as we take our first steps into the real world, leaving behind
    the time when we once wished and hoped and pleaded with all our might that things would go the way we willed them to, that dreaming it was half
    the work, and the other half would just somehow work itself out. Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. There are absolutely no solid destinies.
    As we begin a new chapter in our life, we grow up, we change, we start to form new dreams. Are these dreams achievable? Are they less than
    what we first dreamt up when we were mere children? Or are they a reflection of ourselves? An insight into what defines us, and what drives us.
    In this world, there are no guarantees. No free passes, no express way to fame, no shortcuts. So will we ever get there? The pinnacle, the highest
    tip of the mountain, the place where we dream ourselves over and over? Only time will tell.

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    Re: RV Dedication:: CALLING ALL WRITERS.

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    SEWINGmy own

    I stared at the fabric, wondering how many ways I could tweak it. Shirt, skirt, shoes, handbag? I switched from the material to my design, looking at the second pleat on the left, the scalloped lace at the hem, the elegant pearls sewed at the collar. I heard a knock on the door.
    “Heyyy,” Erika smiled holding two Pumpkin lattes from Starbucks. “Are we going out or what?”
    I smiled back. “I will, I have to send this sketch and swatch to the office.”

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    When I was done, I strapped on my Manolos and locked up. Zoe was outside, looking as pretty as ever.
    “Steph’s going to get mad at us if we don’t show up,” she laughed. “She’s pretty serious about this party, and I quote “This is going to be amazing.” Zoe used air quotes.
    “’Kay.” My purple dress fell exactly to mid-calf and contrasted against my Mexican/Caucasian skin. My Tiffany Double Hearts necklace shined on my neck, and my metallic silver Manolo flats made sure my sore feet were comfortably stylish. I designed it like this after all. After becoming an amazing singer/ actress, I tackled one of the things I had always wanted to do. Fashion. At 3, I would design wedding dresses for my grandma. At 6 I would match outfits together. And so on.
    “Is Rupert going to be there?” I winked at Erika.
    “Yep, aren’t they the cuh-yoootest couple?” Zoe swooned.
    “Yeah,” I laughed. They were perfect together.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    "Hey, Steph!" I greeted her as I walked into the giant Saks that Steph had rented out for this party.
    "Hey," she replied, thoughts in her head as usual. I placed a gold wrapped present in her hands.
    "For you and Rupert," I giggled. Steph smiled and put a metallic purple present into my hands.
    "Happy birthday."
    "Thanks," I blushed and smiled.
    Next, Morgayne walked up to me.
    "Heyy, maasteer," I said then hugged her.
    "Happy birthday," Morgayne said, her brunette locks made into bouncy curls.
    "Happy b-day!" Miryamm screamed and I laughed: “Thanks.”
    I was the newest Chanel, and I was completely happy. And all of RV watched me get to my highest point on the ladder.
    Sure, my parents were divorced, but I kept moving. I could see my grandmother among all the angels in heaven,
    winking at me, now that I had sewn my own great dream.

    A/N: i used some of steph's info(like Rupert) in mine. thank you all of RV.
    and when i am a great fashion designer/actress/singer, i will thank all of you.
    also, im not married in this. i wont get married cause, i am free and dont need a guy. thats all i think.
    i might date, but no marriage

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    Re: RV Dedication:: CALLING ALL WRITERS.

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    Re: RV Dedication:: CALLING ALL WRITERS.

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