Dreaming In A City that Never Sleeps

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    Dreaming In A City that Never Sleeps

    Post by madi of suburbia on Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:13 am

    Chapter One

    The plane was loud, as I tried to block out the noise. The blue sky was enchanting, and wonderful. My senses couldn’t believe where I was going. It was so surreal, so out of body, that the only thing that I could concentrate on was the truest, most pure parts on this plane. Like how blue the sky was, or how sweet everything smelled, like vanilla. My eyes drooped, feeling heavy. We had pulled an all-nighter last night, much too excited to even fathom sleeping. The puffy clouds that gently rolled beneath this piece of machinery looked so soft, and cuddly. I soon found myself, drifting off, and feeling like I was sleeping on a cloud, instead of a semi squishy airplane seat.

    I smelled a certain perfume, a warm honey and vanilla perfume that I instantly recognized. Next came a light bump. “Madi…Madi…girl wake up!” I felt a slap on my shoulder. My eyes instantly opened, and the first thing I saw was Brenna, waving her hands wildly in front of my face. A giggle was climbing up my throat. I tried to suppress it, but it was no use; I giggled. Brenna looked at me, confused. “Why are you giggling?” She asked, her brown eyes shining in the sunlight that seeped through the plastic window. Shrugging, I looked around. “Because you look funny.” Brenna laughed at my answer. We fell back into a comfortable silence, one that always fell upon us after a funny situation. My head fell onto her shoulder, and we smiled at each other. It was so comfortable, and perfect.

    The plane did a sudden dip, and my heart flew into my throat. I grabbed Brenna’s hand, scared for my life. I had always been afraid of planes, but only one person knew why. Tears pricked into my eyes, and I suddenly saw everything going black. It was a weird phobia, but I usually was fine till the end of the flight, when we dipped into the ground. I prayed for everything to be okay.

    Once the wheels landed safely onto the ground, our bus erupted into cheers. Not one person wasn’t cheering, or screaming. Brenna and I looked at each other, and hugged.

    “OH! MY! GOD!” I screamed, smiling. Brenna was happy crying, something totally typical of her. A flurry of teenagers trying to get there bags randomly came, and soon we were off the bus and at the airport.
    “Okay, where is my bag?” Brenna was looking at a dozen black bags, looking for her black bag. There was one obnoxiously pink bag, mine, and I found it with ease. She rolled her eyes at my playful smirk that I was giving her. She finally found hers, after three tries.

    “Gosh Brenna, it took you a while.” I teased her. We laughed and walked off to the bus.

    I sat next to Brenna, the window seat, on the huge bus, that held thirty teenagers. We were chatting, texting, and singing till a very important looking woman boarded the vehicle. She wore straight legged black jeans, and a blue tunic belted at the waist. Her voice was commanding, and silence fell over us as she began to talk.

    “Hello, my name is Ms. Leanne, but please calls me Ms. Lee. First off I’d like to congratulate each and every one of you for making it this far in our intense summer program. You are all great actors or dancers if you are thirty teenagers chosen out of over a thousand to audition for a Broadway play, and whether you get into the desired musical or not, I am proud of you for coming this far. First off, each room will have five girls in it. They are vast, so don’t be fussy about it…” My mind zoned out for the rest of the speech. I focused on the blinding lights of the city, the fashionable girls that strutted down the sidewalks, as if it was their own personal runway. Their Coach bags swung skillfully, as if they were worth something and yet just another bag.

    Brenna and I had visited the city before. Actually when we were going into eighth grade, our parents surprised us with tickets to go see 13 the Musical. It was the best gift ever, and one of our favorite moments. But, now, Brenna and I were going to create our own musical, and star in it.

    “Madi, I’d like you to meet Noah and Skylar.” Brenna poked me in the ribcage. I winced, not out of pain, but out of the surprise poke. My eyes took in both Skylar and Noah. Each one was just the average looking guy, but they were theatre guys. Might as well give them a shot, I thought. Brenna seemed to have already taken a liking to Noah, but it wasn’t going to be anything serious. Brenna was a casual dater, liking one guy for a minute, but loving another guy the next. So I knew nothing serious would come from this relationship. I turned back to the ever exciting city, which was now at my fingertips.

