No More Songs [script]

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    No More Songs [script]

    Post by madi of suburbia on Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:00 pm

    [Brenna, Carly and Erin sit under a tree. A wind blows. They are laughing, and talking. A young girls jumps from the tree]

    Brenna: Madi, you came back!

    Madi: I told you I would Brenna. [She smiles, hugging Brenna]

    Carly: Finally we can have fun! I was sooo worried you’d forget.

    Erin: Madi wouldn’t forget this. She never does. [Erin grins innocently]

    Brenna: Shut up Erin.

    Madi: Yes shut up. And I knew you all loved my entrance. It was-

    Carly: [cutting Madi off] Amazing. Spectacular. Whatever you were going to say. It’s already noon and we all have got to get going, to pack for New York, at two.

    Madi: I am aware of the plans Miss Carly. We don’t have long to talk and play. Come on!

    [The girls run around, jumping, skipping etcetera… They act like five year old, and play ring-around-the- rosy. When they fall down Carly looks at the time.]

    Carly: It’s already one fifty five. I better get going.

    Madi: Me too! [She twirls, happily]

    Brenna: Bye Madi. Bye Carly. [Brenna runs up to hug both of them]

    Erin: Until the plane ride, of course.

    Carly: Of course.

    Madi: I love you girls. [She looks extremely happy. Madi blows her friends a kiss]

    Erin: Stop stalling Madz! We love you too, of course. But it will be you who is late for the plane ride, I’m sure of it.

    Carly: True, true. Better get going Madi. It’s already 1: 58.

    Brenna: All hail Mother Time. [She rolls her eyes, but is smiling]

    Madi: So willing to rid of me then. Fine I’ll go. [She is dramatically huffy, and walks across the street]

    [A van is driving very fast and hits Madi, suddenly. Madi falls down. The scene instantaneously changes]

    [Brenna screams, and sits up. She is in her bed, which is now very messy. Brenna is shaking as she looks at the time. It read 4: 23. Sighing she flops onto the bed.]

    Brenna [Voice Over]: Even though I’ve had that dream every night, I always wake up, screaming. Most people would have gotten past the grieving stage of one of their best friends dying. Me, I live in it constantly. Almost every day I see Madi, at school. At my house, getting a glass of water. Doing a grand plie, at our dance studio. But even if I see her there, she must follow me into my dreams. Or maybe I allow her to. Whatever the case may be, she has never left me. And even though the dream might seem the worst, it’s not. Because the place where I always can feel her, see her, and want to hug her, only to see her go away, is when I listen to music.
    In my world, there are no more songs.
    [Brenna lies back down, closing her eyes. She falls asleep, easily. Screen goes black. Title appears in LilyUPC saying No More Songs. Color is white, bolded. Fades into next scene]

    Erin: Tired Brenna? [She looks over to her sister, smiling a little bit]

    Brenna: You have no idea

    Erin: Actually I do Brenna. You always have the same dream and when it’s really bad you’re either tired or pissed or in a combination of both.

    Brenna: I’m going to be pissed if you don’t shut up right now.

    Erin: Shutting [Erin grabs her glass of water, and takes a sip. She looks at Brenna, like she’s waiting for something]

    Brenna: Why are you looking at me like that?

    Erin: Like what? [She gives Brenna the same look again]

    Brenna: Like THAT! Like you’re frikkin waiting for something, or something.

    Erin: I’m waiting for you to apologize.

    Brenna: Why?

    Erin: Because whenever you get made you always apologize. Or punch me in the face. Whichever one happens first.

    Brenna: Okay, Erin-

    Erin: Yes?

    Brenna: I’m sorry for getting in a pissy mood with you this early.

    Erin: Apology accepted. Do you want to go over to our usual hangout with Carly? She called before you woke up.

    Brenna: I’m never- [Brenna’s voice cracks. She clears her throat, and put more authority in her tone] I’m never going back there. That brings me so many memories. Good and bad. And they always remind me of her, as if I never see her. You’ve gotten past her death. So has Carly. But I haven’t even begun stopping the sadness. If I push that away, how will I see her again?

    Erin: You lost me. But Brenna, Madi died a year ago! She wouldn’t want you to be like this. [Erin puts a hand on Brenna’s shoulder. Brenna flinches, but doesn’t push her away] She wouldn’t want you to be this unhappy. She’d want
    you to go and remember her.

    Brenna: Erin, are you sure she would?

    Erin: You were one of her best friends. She trusted you. Madison [Brenna swallows a huge breath of air and her eyes get watery] would want you to have fun. She loves you Brenna.

    Brenna: For someone so young and so short, you have a lot of things to say. And they are usually right.

    Erin: Hey don’t go knocking on my height. But thanks. So, you’re coming, right?

    Brenna: I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    Erin: Good, let’s go.

