u n d e a d . [twelve]


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    u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:02 pm

    u n d e a d .

    I saw him and I was pretty positive he saw me. It felt like the world instantaneously stopped. I
    listened in to his mind and all I heard nothing. I had to know what he was. I definitely knew he
    was something different. And I liked it.

    AN; So I know I start a lot of stories about mythical stuff like vampires and wizards, but I can't
    help it. I promise to keep this story running for as long as I can. And this is kinda a mix of True
    Blood and Vampire Diaries.

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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:02 pm

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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by Rachh<3 on Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:53 pm

    looks good[:

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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:47 pm

    c h a p t e r o n e .

    I seem like your typical Chicago college girl. Only I am different. Let's just put it this way; I
    can understand people when they are not talking. No, I do not read body language. I read minds. I
    am what you call "telepathic". I have been this way for as long as I can remember. Yeah reading minds
    does have it's advantages, but also it's downfalls. Even going to college is tough for me because
    I have to keep my guard up in my mind so I can take test without cheating, let alone stay focused
    during class. But I manage. I have always done exceptionally well in school because of my ability,
    but I do feel some regret cheating off all of my classmates. But now, I am a senior undergraduate
    at University of Chicago as a psychology major. Kind of ironic, huh? But what the hey! I am pretty
    darn good at psychology if you ask me.

    I was absentmindedly walking around Millennium Park right after sundown. I was just walking around
    and listening into people's minds. I did this a lot after I had classes. It was a way for me to
    clear my mind and relax. Well, I can't really clear my mind, but you know what I mean. I walked up
    to the Bean, an architectural feature placed in Millennium Park. I watched couples and families take
    pictures of the Bean when I saw him. I was just scanning through minds and when I went over him, it
    was blank like he was brain dead. That could have not been possible. I put more energy into attempting
    to read his mind, and I just kept ending up blank. He noticed me staring at him and we made eye
    contact. It felt like the world just stopped. He was attractive. Very attractive. He was probably
    around six foot eight, light blonde hair slicked back, and an eerie glow to add with his porcelain
    white skin. And I thought I was pale. He kept staring at me with an intense look. Then he started
    moving towards me. I was shoved by some random person and fell to the ground. I must have looked
    like an idiot. I smelled something funky and I realized it was blood. My blood. I quickly stood
    up, pulled a clean tissue out of my purse, and dabbed at the blood that was slightly trickling down
    my forehead. The mysterious man kept walking towards me. As he got closer, I realized that his eyes
    had light red rings around them. He stopped right in front of me. His eyes were the most magnificent
    color of blue I have ever seen. "Are you okay?" He asked. When he talked, I noticed that his two
    canine teeth were getting longer and longer.


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by amber- on Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:35 pm

    Six foot eight? Man, that guy is tall! Oh jeesh. The last sentence. That's not creepy at all. Wonder what's going to happen!



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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:12 pm

    I like my men tall(: Hahhaa. I wonder too. Hahhaha.
    I will update this tomorrow after I get out of school.


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:46 pm

    c h a p t e r t w o .

    My hazy blue eyes grew wide at the fact that his canine teeth were elongating. "Uh, yeah, I am
    okay. Thanks for asking." I stammered.

    He looked at my skeptically. "Are you sure you are alright? You seem a little shook up."

    I tried to listen in on his brain again, but got nothing. "Yes sir, I am okay."

    "I am Eric. Eric Skarsgard." Eric nodded at me.

    "Joelle Ward, but I go by Elle." I said to him. I started walking away, when I realized Eric was
    walking next to me. We walked in silence for a while and then we reached a coffee shop. "Do you
    want to have coffee with me?" I asked Eric.

    "I would be delighted." He smirked.

    "How long have you lived in Chicago?" Eric asked when we found a table. I just got a simple vanilla
    latte while Eric got nothing.

    I took a sip of my latte and then began to speak. "I have lived in Illinois my whole life. But this
    is my fourth year living in Chicago. What about yourself?"

    "I just recently moved here. I have lived here a while back though. What do you do for a living?"
    Eric said.

    "I am a student at University of Chicago. And you?" I took another sip of my latte.

    "I just bought a club downtown actually. You should come by soon." Eric grinned.

    I furrowed my blonde eyebrows. "What kind of club?"

    "A club for supernatural or the 'dead'." Eric smirked and leaned back in his chair. "But on the
    other hand, what are you?"

    "I told you, I am a student at University of Chicago." I shrugged.

    Eric shook his head back and forth. "We both know you are more than that." He dug his wallet out of
    his back pocket. "Here is the address and phone number to the club. Come anytime after dark." He
    pushed the tiny rectangular piece of paper in my direction. He stood up from his chair and said,
    "It has been a pleasure talking to you, Elle. I hope to see you soon." And he left. I stared after
    him, in complete shock. I knew he was definitely not human nor alive.


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Mon Dec 27, 2010 5:42 pm

    c h a p t e r t h r e e .

    The following night, I decided to go to the club Eric was talking about. I decided it would be
    better if I dressed up a bit more, so I slipped on a simple black dress, black lace tights, and
    black pumps. I put on my dark purple peacoat on, swiped on some last minute lip gloss, and left
    my apartment. I got into my yellow slug bug and made my way to the club. I parked and walked to the
    front door. "Card?" A tall and gorgeous woman said at the entrance. I dug my card out of my clutch
    and handed it to her. She scanned it quickly and let me inside. The club had this smoldering vibe
    to it. And the club was called Club Fang. When I entered, the walls were painted black and the floor
    was a deep burgundy color. I let my guard down and I there were a lot of blank spots. I heard some
    minds of humans, but not many. I took a deep breath and made my way to the bar.

    "What can I getcha?" The bartender asked. He looked to be about 23 years old, had black spikey hair,
    and many tattoos covering his body.

    "I will have a gin and tonic please." I replied and tried to listen to his mind. Blank, of course.
    Then I felt a presence besides me. It was some strange man I have never met before.

    "Hello." He said, attempting to be seductive.

    "Hi." I said back. The bartender placed my drink in front of me and I took a sip.

    "What is your blood type?" The strange man said and leaned in closer to me, taking a nice deep smell
    of me.

    I furrowed my eyebrows at that question when I felt another presence behind me. The strange man
    was picked up by the collar of his shirt, and when I turned around, it was Eric that was holding
    him up. Eric gave the strange man a look, placed him down, and the man left. Eric took the man's
    place on the barstool. "I am so glad you could come, Elle."

    "Well, I had nothing better to do, so I decided to come here to see what it is like." I shrugged
    and took another sip of my drink.

    "Do you like my club?" Eric sincerely asked.

    I looked around the club. Most of the people here were not alive. But it was a nice club, minus the
    creepy guy. There were dancers dancing so fast that is seemed impossible, but they didn't have any
    brain waves either. And there were tons of people on the dance floor, jamming out to some techno
    music. "It is certainly different from the clubs I have been to."