    Our hotel came into view. The hotel was in walking distance of both the theatre district, as well as Times Square. What a perfect place to be in for the next three weeks, if not, the whole school year. Luckily, all those who are chosen to be in a play or musical, were going to live in a hotel room, already paid. I was hoping to make my stay here, already. But, as I’ve learned the hard way, you should never get your hopes too high.

    “Wow! This hotel is huge!” A girl said to me. She had gorgeous brown hair, in a French braid, and a splatter of freckles decorated her face. An accent laid in her words, a slight Southern one. I instantly thought of a polite, non-rule breaking, Southern belle. Her limbs were long and graceful, so I also thought of a dancer. “I’m Rachel by the way.” Rachel smiled, revealing perfect white teeth, which must have had braces upon them at one time.

    “Madison, but please, call me Madi.” I smiled at her, and together, we took ourselves off the bus.

    I got my obnoxiously pink bag out of the under compartment of the bus. There were a few neon colors, and some navy blues, but every other bag was black. I smiled at how hard it was going to be for Brenna to find hers. Rachel grabbed her navy blue bag, and we stepped out of the way. Leanne came over to us, and handed us our room keys. “Look for Brenna Featherstone, and Shannon Sullivan.” Leanne flitted away, off to find another group of guys or girls.

    “Brenna’s right there.” I pointed to her at the same time Rachel screamed “SHANNON!” Shannon was the girl standing next to Brenna. Shannon waved, and got her bag, as did Brenna. They both headed over to us. “What up?” Shannon smiled at Rachel. She had golden brown hair, and warm brown eyes.

    “You are in our room. So are you Brenna.” Brenna squealed, excited that we were both sharing a room together. But a thought still lingered in my mind. There were only four girls standing here that were going to share a room, though Leanne said that five would be in a room together.

    Who was the mysterious fifth girl?

    the story will be light hearted, but it will get a little darker as it goes on. so, i'm posting it in comdey, as it will normally be atleat a little happy;)
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    Re: Dreaming In A City that Never Sleeps

    Post by madi of suburbia on Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:14 am

    Chapter Two

    Our room was huge. There were two king sized beds, and two comfy chairs, that I instantly went over to one, claiming it. Rachel and Shannon walked over to a bed, and Brenna flopped on one of them. “This bed is so soft. I could just die!” She sighed, dreamily. Her eyes were starting to close, and I giggled. Brenna was overly tired. “Yeah, I could just die too.” A voice like sugar floated into the room. And we saw our mystery girl.

    She had red hair that touched her shoulders. Her skin wasn’t pale, but it wasn’t dark. It was healthy and glowing kind of pale. The pale that all red heads had. She didn’t have any freckles, but it didn’t look like she needed them. Her voice was decorated with a British accent, but one so tiny that only people who loved British accents would pick up on it. Brenna caught me eyes and mouthed, “Brit!” I grinned at her. Brenna loved British accents.

    “I’m Carly by the way. Whose who?” We introduced ourselves, and settled in.

    I pulled out the novel I was currently reading. My hands turned the page, and I was sucked into the world of a girl with a secret that was painful to even think about. The reality of Sarah Dessen’s book amazed me, thoroughly. I was so caught up in the book that I didn’t realize Brenna trying to get my attention. A hand suddenly grabbed my book, exactly when I was in the good part, and I jumped.

    “Brenna.” I whined, asking her to give me my book back, without actually asking her. We were always on the same wavelength, knowing what the other was thinking even when they didn’t say anything. She smugly smiled, now having gotten the room’s attention.

    “I think we should go to Times Square tonight. At like, three in the morning and eat cheesecake and sing.” Brenna said, her voice filling every corner of the room. Shannon’s eyes widened with excitement, and Rachel shook her head. I remained unresponsive, because Brenna already knew my answer. Carly piped in. “I’m up for it!” Her accent covered most of the words. In reality, Carly had a thick British accent. But, she was learning to cover it for auditions and such.

    It was decided: We were going to Times Square at three in the morning to eat cheesecake and sing and whatnot.

    The time ticked by, slowly and steadily. Carly, though, had fallen asleep, gently snoring. Even her snore was British. Brenna and I attempted to wake her up, but when Carly smacked Brenna in the face, we decided against trying to wake her up again. My outfit was already chosen: my dark wash jeans and a faded blue baby doll tee shirt. Brenna was wearing her black skinny jeans, and a purple tunic. Shannon had on a sky blue sundress, and Rachel, like me, opted for a more comfortable look. She was wearing jeans and a green tee shirt that looked worn in. My feet felt safe in my painted Toms, and we headed off.