    [End Scene]

    [Scene changes. Carly, Erin, and Brenna sit under a tree. Camera zooms into Carly. Her expression is dreamy. ]

    Carly [Voice Over]: It feels complete with Brenna here today. She usually doesn’t come to sit with us, to talk with us. But the biggest, and scariest change is she doesn’t sing anymore. I could always hear Brenna’s warm voice everywhere I went. She sang constantly [Carly looks over at Brenna, who looks lost. She sighs] and now, she barely speaks to anyone, but me or Erin. And her mom and dad, of course. But there’s no more life in her, no more happiness. I want to help her, but it’s like she doesn’t let anyone in. Even though coming back here is one huge step in the right direction, I’m afraid she’s going to turn on us, one day, and then never say anything again. [Carly rests her head on the tree trunk, and closes her eyes]

    Brenna: Carly [Carly sits up, quickly, looking Brenna in the eyes] are you okay?

    Carly: Why do you ask Brenna?

    Brenna: Because, you seem out of t. And that’s my job [Brenna smiles widely at Carly. Carly grins back.]

    Carly: Glad to have you back Brenna.

    Brenna: It’s, kinda good to be back here. I never thought it could be, but it is. How weird is that?

    Erin: Pretty weird. The first time I came back here I was crying. It was so odd not to have Madi around. But then, she was here. Like she never left, it felt like. Strange, huh?
    Carly: I didn’t cry, actually, when I came back. I just sat, and listened to the noises everywhere. I was peaceful. I beat you all [She sticks her tongue out. All the girls giggle]

    [Suddenly, a girl sits next to Brenna. She wears all white clothing. It is Madi. Brenna is not aware of her]

    Madi: I’d beat you all. I was dead. No one could have been in such a shock I was. And no one can grieve like I can. You all have each other. I have no one. Other than God, but everyone has God. I don’t have a Brenna to cuddle up to, or a Carly to be mellow with, or an Erin to laugh my abs off with. If you could see me, you’d know how lucky you all were. [Madi sighs, and lays her head on Brenna. She looks as if she has an idea. Madi leans in to Brenna.]

    Madi: [whispering] Tell them Brenna. Now’s your chance. Tell them your story, for me.

    Brenna: I withdrew for everyone, including you guys. I wanted to hide from everything, but that made it worse. But I felt so cowardly. Like I should have been strong for Erin and for you, Carly, but I wasn’t. So I left the world, wanting to leave Madi. But she showed up everywhere: At the dance studio, and my house. In my dreams. The day when she was run over by that car played constantly in my head. It’s just the same dream over and over. I wake up screaming every time. Yet that might seem the worst, it’s not. Listening to any music is the worst. Because she is always singing every song that I listen to.

    Carly: That’s why you quit chorus. And you dropped out of ensemble. And never auditioned for those musicals. Oh Brenna, that’s terrible…

    Erin: You didn’t have to be strong.

    Brenna: Guys, stop worrying about me. I’m totally fine now. Telling you was the best thing I could have done by a long shot. Maybe, I’ll get past her death, and move on to the better things in life.

    Madi: Brenna, thank you for letting me go. [She hugs Brenna shoulders tightly, and then stands up. Madi moves to Carly, and put a hand on her shoulder.]
    Carly: I feel like Madi is here, right now. Like she’s watching us. Have you guys ever felt like that?

    Erin: A lot, actually.

    Brenna: You already know. [Brenna shrugs, and smiles a little bit]

    Madi: If only I could be here… [Madi kisses Erin on the forehead, very sisterly like. A wind blows, and Madi disappears. ]

    [End Scene.]

    Erin [Voice Over]: [Erin is writing in a diary] The changes in Brenna are great. She laughing, openly, with everyone and everyone she sees. This morning she walked up, and hugged me. “I love you Erin,” She kissed my forehead, softly and filled with love. I wanted to cry, burst into fat happy tears, because it had been so long since she hugged me. Maybe, letting go of Madi was the best thing Brenna could do. It’s been three weeks since she went to the tree in a little under a year. But the changes in Brenna, no matter how great they may be, make me wonder, if, they are just an act. An act to hide her real feelings.

    I feel like the older sister, and I am scared. I mean, I’m the youngest child. And it always felt like having three older sisters (Carly, Brenna and Madi) around. Some days I take care of Brenna, and others I go away from everyone, just wanting to not deal with their problems. Oh, Mom’s calling. Gotta go! Bye.

    [End Scene.]

    Brenna: [hanging out with Carly] Was I that bad to Noah?

    Carly: [laughs] He was so sad! Everyone felt terrible about him being so depressed. He is okay now. According to Jake, he was happier the day you started to talk to him again than he has ever been. He wrote a frikkin poem about it. [Carly giggled like it is the funniest thing ever.]
    Brenna: He wrote me poems before [she tries to keep a serious tone, but laughs along with Carly] I’m so glad that everything could be the same again.