    There was a glint of happiness in Eric's bright blue eyes. "Would you like to dance?" He held out
    his hand.

    "Why not." I took his hand and he lead me to the center of the dance floor. Everyone obviously knew
    he was in charge here and not to mess with him or me. We danced and danced until I couldn't dance
    anymore. I decided to stop in the bathroom to check on how I look. There was another female in the
    bathroom when I entered. She was applying dark red lipstick to her already dark red lips. She smiled
    at me and I saw fangs. I held my composure and reapplied my makeup.

    Eric was waiting at a booth in the farthest corner of the club. While walking towards the booth,
    several men and women kept smelling me. It was awkward, but I didn't show any emotion when they
    did it. I just kept making my way over to the booth. I was about to sit across from Eric, when he
    motioned me to sit next to him instead. I agreed and slid into the booth next to him. He gently
    pushed my curled blonde hair away from my neck, leaned down, and inhaled deeply at the base of my
    neck. He let out a low moan. "What are you?" He asked.

    "I told you the other day, I am a college student." I shrugged.

    Eric shook his head. "You are more than just that. Why do you think everyone here is either smelling
    you or staring at you?"

    "I don't know. Maybe you should ask them." I said stubbornly.

    "Come with me." Eric said and ushered me out of the booth. He led me to what I presumed to be his
    office in the back. A minute later, the woman from the entrance was in the office with us. "Lynn,"
    He started talking to the woman, "take a smell of her. What does she smell like to you? I can't place
    it properly."

    Lynn gracefully walked over to me. She looked like she could be a model and suburban mom at the same
    time. She was skinny but curvy, average height, and had a dark blonde mane with natural highlights
    in it. She sniffed me in several places and then an idea popped into her brain from the looks of it.
    "It seems to be that she is some sort of psychic."

    "Why didn't I think of that before." Eric said to himself. "Elle, what are you?" He locked eye
    contact with me and I am guessing he tried to make me answer him.

    "I am a college student." I said for the hundredth time. "What are you?" I crossed my arms over
    my chest.

    "I will tell you what I am, but you have to tell me what you are after. Deal?" Eric negotiated.

    "Deal." I said with attitude.

    Eric looked at Lynn and then back at me. "I am a vampire. So are most of the patrons here this
    evening. Club Fang was the first step into mainstreaming and becoming known by the human race."
    My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. "Now what are you?" He asked for my part of the deal.

    I snapped back into my zone and said, "I am a telepath. I can read minds. But I can not read vampire
    minds. Only human minds."

    A light flickered inside of Eric and he nodded slowly. "I haven't been around a telepath in several
    hundred years. No wonder that I couldn't place what you are."

    "And no wonder why I couldn't hear any of your thoughts." I said.

    Eric stepped closer to me, his fangs coming out slowly. Lynn decided to leave. I was alone with
    Eric, the vampire. He leaned down to my neck, his fangs brushing against my skin gently. I tried
    to take a step back, but my legs wouldn't move.


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:02 pm

    c h a p t e r f o u r .

    I could hear Eric's breath speed up. My eyes were wide with fear yet curiosity. I felt the tips of
    his fangs against my neck and Eric hesitated. Then he stepped back. I still couldn't move. "My
    apologies, Elle. That was highly wrong of me."

    "You really are a vampire, aren't you?" I said, my voice barely a whisper.

    "Yes I am. And you have no idea how much your blood tempts me. I want to-" Eric stopped.

    "You want to what?" I said and took at step towards him.

    "Do a lot of things to you. Things that you could never imagine." Eric's breathing staggered when
    I traced the outlines of his rock hard abs that I could notice through his black wife beater. "Elle,
    Elle, Elle, do you know how close I am to draining you?"

    "I am not afraid of you." I said, still tracing his abs.

    Eric let out a deep and low chuckle. "You should be."

    A few minutes later, Eric was on top of me, on his black leather couch. I was shocked by how fast
    he moved us to the couch, but he was vampire. His lips traveled up and down my neck. I took his
    face in my hands and kissed him. I felt like there were sparks flying everywhere. Then of course,
    there was a knock at the door. Eric got up and waited for me to look more presentable. He walked,
    more like glided, to the door and opened it. It was some random human.

    "Oh my gosh, you are Eric!" The girl squealed. Eric stared her down and she back away. He closed
    the door and walked back over to me.

    "I am sorry for that interruption." Eric said and winked at me. I looked at the clock on his wall,
    and noticed it was almost midnight. I was thankful that I did not have classes until the afternoon.

    "I have to go. Sorry Eric. Tonight was definitely a new experience." I giggled and stood up. Eric
    stood up too.

    "I want to see you again." Eric said.

    I blushed. "I want to see you again too. Wait, I have a quick question for you. Are you able to go
    out in the sunlight?"

    Eric laughed. "Yes, I am. I have to wear my special ring," He held up his left hand and on his middle
    finger was a big ring, "so I can go outside in the sunlight. But I prefer the dark."

    I breathed a sigh of relief. "Good. Well I do have to go. I have classes tomorrow."

    "Can I at least drive you home?" Eric asked.

    "My car is parked outside. And if you did, how would you get back here?" I inquired.

    "Elle, I can fly and run faster than you could imagine." Eric smirked. I nodded and walked out of
    the office. Eric followed right behind me, only he made me go through the employee entrance. When
    we reached my car, I dug my keys out of my purse and handed them to Eric, since he really wanted
    to drive me home. It was definitely a sight to see a big, blonde, vampire drive my yellow slug bug.
    I gave him directions to my apartment and Eric drove way to fast for my liking. With in minutes,
    we were in the underground parking garage at the apartment complex I lived it. We both got out of
    the car and I took my keys back from Eric.

    "Thank you for driving me home." I sincerely said and meant it.

    "You are more than welcome. I am going to see you tomorrow. I will pick you up at the entrance of
    your apartment complex at seven tomorrow night. Don't be late." Eric told me.

    "Where are we going?" I asked.

    "It is a surprise, but you can dress casually." He stated.

    "Okay," I sighed, "well, I will see you tomorrow then."

    Eric nodded and lightly kissed the top of my forehead. Without another word, he was gone. I was
    somewhat startled by his speedy disappearance, but I went upstairs to my apartment. I shimmied out
    of my dress and heels, put on a big t-shirt, and fell asleep instantly.


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by sb on Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:12 pm


    You are obsessed and I love it.

    This is good, post more soon!!


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:15 pm

    Hahha I am more than obsessed!
    I will today!


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:34 am

    c h a p t e r f i v e .

    My classes were a complete bore. I didn't even bother putting my guard up. All I could think about
    is Eric. I wondered how many people actually knew about vampires. I had a feeling that everyone
    would know soon after Eric told me that his club was meant for the mainstreaming and becoming known.
    When everyone found out, all hell would break loose. I looked around the classroom and wondered how
    my classmates would react to vampires coming out of the coffin. When we were let out, I went straight
    to my apartment to get ready. I had about three hours to take a shower, do my hair and makeup, eat,
    and get dressed. I put my laptop, books, and purse on my couch and got into the shower.