    “Shannon…shhhh.” We giggled, heading down to the lobby. Shannon was trying to get a boy’s attention, but ended up looking crazy. The guy whose attention Shannon was trying to get walked away, acting as if nothing had happened. Rachel shook her head, the perfect French braid swinging behind her. After spending what seemed like ten minutes in the crowded elevator, we were in the lobby, headed to the double doors. Walking outside I inhaled the crisp night air, as it seeped down my throat. The taxis were a blinding yellow, and even though it was about one in the morning, the streets of New York City were still bustling. It seemed as if a lot of the teenagers had the same idea as walking around Times Square at night, because I saw too many teenagers coming out of our hotel.

    “Madi, come on!” Brenna dragged me away from the hotel, pulling me as I was still in a daze. After a few seconds I started to walk with her. We were absolutely thrilled by how amazing everything was. I started to hum a few bars of ‘One Short Day’ from Wicked. Brenna joined in, and soon we were singing full out. Shannon and Rachel did a little dance, and though people looked at us like we were crazy, it was totally worth it.
    “The tourists get weirder and weirder…” A guy whispered to one of his friends. “You’re telling me.” He chucked back. I repeated this to Brenna, and she smiled smugly to me. “The people living here just can’t appreciate us.” Laughing, we walked over to Rachel and Shannon, before eating a slice of New York cheesecake.

    Taking a bite, it was simply nothing more than a cheesecake. We had just wasted about four dollars on a huge piece of sugar and I didn’t care. Brenna was a little more willing to spend her money. I was frugal. We made a great shopping team. My phone rang, and I saw that Harris was calling me.

    Harris was one of my closest friends. He usually stayed up till six in the morning, and crashed at about six thirty. It’s because his job made him stay up so late. I flipped open my phone, and started to talk to him.

    “Harris?” I asked. He didn’t reply back, and all I could hear was snoring. Giggling, I closed my phone, and walked back to the girls.

    “Who was that? A boyfriend?” Shannon’s eyes sparkled at the mention of a cute guy. Brenna’s shoulders started to shake. “It’s Harris. Just another boy.” I sat down, and we stopped talking about him. Instead we checked the time, only to see it was four thirty, and I tried not to yawn, but one escaped my lips anyway. It was time to head back in, and pray we got back up. The walk seemed like forever, but it wasn’t forever.

    By the time I fell into the large, comfy chair, it was five in the morning. I could hear the contended sigh of Brenna’s sleeping. Carly’s body flipped back and forth, almost knocking Brenna out of the bed they were sharing. Shannon rolled over, now facing away from Rachel. And Rachel didn’t even move. My head felt heavy, and started to drop. And soon, I fell fast asleep.

    all characters are based off real people. yes, this is brenna and courtney, in the story:)
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    Re: Dreaming In A City that Never Sleeps

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    Chapter Three

    Carly woke me up first. She had on black tights, turquoise ankle booties and a simple white dress that ended at her mid thigh. At first I thought someone snuck into my room, but then realized that I was in a huge chair, instead of my purple bed. Giggling, I swung my legs to my feet could touch the ground, and jumped out. Carly did a small twirl, which I knew was girl language for ‘What do you think?’

    “Simply perfect. I would never wear something like that to a casting call.” I laughed along with Carly. Looking out of the window, I saw sunlight pouring into the room. Every inch was filled with golden rays. Shannon was already up, singing ‘Part of Your World’ in the shower. We were falling into a normal pattern with everything. Smiling, I figured this is what would happen every morning for the next three weeks. My phone blared ‘Know Your Enemy’ from American Idiot, my current musical love. Harris.

    “Harris?” I asked into the phone. And it was him. Placing the phone in the crook of my neck, I listen to Harris groan about how he couldn’t find his paper on Jefferson. Sighing, I told him to look in his laptop. As usual, it was there. “Thanks Madi.” Harris hung up on me, and I made sure my outfit was okay. A simple navy sundress with a grey jacket over it, and Brenna’s black flats that I always stole from her, even when she was going to be wearing them made the outfit a little more like home. This was one of the many little things that kept us close.