    [Camera pans out, and we see Madi on the bed]

    Madi: That makes two of us Brenna. I wish you could talk to me. You were so scared of letting me go. And now that you have let me go, you won’t let me back in. I know you still haven’t listen to a song, and that if you do, you might find yourself with me. Please Brenna, I want to be back with you. And Carly. Everyone. I want to be able to wear normal clothes, and go to school. [Madi stands up, shaking. She is trying not to cry. She places a hand on Brenna, and Carly’s shoulder] I love you. Bye. [Madi walks out, and closes the door]

    Carly: [looks surprised] Strong winds we must be having if the door closes on us.

    Brenna: You say it like it is sista [She snaps and does the head bob thing. Carly laughs.]

    [End scene]


    [Camera pans. Erin is in a swimsuit, and shorts. She slips on a tee shirt as Brenna walks in]

    Brenna: Erin, calm down! Is Carly meeting us there? [Brenna puts her hair up into a messy as Erin replies]

    Erin: Yes! Who else is meeting us there? [Brenna starts to reply, thinking
    Erin wants an answer. Erin puts her palm up.] No, that was rhetorical.

    Brenna: [laughs] Okay, do we have everything?

    Erin: Yup, we do. Let’s go!

    [They walk out of the house. Madi stands in their doorway, and looks longingly at the car]

    Madi: Bye guys. I’m glad you have everything.
    [End scene]

    Carly: [Already in the pool] Hey guys! What’s up?

    Brenna: [fake pouting] You didn’t wait for us to get into the pool!

    Erin: Way to be observant Brenna. C’mon, let’s strip into our bathing suits.

    Madi [Voice]: That sounds SO wrong Erin!

    Brenna: [looks confused] Did, did you guys just hear that?

    Carly: [surprised] Yeah… I did just hear that…

    Erin: [confused] So did I…

    Madi [Voice]: I’m not your imagination, [She appears to them, wearing a white bathing suit] I’m actually here.

    Carly: But, you, you DIED!

    Erin: No, she didn’t. She’s still here. [Erin smiles]

    Brenna: Let’s swim.

    [Erin, Brenna and Madi jump into the pool. Madi disappears]

    [Scene changes to Brenna waking up. Madi stands over her]

    Madi: Brenna, you just let me back in. Thank you.

    Brenna: [breathing rapidly] The music, it’s- it’s on! Oh NO! NO!

    Madi: [sits on the bed] Brenna, shhhh, shhhh. [She strokes Brenna’s hair] It’s okay, it’s okay.

    Brenna: I miss her, I miss her. [She sobs into Madi’s shoulder]

    Madi: And I miss you. Promise me you’ll listen to music

    Brenna: Madi? Is that you?

    Madi: Yes Brenna it is. Listen to the music okay?

    Brenna: I will, I promise.

    [Madi gets up, and walks away. But she turns back to say one more thing.]

    Madi: I love you Brenna. Bye.

    Brenna: I love you to Madi. Bye.

    [Six months later]

    Brenna [Voice Over]: That was the last time Madi visited me. In person. Well, in the figment of my imagination. Now, I feel her presence every day. Want to know why?

    [shot of a girl turning on her iPod. Brenna, Carly and Erin start to dance around.]

    Because in my life, there are songs.

    this is the first short film i wrote. hopefully, i'll film it this summer:) one of the ones i'm trying to work on right now has the names of fellow TCOers/RVers. when that's finished, i'll put it up here as well.

    Comments? Thoughts? since this isn't a descriptive thing, i'm sorry. hope you enjoy!

    [this is posted on TCO as well]

    [[if this is in the wrong section, i'm sorry. i though it'd be tragedy because of Madi's death. kaybye]]

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    Re: No More Songs [script]

    Post by chronic on Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:45 pm

    Ooh I really like it!! Beautifully written. You have to post the film here as well!!

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    Re: No More Songs [script]

    Post by Morgayne on Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:58 pm

    omg so sad Sad
    but amazing!
    that could be turned into a big Hollywood movie! Smile

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    Re: No More Songs [script]

    Post by IZZY on Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:16 am

    I could picture it as a movie inside my head as I read
    you have a lot of talenttt!
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    Re: No More Songs [script]

    Post by madi of suburbia on Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:21 pm

    mir wrote:Ooh I really like it!! Beautifully written. You have to post the film here as well!!

    thanks. this means so much to me. my mom is hopefully gettign a vid camera soon, and then i'll edit it, make it amazing, and post it on here:)

    morgayne wrote:omg so sad Sad
    but amazing!
    that could be turned into a big Hollywood movie! Smile

    haha, one of my friends told me that:)

    Izzy wrote:seriously!
    I could picture it as a movie inside my head as I read
    you have a lot of talenttt!

    awwweehh thanks izzzy!
    charlotte .

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    Re: No More Songs [script]

    Post by charlotte . on Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:26 pm

    ya know, i read this on TCO.
    but i had forgotten i read it.
    you already know my thoughts on it because of TCO though.

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    Re: No More Songs [script]

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