    When I was squeaky clean, I dried my hair and straightened it. My long blonde mane looked healthy
    despite how much I ruin my hair from hair dye and hair tools I use. I did my makeup like I normally
    did, only adding some light pink lip gloss. In the process of getting ready, I made some microwaveable
    chicken nuggets and scarfed them down. The clock read 6:45. I needed to get dressed. Actually, I
    needed to figure out what I was going to wear first. After searching through my somewhat small closet,
    I decided on a pair of dark wash bootcut jeans, a black tank top, a light pink cardigan over the
    tank top, and a pair of flat gray booties. I slipped on my peacoat and grabbed my purse. I turned off all
    of the lights, locked the door, and left my apartment.

    At seven o'clock exactly, a red Corvette pulled to the side of the street closest to my building.
    Eric got out of the the car and walked over to me. Pretty much all of the pedestrians stopped and
    stared at either Eric or his Corvette. He kissed me lightly on the cheek and led me to his car.
    After he opened the passenger door for me, I got in and buckled up. He got into the front seat
    and sped off. Within a few minutes, we were at Lake Michigan. Not many people went to Lake Michigan
    in the winter, but I liked to go there by myself to clear my mind. Eric opened the door for me and
    I got out. The weather outside was actually nice for a Chicago long winter.
    "So why are we here?" I asked as we walked along the coast, admiring the horizon.

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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:34 pm

    c h a p t e r s i x .

    "We are here because one, I need to ask you and important question, and two,
    because I just wanted to see you." Eric said.

    "Well, what is the important question?" I asked.

    Eric stopped walking, looked at me, and said, "I need you to read some minds of
    the humans that work at my club."

    "That's it? What did they do?" I crossed my arms over my chest.

    "On of our vampires that works at the club has gotten abducted recently. We
    want you to try to figure out who took him." Eric said calmly and cooly.

    "When?" I said.

    "10 o'clock tomorrow night at the club. I will not be able to pick you up and
    take you there because I need to be there." Eric stated. "And we will pay you
    for your services."

    "Okay. But I don't want your money." I shook my head.

    "Please, take the money, Elle." Eric said and brushed a piece of my hair out of
    my face.

    "I don't want it. I would feel bad taking your money." I shrugged.

    "Elle, it is the least I can do for you since you are helping me and my fellow
    vampire. And I have enough money to spare." Eric said and continued walking. I
    followed him along the darkened coast of Lake Michigan. I caught up with his
    quick pace and interlaced my fingers with his. His hands were cool and smooth,
    but also rough from being alive for, I'm guessing, hundreds of years.

    "Can I ask you a question?" I said after walking in silence for ten minutes. Eric
    nodded, signalling that I should go on. "How old are you exactly?"

    Eric let out a deep chuckle. "I am about one thousand and a half years old.
    And how old are you, Elle?"

    "I will be turning 22 March." I shrugged. "But how old were you when you became
    a vampire?"

    "I remember being 21. Only, there wasn't much to do when I was 21. I was 28 when
    I was changed into a vampire." Eric reminisced.

    "Are you always this open with humans?" I asked.

    "No, actually. But you are something different. Something special. Something I
    do not want to lose." Eric looked into my eyes. He leaned down and kissed me
    on the lips. Only this kiss was different than the first time we kissed. That
    kiss was more full of lust. But this one, this one had a different feel to it.
    A feel of passion and something real. I never felt anything like this.


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:20 pm

    c h a p t e r s e v e n .

    "Woah," I said after the kiss. Eric enveloped me in his arms and we just stood there in silence.

    "I never felt any connection to a human like this before." Eric murmured. I looked up to him, which
    was somewhat difficult to me since he was over a foot taller than my 5'5" frame.

    "Well, I never had a kiss that amazing." I said and then blushed.

    "How many relationships have you had?" Eric asked and started stroking my blonde hair.

    I hesitated. "Serious relationships, none. Flings, a few, like three or four. Never got very far
    though because I could always hear what they were thinking. And most of the time, it was nasty and
    rude stuff."

    "What kind of nasty and rude stuff?" Eric inquired.

    "Like if I will blow them or if I am blonde everywhere or fantasizing about having sex with me." I
    sighed. I felt Eric trying to hold in a chuckle. "That's not funny." I said and wiggled out of his
    arms. I started walking closer to the water, wondering why we were actually at the lake on this
    surprisingly warm February night. I felt Eric's presence behind me. He wrapped his arms around my

    "I am sorry if I have offended you. But what if I am thinking those things?" Eric asked playfully.

    "Well at least I can't hear it!" I exclaimed.

    Eric laughed and kissed the top of my head. "What are your plans for the weekend?"

    "I am actually going back home to see my family. My dad's birthday is on Saturday. Do you want to
    come with?" I said.

    "You want me to meet your family?" Eric sounded surprised.

    I turned around to face him. "Yes I do."

    "But we aren't exactly dating. And I am a vampire." Eric said.

    "Then we won't tell them you are a vampire. They already know I am a telepath. But we just won't
    mention the vampire thing. And so? Not dating doesn't mean I can't bring a boy home." I shrugged and

    "I would be honored to come with you. We have one problem though..." Eric trailed off.

    "What?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

    "I don't eat human food." Eric said like it was obvious.

    I giggled. "Oh right. Well, we will just tell them you aren't hungry or anything. Will you need to
    feed before we go?" Eric nodded. "Well, there is always me." I shrugged.

    Eric's bright blue eyes turned cold. "Elle, I would never do that to you. I do not want to put you
    in harm in case I get out of control."

    "But you are over a thousand years old. Don't you think you have control by now?" I asked and then
    felt horrible about what I just said.

    "Do you really want me to feed off you?" Eric raised his eyebrows.

    "If it means that you don't have to seduce another girl to feed off of, yes." I blushed a deep pink.

    Eric gave me a small smile. "I don't have to seduce anybody. I just glamor them." I gave him a look
    meaning "What the hell does glamor mean?" "Do you remember each time I asked you what you were? And
    how I had that weird look in my eyes?" I nodded. "I was trying to glamor you into telling me what
    you are. And it failed each time. That is how I knew you were not fully human."

    "So you are going to glamor some poor innocent girl into letting you feed off of her?" I asked.

    Eric nodded. "How else do you think I feed?"

    "Oh." I said. "I didn't even think of that. Well, I guess you have to do what you have to do. Well,
    make sure you do it soon, because we leave Friday. I have to call my parents to tell them I am
    bringing a friend, but they should understand."

    "How far away is your parent's house?" Eric questioned.

    "Only like an hour away. It depends on traffic and the weather." I replied.