    At eleven we were down at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, waiting eagerly for the first session. They said to have prepared at least one song to sing in front of all thirty teenagers here. I was thinking about doing ‘Mama Who Bore Me’ from Spring Awakening personally. Spring Awakening was one of my favorite musicals of all time. Brenna always told me it was my favorite, but she knows I don’t have a favorite of anything. It’s just the way I am, and always will be.

    Our room was forced to sit next to a bunch of snobby girls that were texting the whole time. Except one, who seemed at peace and smiling instead of scowling, I noticed. She had long blonde hair and greenish or bluish eyes. I was too far away to tell. Ms. Lee took the stage, and called up Brenna first to sing.

    “Hello, my name is Brenna Featherston, and I will be singing ‘I’m not that Girl’ from the musical Wicked.” She shot me a glance. ‘I’m not that Girl’ was Brenna’s classic auditioning song. She walked up to the microphone, and her voice flooded the room. The girls who were texting stopped texting for a few bars, before putting on a sour puss face. I elbowed Rachel and pointed them out when Brenna was finished. Rachel mimicked their pouty faces perfectly. This is one of the reasons I loved her so much, even though I barely knew her. A few more people went before the blonde girl went up.

    “Hello my name is Courtney Wills, and I’ll be singing ‘On My Own’ from the musical Les Mis.” She smiled, innocently before singing. The song was perfectly sung, and her breaths were barely noticeable. Everyone clapped, politely for her. Courtney walked off stage, her tiny heels clicking. When she passed us, I took her arm, and sat her down next to me.

    “I’m Madi.” I told her. Courtney giggled, and we listened to all the others sing. When my turn came I did sing ‘Mama Who Bore Me’, which I was surprised no one sang something from Spring Awakening. It was one of the shows I listen to every day. We exited the theatre, after being told which musicals were opening, and the ones who were hiring. My heart jumped into my throat when I heard the Spring Awakening was looking for some new people. Brenna shot me an excited glance, but after asking her, she told me she was going to do the Wicked tour instead.

    When we got back into our hotel room, I checked the email system that we had for all the rooms to contact each other. There was one from Courtney that was sent out this morning. “Guys, Courtney
    sent us an email. Checking it now!” Brenna and Shannon came over to read over my shoulder.

    From: GalindaGirl (Courtney Wills)
    SUBJ: Dinner on Me:)

    hey everyone! its Courtney here. just wanted to know how many people wanted to come to serendipity 3 on me tonite 4 sum frozen hot chocolate, then Star18, a new 18 & younger club. This is all pre-paid by me mom and dad. just email me back with how many people are coming, and I’ll make sure we have enough of everything!

    -courtney wills

    “Who wants to go?” I asked my room. Everyone raised their hands, just like taking a vote in school. I replied all five girls in room three hundred seventeen wanted to go. I closed the laptop and got out my book, which was a summer reading book this time. Romeo and Juliet, true love at its finest. And it always is when someone dies. I sighed, happy in my book. Brenna and Carly were playing a game we invented in third grade, Song Tag. It’s where you sing a bar of a song, and the other person has to think of another song that relates to it. Carly seemed to be beating Brenna, by the looks of it.
    Shannon was checking her email, and Rachel was listening to her iPod. I returned back to the fate of Juliet, as she brought the poison to her lips. Then, I heard a scream and I jumped out of my chair and into the floor.

    Shannon had just screamed, and now she was bouncing up and down. Happy bouncing. My heart slowly started to beat again and I watch her intently. Shannon screamed again, and this time it was a full sentence-ish. She happy squealed every few words.

    “My –EEP!- MOM’S BOYFRIEND JUST PROPOSED!” She screamed.

    And we all screamed with her.

    Today was pretty amazing.

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    Re: Dreaming In A City that Never Sleeps

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    Chapter Four

    “Madi, are you reading again?” Brenna asked, glossing her lips till they were very shiny. Sighing, I turned back to my book, and began to read again. All of my bunk mates were glossing, curling, straitening and primping. The thought made me shutter. All I did was put on some clear lip gloss, and mascara. That’s all I needed for going out, even to a fancy dinner place where knee length gowns were required. It’s just the way I was, and always would be.

