we're best friends[2]


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    we're best friends[2]

    Post by caitlynn<3 on Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:42 pm

    we're best friends.

    photo credit goes to steph! thanks <3

    At least, untill the ending of seventh grade into summer. That's when things changed.
    Allie thought she should stick to the perky girls who wear their boyfriend's football jerseys
    on Fridays and at 1st period reaply their gloss. Anna decided to be the person that hates the
    world and that hangs with their one and only friend. Rose decided to be the sweet smart girl
    that secretly hates the world too. Split apart, they still want eachother, to be the people that
    help you when someone you love bails, when life starts ripping at the seams. Then, someone
    that they all knew dies and they start putting the pieces of their freindship back together. This
    is the story of three best friends.


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    Re: we're best friends[2]

    Post by IZZY on Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:17 pm


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    Re: we're best friends[2]

    Post by caitlynn<3 on Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:05 am

    nobody's the same

    Allie made sure that her Gucci dress fit just right. She didn’t want all the girls to look at here
    and laugh at how the new chick in their clique was wearing last season’s dress. This party was great, but lacking
    of true communication. All the girls were making sure their dresses were tight enough and short enough to attract
    the football boys and the boys were acting like they couldn’t even care while slipping a peek up the girls’ dresses
    at their teeny-weeny underwear. This was totally boring, but to fit in with these girls, Allie had to act the part or
    else she would spend the last year of middle school and all four years of high school hanging out with the girls
    that spend their time in the library like her best friend, Rose. Ex-best friend, Allie corrected herself.

    Anna drew a black eyeliner tear on her cheek. It looked pretty, like a Van Gough print. Her slouchy black tee
    hung perfectly on her shoulders and her black hair was in a messy braid all down her back. Her hazel eyes were
    the only part of her still vulnerable. She hated hanging with the crowd that insisted on hurting themselves to
    feel again, but Anna hated the world now. Without her best friends Allie and Rose, the world meant nothing.
    Her father had never cared about her and her mom was dead. Nothing was left to be enjoyed.

    Rose pulled back her blonde waves into a high ponytail. Her clear blues eyes were fresh from crying all night.
    "Don't worry," Rose said to herself. She missed Allie and Anna, but they had moved off now, swerving into different
    directions of the social pool. Rose stayed the one everybody knew, but she still loved her novels. And writing them.
    That was the one thing that gave her hope, writing about characters that had everything; popularity, money, great
    hair, and smarts. Rose never believed that she could be something someday, it just gave her something now and
    she was grateful for that.
    "Rose!" her carekeeper, Marie, yelled. "It's dinner!"
    Marie was Rose's mother pratically, since her parents had both disappeared and her uncle that never ever saw her
    took custody of her. Being twelve had its ups and downs.
    "I'm coming!" Rose replied and wiped away that tear that always appeared in the corner of her eye.

    The tear that always comes when you lose your best friends.

    a/n-you've met the characters, now tell me what you think! <3 and if you want a shoutout ill make you a semi-main
    character, the first one to comment here and say they want a shoutout gets to be a main character!


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    Re: we're best friends[2]

    Post by caitlynn<3 on Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:47 pm

    on the other side of the mirror

    Allie woke up, her red curls now looking as if she had taken a two-hour drive in a convertible. Her green eyes weren’t
    really sparkling and her lips were in a scowl. School today was going to be such a hassle. Allie got out of her covers
    and pulled off the Gucci dress. She hastily put on a comfy brown cashmere sweater, dark-wash skinny jeans, and Uggs.
    She pulled a brush through her red locks and put them in a pony tail, then started on her way out. That’s when she
    spotted something on the floor. A photo. Allie picked it up and studied it. It was a picture of Allie, Anna, and Rose
    laughing at the camera, as if they we’re brain-whispering a funny secret. 3 years ago, Allie would’ve laughed and
    remembered what they were laughing about. Now, she didn’t know a thing as she put the picture in a drawer and
    walked out. Nothing had been the same since Carter died, on December 14, 2008.

    Anna swiftly put her room back in order to find her locket. The locket was the last thing Carter had given her.

    2 years ago Carter was the dude the girls had known, and loved, forever. Until December 14, 2008, when he had been
    hit head-on by a car going 100 miles per hour, and Carter died on impact. The best friends slowly drifted off, Allie
    becoming obsessed with the populars, Rose hiding all feelings of dread and sadness and going on as if nothing had
    happened, and Anna, blaming Carter’s death on herself and hating the world for taking him away.
    Anna blinked back to reality. She had something metaly-cool in her palm. The locket. She clicked it open and there
    sat a picture of her, Carter, Allie, and Rose hugging. Anna remembered those times when she loved Hannah Montana
    and worried about an upcoming science test. But not anymore.

    a/n-ill do rose’s part later!


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    Re: we're best friends[2]

    Post by diannalynn on Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:15 pm

    this is really good <3
    please continue (:

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    Re: we're best friends[2]

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