    "Do you want me to pick you up Friday in my car? Or do you want to take yours?" Eric smiled.

    I smiled back. "We can take yours if you want. I will give you directions on how to get there."

    "And what do I need to bring?" Eric took my hand and we started walking back towards his car.

    I thought for a minute. "Just clothes, shoes, personal items, that kind of stuff. We will be spending
    two nights, so a tooth brush and stuff would also be nice."

    Eric opened the passenger door for me. I climbed in. Seconds later, Eric was in the driver's seat.
    "And where will we be sleeping?"

    "For a fact, I know that I will be sleeping in my old room, but I don't know about you since you are
    a dude and we are not dating." I said, reminding myself to ask my mom that when I called her later

    "Can we tell them we are dating? Even though we actually aren't. I just don't want it to be weird
    for your parents if you just bring home a guy that you are not dating." Eric pulled out of the
    parking lot.

    "Sure, if you really want to tell them that we are. But then we have to act like we are dating." I
    let out a small laugh.

    "Elle, were you conscious that whole time on the shore?" Eric laughed. "We pretty much looked like
    we were dating."

    I laughed with him. "I guess that is true." I saw that we pulled up to my apartment building. "I
    guess I will see you tomorrow night at the club." I started to get out of the car when Eric gently
    pulled me back to him.

    He kissed me lightly on the lips. "Goodnight Elle. I will see you tomorrow night." I smiled at him
    and got out of the car. Since I only had one class tomorrow, I decided that I was going to go to
    the spa afterwards to relax. I unlocked the door to my apartment, walked into my bedroom, and
    flopped down on my bed. Eric was just so perfect. The way he walked, talked, kissed me, and listened
    just made me all giddy inside. My giddyness was ruined when my cell phone rang in my purse. I dragged
    myself out of my bed, opened my purse, and answered my phone. It was my mother.

    "Hi mom." I said into my phone.

    "Hi honey!" My mom exclaimed. "I am just calling to make sure you are coming this weekend for you
    dad's birthday."

    "Yes mom, I am coming. And is it okay if I bring a guest?" I asked nervously.

    "What guest?" My mom asked.

    "Well, I am seeing somebody and I want you all to meet him." I said, my heart racing.

    My mom gasped. "You have a boyfriend?! Does he know about your, uhm, ability?"

    I sighed. "Yes mom, he does. But is it okay if he comes over?"

    "It is wonderful. I am so happy for you that you have a boyfriend! What about sleeping arrangements
    though?" My mom said.

    "Well, uhm, I figured it was up to you and dad about where we sleep. I assumed I was going to sleep
    in my old room but I don't know about how you feel about my boyfriend sleeping in my bed with me."
    I started pacing around my room.

    "Do you guys sleep together now?" My mom inquired.

    "No?" My reply sounded more like a question than an answer.

    "I surely think you are capable of behaving with your boyfriend sleeping in your bed. So yes, he
    can come over and sleep in your room. But I do not want any funny business to go down in my house."
    My mom said sternly at the end part.

    I sighed a sigh of relief. "Thank you mom. I will see you guys Friday night. Are Danielle, Emily, and
    Mitchell bringing anyone?" Danielle, Emily, and Mitchell are my siblings.

    My mom was quiet for a moment. "Yes, Emily is bringing her fiancée, Danielle is bringing her
    boyfriend, and Mitchell is bringing his girlfriend."

    "Figured." I said.

    "Well now you have someone to bring!" My mom said very happily. "I got to go, sweetie. I will see
    you Friday. Love you!"

    "Bye mom. Love you too." I said and hung up. I changed into pajamas and plopped back down on my bed.
    Little did my family know that one, Eric is a vampire, and two, we aren't really dating. This should
    be one interesting weekend.

    AN; Sorry it is so long! (:



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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by Lexi on Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:23 pm

    I finished chapter one, but its good!!!

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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:25 pm

    Thankyou! I typed out part of chapter eight on my phone and I will post it soon! (:


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:52 am

    c h a p t e r e i g h t .

    When I woke up the next morning, it was ten o'clock. I had class in an half-hour. I got out of
    bed and put on a pair of yoga pants, sports bra, and tank top. I threw my hair into a messy bun
    on the top of my head and put on a smidge of makeup. I grabbed my bag and books after putting on
    my peacoat and left my apartment. It was really sunny for being a Thursday in February. When I got
    to class, I had five minutes to spare. I decided to call the spa to make an appointment. I told them
    I wanted a Swedish massage, facial, nails done, and a haircut. They told me I could come in right
    after my class ended.

    By the time my class ended, I was so ready to go to the spa. I arrived and put my items in a private
    locker provided by the spa. I took off all of my clothes besides my panties and put on the provided
    white fluffy robe and matching slippers. I was going to get my massage first. I was escorted into
    the massage room and I was shocked to see who was going to give me my massage.

    "Eric, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be sleeping or at the club?" I asked and clutched my
    robe to me.

    "I knew you were getting a massage today, so I wanted to surprise you and give you the massage. I
    have had much time to perfect massages, especially Swedish massages." Eric smirked and winked.

    "Oh Eric. You must really want to give me a massage." I smirked back at him. Eric handed me a white
    towel. I carefully wrapped it around me under my robe. I tucked in the corner of the towel and then
    took off my robe. Eric definitely enjoyed seeing me only in a robe. I walked over to the massage
    table and laid on my stomach. I adjusted the towel so that only my butt was covered. Eric watched my
    every move, obviously entranced by me. I propped my head up on my hands but I was careful to make
    sure my boobs didn't show completely. "Are you going to give me my massage or no?" I winked. Eric
    nodded and grabbed the massage oils. I laid my head back down. He drizzled some vanilla scented oil
    on my back and started massaging. Let me tell you, it felt amazing. His hands were gentle and
    careful, yet rough and eager at the same time. His hands reached my lower back and I just knew how
    tempted he was to do many, many things to me. I was completely relaxed and happy. His hands moved
    to my upper thighs and even I was tempted to do many things to him. I heard a little clicking sound
    and adjusted myself to see what made that noise. I looked at Eric and he grinned, his fangs fully
    out. I nodded and he scooped me up, not caring if the towel fell off. He eagerly kissed me and I
    eagerly kissed him back. His hands moved all over my body, exploring every inch of my pale skin.
    We both knew what we wanted to do, but we decided not to do it here because that would be just weird.
    I felt somewhat naughty for hooking up with Eric in a public place, but my hormones are just raging
    everytime I am with him.

    After Eric and I had our little moment, I had to get my facial. Eric said goodbye to me and kissed
    me. I put on my robe and made my way to the facial area. At the same time of my facial, I got my
    fingernails and toenails painted a dark purple color. While my nails dried, I got my hair cut. I
    didn't do anything drastic, only a trim. When I was finished with everything, I redressed, paid,
    and left. I took a cab back to my apartment. When I opened the door, I saw a small dark blue box
    sitting on the kitchen counter. I put all my stuff down and opened the box. It was a simple diamond
    necklace. I gasped at how much it must have cost. There was a small note attached to the top of
    the box. It said: You are beautiful. -Eric I smiled at the note and put the necklace on.
    It was gorgeous. I could not believe he bought me a necklace. I glanced at the clock and I had more
    than enough time to spare. It was only four in the afternoon. I took off my jacket when my phone
    rang. It was a call from my sister Emily.