    “Madi, are you sure you’re going to just wear that dress you wore today?” Shannon wrinkled her powdered nose in the nice way at my dress. I hopped out of my seat, and closed the book I was reading. Then, I did a little spin, and struck a pose. Brenna dropped her hairbrush and came over next to me, before putting on her best ‘spy’ pose. Then came Carly, who posed like a disco diva. Rachel grabbed her camera, and took a picture.

    “Wow, you are cool.” Shannon giggled to us, her curls bobbing up and down perfectly. She went back to putting on her eye shadow, a simple shade of rose that was stunning on her. Her dress was a white that popped against her skin, and wooden bangles were on her wrists. Shannon was the most stylish girl I had ever met, no doubt about it.

    “Guys! It’s already seven. Let’s go!” Rachel grabbed her purse, slipping the metallic pink bag over her arm. I grab my cell phone and slip it into the inside pocket of my grey jacket, along with a room key. We close the door, and head to Serendipity 3.

    The night air is cool and inviting as we exit the restaurant. Courtney was hanging with us, instead of her group of ‘friends’ that she has to put up with for three weeks. “So, how come you can afford all this?” Rachel asks, politely. Courtney shrugged, but didn’t say anything. Her cream Gucci purse swung perfectly, like a models. She definitely came from the upper class, while my room came from a middle class. They must have just assigned room by class, so that no one felt bad or anything like that. We entered the club, and started to dance.

    The music was blaring through the speakers as we came in, nearly blasting my ear drums out. It was Katy Perry's 'California Gurls', and soon Courtney was dancing all out, hip hop orientated dancing. The moves were intricate and simple, so the next time the chorus hit, Brenna, Rachel, Shannon and I had finally figured out the moves. Carly, the only non dancer, was singing it and rapping it, her accent making it about ten thousand times better. 'California gurls were unforgettable! Daisy dukes, bikinis on top! Sun-kissed skin, so hot we'll melt your popsicle! OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH!!!' We struck a pose at the end and the crows just ate it up. It was our first big dance number that wasn't previously choreographed. And we had made it look like it was. The crowd broke off, and Courtney snagged her first guy. He was about, oh, I'll say about 5'7, well over her 5'1 height. He had the cutest shaggy brown hair imitating a Zefron-type look, which I had come to learn was Courtney' weakness. Courtney was grinding him, and being full out sexy. That random Zefron dude was loving it, and they were making out before the next song. A bunch of 'WOO-HOOS!' and 'GET SOME!' were coming from our group of friends.

    Brenna and Carly were shaking some booty, Shannon was flirting like their was no tomorrow, and Rachel, like me, was watching the crowd, two wallflowers in their places. A guy, with perfect blue eyes, came up to me, and whispered in my ear, "A girl like you is too pretty to be standing out here." I felt myself get warmer, almost blushing. He had, of course, pulled me out when a slow song was playing. I don't think I could have moved if I wanted to, but the Mystery Guy placed me gently on his feet, and we danced around, rocking side to side. The song ended, followed by 'Rude Boy' by Rihanna. I got off of his huge feet, and started to groove. Well, as much as a ballet orientated girl could groove. The night didn't seem like it would end, but after Courtney had about a few more hot guys dance with her, we decided it was time to go.

    "God, Courtney. How many boys was that?" Brenna teased her, and Courtney blushed from roots of her hair to the tip of her chin, a shade of red that was indescribable. "About, I dunno, ten?" Shannon giggled back. We all laughed at the accurate response, our hotel almost in sight. It was a great night, all in all. Courtney had to leave us at the second floor, but we were one floor above her, and as we entered the room, tiredness came over us.

    I slipped on some track shorts and a cream cami, before settling in the big cozy chair that was officially where I slept, I guess. Shannon removed all the makeup off her face, before trying to find the perfect pajamas to wear tonight. Brenna didn't even care if she wore her party dress or not to bed, and was the first on out, still wearing the insanely cute purple dress to bed. Carly slipped on some flannel pants, and fell asleep even before her head hit the pillow. It was just Rachel and I awake, now. We stared at one another, before I soon fell asleep, the city still bustling outside my window.

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    Re: Dreaming In A City that Never Sleeps

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    woot woot ima slut! haha Wink

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