    "Hey Em." I answered.

    "Hey Elle! So mom told me you are bringing a guy to the house this weekend." Emily said.

    I laughed. "Yes, it is true."

    "What is his name? I want full details." Emily gushed.

    "Well, his name is Eric. He is twenty-eight. He is tall, like really tall. He is over a foot taller
    than me. He owns a club downtown. He is like a God. I think Danielle will fall in love with him."
    I explained.

    Emily let out a hearty laugh. "Why didn't you tell me about him sooner?! How long have you guys
    been dating?"

    "Oh we haven't be dating for a while. It was pretty recent." I tried to should nonchalant.

    "Have you guys had sex?" Emily asked.

    I thought about this past afternoon and how close we were to doing it. "No. We have not." Emily
    is my best friend and sister. We promised as teens that we would tell each other when we did it
    for our first time. She lost her virginity in high school. But for me, I haven't done it yet
    because of my ability was always in the way.

    "Damn, still haven't done it? Wow. That must suck. You are almost twenty-two and still haven't had
    sex yet." Emily said.

    "Well sorry for being able to hear peoples thoughts and having that always get in the way." I snapped.

    "Can't you hear Eric's thoughts though?" Emily said.

    My eyes widened. "Uh, well, look at the time. I got to go. Bye Emily. See you tomorrow." I ended the
    call. Well that was awkward. I shook my head, trying to clear my mind even though nobody was around.
    I walked back into the kitchen and had a sudden urge for some Pringles. I opened my snack cabinet
    and grabbed a can of them. I sat down on my couch and flipped on the TV. Jersey Shore was playing
    on MTV. I shrugged and watched it, even though I have seen it over twenty times. I got so bored
    watching Jersey Shore that I fell asleep.

    By the time I woke up later that night, it was 9:30. "Shit," I said to myself. I got up and ran into
    my room. I did my makeup in less than five minutes. I opened my closet and pulled out a black v-neck,
    black high-waisted skirt, light purple cardigan, lace tights, and Oxford booties. I dressed in a
    flash, ran my fingers through my freshly cut hair, put my jacket on, grabbed my purse, and left my
    apartment. I decided to take a cab instead of driving myself over there. The traffic was not bad
    for a Thursday night, so I made it to the club ten minutes before I needed to be there. I entered
    through the public entrance and Lynn, Eric's second in command, was waiting for me.

    "Hello, Elle." Lynn smiled, her fangs retracted.

    "Hello to you too, Lynn." I smiled at her.

    "Eric is in his office. He wanted me to wait here for you to escort you to him. He wants to talk
    to you in private before the investigating begins." Lynn said and we walked to Eric's office. Lynn
    opened the door and ushered me in. She didn't come in behind me, so I figured it was just going to
    be Eric and I for a few minutes.

    "Hello beautiful." Eric said, rose out of his chair, and walked over to me.

    "Hi Eric. Thank you for the necklace. It is gorgeous." I said and showed him my neck. He slowly
    picked up the diamond part of the necklace off my chest.

    "It looks superb on you. I need to fill you in on a few things before we begin though." Eric stated.

    AN: I am soo sorry it is soo long! (:


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:54 pm

    c h a p t e r n i n e .

    "So here is the run down on what has happened. On of the vampire that works here has gotten abducted
    recently. I am pretty certain that one of the humans here had something to do with it. We only have
    about five humans working here though. So I just need you to read their minds while I question them.
    If that is okay with you." Eric stated.

    "Okay. Fine by me. Do you want me to give you the run down on my family after or tomorrow on our
    way to their house?" I asked.

    "If you are willing to stay up with me tonight, then you can tell me then. But if you need to go
    back to your apartment, then you can tell me tomorrow." Eric gave me a small smile.

    "Well, I don't have classes tomorrow, so I will stay up with you tonight." I grinned. "Would you
    rather go to my apartment or your place?"

    Eric's small smile turned into a toothy grin. "Either one is fine by me." Then there was a knock on
    the door.

    "Eric," Lynn said on the other side of the door. "Are you ready to begin?"

    "Yes Lynn, we will be right out." Eric said. "You ready?"

    "Ready as I will ever be." I shrugged. Eric led me out of his office and into the center of the club.
    There were several humans sitting on chairs a few feet away from the table that was set up. Eric
    offered me a chair. I smiled and sat down. Along with the humans, there were about ten vampires in
    the club. Lynn brought the first human to the table. Lynn nodded at Eric, signalling they should

    "Josie, this is Elle. Elle, this is Josie." Eric began. Josie looked like she was about to pee her
    pants. I decided to take her hands to see if I can get a more clear look at her thoughts. "So Josie,
    do you know who abducted Perry?" Eric inquired as he paced back and forth.

    "No," Josie said with her lip quivering. Why would he think I would know about that. I am just started
    working here.
    Josie's thoughts ran through her head. I don't even know who the hell Perry is.

    "Eric," I started, "she has no idea who Perry is. She is innocent." Eric nodded and Lynn took Josie
    away. Lynn came back instantly and brought another girl up to the table. She looked to be about my

    "Skyler, Elle. Elle, Skyler." Eric said in a monotone voice. "Same question goes to you. Do you know
    who abducted Perry?"

    "No I do not. I am loyal to you and your club Eric." Skyler smirked. Only her thoughts seemed to
    differ. That crazy motherfucker will never know the truth about Perry.

    "Uh Eric, I think Skyler is forgetting to say something." I glared at Skyler. Oh shit. She must
    be some crazy ass hooker who is like Edward Cullen or something.
    "Excuse me, I am not like Edward
    Cullen. He is a fictional character who sparkles and is a vegetarian vampire. Do I look like a
    vampire? And I am pretty positive I do not sparkle." I snapped. She can not know that Perry was
    taken by Christoper. Ah fuck. I think she heard that.
    "You bet I did." I smirked. "Skyler says that
    Perry was taken by Christoper."

    Eric's bright blue eyes turned hard and cold. He moved so fast that I was confused on where he went.
    I turned around and saw him holding up another vampire by the neck. I was assuming that was
    Christoper. "Where is Perry?" Eric growled.

    "Over my dead body." Christoper strained to say.

    "I would be pleased to kill you." Eric's fangs popped out.

    "He is at my house. In the basement." Christoper said.

    Eric threw him over to Lynn. "Please take care of him. Do as you wish." Lynn grinned and took Perry
    somewhere else. "Stephen and Greg, go get Perry please and bring him back here. I am going to stay
    here." Eric said to two of the male vampires. "Annaleigh, make sure the humans get back to their
    houses. And glamor them please." Eric said. Annaleigh gathered up the humans and took them outside.
    Eric walked over to where I was still sitting at the table. "Thank you, Elle. You ready to go?"

    "I am most definitely ready to go. But which place? Mine or yours?" I rose from the chair I was
    sitting on.

    "It does not matter to me." Eric said and put his hands on my waist.

    "What do we plan on doing for the rest of the night?" I asked seductively.

    "What ever your heart desires." Eric winked.

    "Are you going to sleep during the day and then pick me up tonight?" I pondered.

    Eric thought for a minute. "I was planning on doing that, yes. But if we go to my house, how will
    you get home?"

    "I have an idea!" I exclaimed. "Well, I have two ideas. Number one, let's stop at my place and let
    me get my stuff together. Then we spend the night and tomorrow at your house. Number two, it is the
    same thing only we stop at your place and get your stuff together. And then we spend the night at
    my house."

    "I personally like idea number one better because I don't have any nosy neighbors that will complain
    about the noise." Eric smirked.

    I giggled softly. "Okay. Well let's go stop at my place really quick so I can get stuff together for
    this weekend." Just then, Eric swooped me off of my feet so that he was cradling me in his arms. He
    led me out the employee entrance and gently placed me in his Corvette. He got in the driver's side
    and we were off to my apartment building.


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:48 pm

    c h a p t e r t e n .

    Eric and I arrived to my apartment. We took the elevator up to the 12th floor, which was the floor
    I lived on. I opened the door to my apartment and walked inside. Only Eric wasn't following behind
    me. "Uh Eric, aren't you coming?"

    "You need to invite me in. There is no possible way for me to come in here unless you invite me."
    Eric said.

    I walked back over to the door. "Really? So if I invite you in, I can also decline your invite?"
    Eric nodded. "Good to know." I smirked. "Mr. Skarsgard, will you please come in?"

    "Thank you for inviting me in." Eric grinned. He walked inside and took a look around. My apartment
    was not amazing. I just stuck with the simple stuff and hung pictures on the wall. I went into my
    room to go pack a bag for the weekend. I turned around to see Eric laying on my queen sized bed. I
    laughed and went back to putting clothes into my bag. I walked over to my dresser to get my
    undergarments packed. Eric was watching me with great curiosity. I decided to be a tease to him. I
    picked out on of my lacy thongs and held them up.

    "Eric, what do you think of these?" I asked and showed him the panties. His eyes got wide and he

    "I think if you wore them around me, it wouldn't last very long." He winked. I laughed and packed
    the panties in my bag. Eric was definitely pleased. It didn't take long for me to pack. I took one
    last look around me room, making sure I wasn't forgetting anything. I came to the conclusion that
    I was ready to go. But Eric was still laying in my bed.

    "Eric, you ready to go?" I said and sat down next to him on the bed. He turned over to his side to
    face me.

    "I guess so." Eric pouted. I playfully turned his frown upside down with my index fingers. "Just to
    let you know, if you think your bed is comfy, mine is way comfier." Eric said.

    I got off the bed and said, "Then let's go to your house!"

    Eric sat up. "And I have a bathtub that can fit ten people in it." He raised his eyebrows. I took
    his hand and attempted to pull him off my bed, but it seemed like he weighed a ton. He finally gave
    in and got up. Right as I was about to pick up my bag, he picked it up for me. I smiled at him and
    we left my apartment. He put my bag in the trunk and we got into the car.

    "How far away do you live from here?" I asked.

    "Only around ten minutes. I drive pretty fast." Eric said. I nodded and he reached over to me and
    took my left hand with his right. We spent the rest of the car ride in silence. Then we pulled up
    to this mansion. My jaw literally dropped. Eric pressed a button and the gate opened. He pulled
    forward and parked the car in front of the front door.

    "This is your house?" I asked, completely flabbergasted. Eric nodded and got out of the car. Just
    as I was about to open my door, Eric opened it for me. I thanked him and stared at his house. Eric
    got my bag out of the trunk, took my hand, and we made our way up to the front door. He unlocked the
    house and took me inside. "Holy shit," I whispered to myself. His house was just amazing. And huge.

    "I want to show you my favorite place in this house." Eric placed my bag on the ground and led me
    upstairs. We entered his bedroom only we didn't stop there. There was a balcony at the other end
    of the room. He opened the door to the balcony and stepped outside. I followed him out there. "This
    is where I like to relax." Eric said and leaned on the balcony railing.

    "This is just beautiful." I said and looked at the view of downtown Chicago in the distance. I walked
    back into Eric's bedroom and sat down on his bed. He was right. His bed was way comfier than mine
    by a long shot. And his bed was freaking gargantuan. I kicked off my shoes and made myself at home
    in the bed. Eric finally realized that I wasn't out on the balcony anymore, so he joined me in his

    "Is my bed better than yours?" Eric joked.

    "Your bed it so much better than mine." I laughed. "I am going to change really quick. Where is your

    "Do you need some help getting undressed?" Eric winked. I shook my head no. "The bathroom is right
    there." He pointed to a closed door. I nodded and got out of his bed. I went back downstairs to
    get my bag. I brought it back upstairs and went into the bathroom. I took off my clothes and put
    on a pair of boyshorts and big t-shirt. I put my clothes from the night back in my bag and went back
    out into Eric's room. Eric was enjoying my outfit of choice, so I spun around for him. I sauntered
    over to his bed and sat down.

    "So I guess I should give you the run down on my family," I said as I made myself comfortable again.
    Eric nodded. "Okay. My father is Max Ward. He is 52 and is an accountant for some business place.
    My mom is Elizabeth Ward. She is 50 and a Special Education teacher at an elementary school. My
    oldest sister is Emily. She is engaged to a man named Jack. Emily is only a year older than me. I
    also have a younger sister named Danielle. She is 20 years old and has a boyfriend named Mark.
    And then my younger brother is named Mitchell. He is 19 and has a girlfriend named Alyssa. Emily
    graduated from William and Mary last spring, Danielle goes to Northern Illinois, and Mitchell goes
    to Southern Illinois." I explained.

    "Wow, you have a big family." Eric said.

    "Oh I know. And just wait until you see how crowded the house gets with all of us plus our dates.
    It is quite a site to see. But I never brought a guy back for a family function because of my
    ability. But I am very glad to be bringing you." I blushed.

    "Do you know how beautiful you are when you blush?" Eric asked and scooted closer to me.

    "What was your family like?" I asked.

    "To be honest, I don't remember much from then. They were killed before I became a vampire." Eric
    said sullenly.

    "I'm sorry." I said and ran my fingers across his cheek. "One day, I want to have a family. I just
    hope none of them end up with what I have. Wait, I have a question for you. Can a vampire get a
    girl pregnant?"

    Eric let out a laugh. "Yes we can. But they won't end up a vampire. They will be human. But a vampire
    girl can not get pregnant."

    I let out a sigh of relief. "That is good to know." Eric sat up and leaned against the pillows that
    were against the headboard. I wanted to be a tease again so I sat on his lap and kissed him. I ran
    my fingers through his combed back hair and he pulled me closer to him. Things were getting really
    heated really quick. I heard Eric's fangs pop out, but I did not care one bit. I took off Eric's
    dark blue v-neck and traced the contours of his abs. He slowly took off my shirt and I think we
    all know how this ends.

    I could tell that Eric was hungry. "Eric, did you feed yet?" I asked while laying in bed with him.

    "No, not yet." Eric admitted. I slowly cocked my head to the side to show him my neck. "Elle, I
    won't feed off of you." Eric said, but I knew he wanted to.

    "I trust you." I said and meant it.

    "If you really do insist, I don't want to bite you there. Especially since we are seeing your family
    soon. They might go crazy if they see a vampire bite on your neck." Eric grinned.

    "Then where will you bite me?" I asked.

    Eric raised his eyebrows and smirked. "I can show you better than I can tell you."


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:17 am

    c h a p t e r e l e v e n .

    That was probably the most thrilling experience of my life. Eric and I were snuggled under the down
    comforter. I never though I would have had sex. Let alone with a vampire. It was almost dawn by the
    looks of outside. "I need to go to bed underground. I will see you around 4:30." Eric said, kissed
    the top of my head, and left the room. Soon after that, I was dead asleep. I woke up around one in
    the afternoon. I wanted to take a shower. A scalding hot shower. I got out of Eric's giant bed and
    walked into the bathroom. He was right, his bathtub probably could fit ten people. I turned on the
    shower and waited for it to warm up. I stepped into the shower and it felt wonderful. The hot water
    pelted my back. I just stood in the shower for about five minutes, letting the water burn my skin.
    I took my time washing my hair and shaving. My skin was a light red color when I got out of the
    shower. I put on a pair of jeans, pale pink tank top, and a white long sleeved shirt over the tank
    top. I let my hair dry naturally so it would be wavy. I sat down at the vanity to do my makeup. I
    really could imagine living here with Eric for the rest of my life. I finished my makeup and went
    back into Eric's room. I noticed a big TV over the fireplace. I picked up the remote and turned on
    the TV. I plopped back down on Eric's bed and flipped through channels. On the Travel Channel,
    Ghost Adventures was on, which was one of my guilty pleasures to watch in my free time. I took a
    peek at the clock and it was almost three. I spent the next hour and a half watching the Ghost
    Adventures marathon. I didn't even noticed Eric walking in.

    "Good afternoon, love." Eric said and sat down on the bed.

    "Good afternoon to you too." I smiled.

    "How was the rest of your day?" Eric asked and scooted over to me. I cuddled closer to him and he
    wrapped his arms around me.

    "It was pretty good. I slept 'til about one. Then I took a shower, if you don't mind. And now I
    have been watching Ghost Adventures." I shrugged. "How was your sleep?"

    "It sucked." Eric said.

    "Why did it suck? You were sleeping." I looked at him.

    "It sucked because I knew you were up here and I wanted to be with you so badly." Eric smiled a cute
    little grin.

    A smile took over my face. "Aw, that is so sweet." Eric kissed me.

    "I am going to take a quick shower and then we will leave. Is that okay with you?" Eric asked. I
    nodded. He got up and went into the bathroom. All I could think about is Eric naked. That was a site
    to see. He had the most perfect body in the world. I can't even describe how perfect his body is.
    Five minutes later, Eric was out of the shower and his hair was dried and combed back.

    "Well that was fast!" I exclaimed and stood up. I turned off the TV and walked over to Eric. He was
    wearing a light blue v-neck sweater and a pair of dark wash jeans. He looked good. "You ready to go?"
    I asked. Eric nodded. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs, Eric following behind. I put my jacket
    on and went outside. Eric unlocked his car and put my bag in the trunk, along with his bag that I
    didn't even notice that he packed. I gave him the directions to my parents house and within an hour,
    we were there.

    I noticed that my siblings cars were in the driveway already. That meant Eric and I were the last
    ones here. "You ready for this?" I asked Eric. He nodded. We got out of the car and Eric grabbed
    our bags from the trunk. "Just remember, act as human as possible. You will be okay about the
    feeding thing right? Since you did feed off of me."

    "Elle, I am fine. I only need blood about once a week. I will be fine. And I have to add, your blood
    is the best blood I have ever had. And that is true. Your blood is nothing like I have ever tasted."
    Eric grinned.

    "Thanks, I guess?" I laughed. I rang the doorbell, keeping in mind that Eric had to be invited in.
    I saw my mom rush over to answer the door through the window.

    "Elle!" My mom hugged me.

    "Hi mom." I hugged her back. "Mom, this is Eric, my boyfriend. Eric, this is my mother Elizabeth."
    My mom surveyed Eric. She was shocked, yet pleased by what she saw.

    "Nice to meet you Eric!" My mom said. "Come on in, guys. Dinner is almost ready."

    I looked at Eric. He nodded. We followed my mom inside to the living room and I was attacked by my
    sisters. My sisters were pretty much my best friends and I was glad to see them. Danielle looked
    at Eric and her jaw dropped. "Who is he?" She whispered into my ear.

    "Danielle, Emily, this is Eric, my boyfriend. Eric, these are my sisters Emily and Danielle. And that
    is my brother Mitchell." I pointed over to my brother who was obviously eating the appetizers. Then
    my dad walked into the living room. I let go of my sisters and walked over to my dad. "Hi daddy."

    "Hi pumpkin. I am guessing this is your boyfriend that your mother was telling me about?" My dad
    said and looked over at Eric.

    "Hello Mr. Ward. It is a pleasure to meet you." Eric shook my father's hand.

    "It is nice to meet you too." My dad replied. Eric looked like a giant compared to my family. And
    my family was taller than me. My brother was only 6'3" and even he looked short compared to Eric.
    I was thankful that the entryways and doorways were tall enough to fit Eric with out bending over.

    "It is time to eat everybody!" My mom said loudly. I let my siblings and their respective others go
    ahead of Eric and I.

    "What happens if you eat human food?" I asked Eric quietly.

    "I can swallow it, but it is not pleasant since my body only runs on blood." Eric whispered back. I
    nodded. The tiny dining room that was attached to the family room was quite packed. The ceiling was
    barely tall enough for Eric. I grabbed a plate off the table and went back into the kitchen to get
    food. I was surprisingly very hungry since I haven't eaten since yesterday evening. My mom made her
    famous stuffed shells and meatballs, which was one of my favorite meals. My mom poured me a

    "Does Eric want anything?" My mom asked me.

    "No, he ate before we drove over here. He is full still." I lied. My mom nodded and went back into
    the living room. Eric was already sitting at the table. I took the spot next to him. We all ate our
    food in silence until my dad broke the ice.

    "So Eric, what do you do for a living?" My dad asked. I sighed. My family always interrogated new
    boyfriends or girlfriends.

    "I own a club in downtown Chicago." Eric responded.

    "What kind of club?" My dad narrowed his dark blue eyes.

    "Your average club withe more of a goth twist." Eric lied.

    "And how old are you?" My dad questioned.

    "I am twenty-eight years old." Eric replied. My dad nodded.

    "How did you guys meet?" Emily chirped in the conversation.

    I looked at Eric. "Well, we met at the Bean. I fell over and Eric made sure I was okay. Then we had
    coffee together."

    "Have you guys had sex?" My dad butted in.

    "Dad!" I scoffed. "You don't need to know about my sex life." Eric discreetly placed his hand on
    my thigh under the table.

    "Well I don't want you ruining your future by getting knocked up in college." My dad stated his

    "Max, honey, Elle is right. You don't need to know about her sex life. She is an adult. She can do
    whatever she pleases." My mom added.

    "Thank you mom." I said. She nodded. I tried my hardest to not hear my families thoughts at dinner,
    which was harder than expected because Mitchell's girlfriend was a loud broadcaster. None of my
    siblings significant others knew about my ability. Something I was thankful for. I talked to my
    siblings about how they were doing and stuff like that. Eric was somewhat quiet, but I didn't blame
    him. It was kind of weird that my dad asked if we had sex yet because we did last night for my first

    After dinner, we sat around in the living room, watching TV. I decided to give Eric the tour of my
    parent's house. The last place we went to was my old room. It still looked the same from when I was
    still in high school. The only things missing were my personal items. I sat on my bed and patted the
    spot next to me for Eric to sit down. "Well dinner was kind of awkward." I said.

    "Just a bit." Eric laughed.

    "I just can't believe my dad would ask if we had sex. He never asked my siblings that when they first
    started bringing dates home." I buried my head in my hands.

    "Elle, don't worry about it. I never got to ask you, how was it?" Eric raised an eyebrow in a flirty

    "Where do I even begin!" I started. "It is definitely a moment I will never forget."

    "Well good, because there will be times even better than that." Eric grinned.


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

    Post by kel$ey on Sat Jan 08, 2011 11:02 pm

    c h a p t e r t w e l v e .

    Eric and I stayed up pretty late, just talking. I told him about my high school years and how my
    ability effected my learning. We talked about my life before we met. "What do you want to do with
    the rest of your life?" Eric asked.

    "To be completely honest, I don't know. I know that I want to get married and have kids down the
    road, but I don't know about career wise. I just might become a psychologist because I can read their
    minds. But I don't know yet." I sighed.

    Eric's face lit up. "What about becoming a vampire?"

    "I never really thought about it. Well, I didn't know vampires existed until I met you. But I have
    read vampire books and stuff, and thought it would be pretty awesome to become one. But I want to
    have kids first if I did." I admitted.

    "I can give you both of those things." Eric smiled and started playing with my hair.

    "I know you can, but I do want to wait to have kids until I get out of college." I shrugged.

    "And that is fine by me. I have forever to live. And I want that forever with you." Eric said and
    kissed me lightly on the lips. "So tell me more about your family."

    I laughed softly. "Well Emily and I are pretty much fraternal twins born 11 months apart. Her and
    her fiancée have been together for three years, almost four. And they are getting married in next
    month, I believe. She has been going crazy about the wedding stuff though. But I am her maid of
    honor. Going on to Danielle. She was such a mini me back when I was in high school. She tried to be
    exactly like me. She thought she was a telepath too. But I am the only telepath. Danielle has been
    with her boyfriend for a few months now. She usually goes through boyfriends very quickly. We used
    to joke that she goes through guys more than underwear. But her and her boyfriend have been somewhat
    serious, so we will see where that goes. Mitchell is the baby of the family. Him and his girlfriend
    Alyssa have been together since high school. And now they are in college together, which is really
    cute. I was always the sibling who didn't have many friends or boyfriends. People at my school
    thought of me as a freak. I stuck more to myself. I did have a best friend though who knows about
    my ability. I still keep in touch with her too. But from what I can hear from my family, they like
    you. Especially Danielle. And Alyssa. They both really like you."

    Eric said, "Oh wow. Well, I only have eyes for one girl."

    I grinned. "So, I think tomorrow I will give you the tour of this town. There is a lot of do here in
    lil' ol' Maperville."

    "I am very excited to walk around where you grew up." Eric said sincerely.

    "Aw, that means a lot. I never have opened up to someone like this before. I like not having to put
    my guard up all the time. With you, I just feel relaxed." I said and snuggled closer to Eric. He
    wrapped his naturally cold arms around me a bit tighter. His cool skin felt good against my somewhat
    warm skin. "So for tomorrow, do you want to tell my parents that we are going out for breakfast,
    but really not? I feel bad eating in front of you and I don't want my parents getting suspicious."

    "Only if you want to, Elle. But we will stop somewhere to get you food. I don't watch you to starve
    because of me." Eric stated. I nodded. Then I must have fell asleep because I was woken by Danielle.

    "Danielle, what do you want?" I asked groggily. I was barely able to open my eyes.

    "Mom wanted me to wake you guys up." Danielle said and stared at Eric. I turned over to look at
    Eric and realized that he was shirtless. Since my guard wasn't up, all Danielle was thinking is that
    Eric is freaking hot and how in the world did I get him.

    "Fine, fine," I sat up. Eric was still sound asleep. He was not used to a normal sleeping schedule.
    The clock on the side table read 9:27. I shooed Danielle away and told her to close my door. "Eric,
    honey, you need to get up." I gently nudged Eric. He didn't even move. I had a brilliant idea. I
    straddled on top of him and started kissing him in various spots. When I reached his lips, he woke
    up instantly. His fangs were fully out, which meant he was either aroused or hungry. "Good morning
    sunshine." I purred.

    "Good morning to you too," Eric growled sexily.

    "Does it feel weird getting up this early?" I asked.

    Eric nodded. "I haven't woken up this early in a long time."

    "I'm sorry that I am making you get up this early. But it is a cloudy day, so it won't be that bright
    out." I added.

    "But it is worth it." Eric pointed out.

    "I need to take a shower. I will be right back." I said and got off of Eric.

    "Can I join you?" Eric winked.

    "Well, I do have my own bathroom attached to my room." I pointed to a closed door.

    Eric got up. "I will take that as a yes."


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

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    hey kelseyyy
    so for some odd reason, I haven't read this story yet, but I'm about to do so right now, so I will check in when I'm done:D

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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

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    oooh daaang I like this:)

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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

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    Hhaha thank you Izzy! (:


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

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    love this!

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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

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    Thank you!


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    Re: u n d e a d . [twelve]

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