A Blank Disc [script]

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    A Blank Disc [script]

    Post by madi of suburbia on Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:54 pm

    [Karly sits on a couch, reading a book. Anna walks in, and sits next to her, pulling out a book (Romeo and Juliet)]

    Anna: What are you reading Karly?

    Karly: [Doesn’t look up from book] What do you think Anna? The same book I read almost every day.

    Anna: Gosh, I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to annoy you. [She turns to her book]

    Karly: It’s okay. We all know that you are annoying.

    Anna: [Closes book] Take it back.

    Karly: [she turns the page] Bite me.

    Anna: God! Like I’d ever want to touch your disease infested, nasty, sick SKIN!

    Karly: [She looks up from the book] I’m glad you see it that way. [Karly takes her book and walks away]

    Anna: [Calling after her] Karly… I didn’t mean it like that… Karly? Karly I’m so sorry.

    [Anna looks over where Karly walked away. She sighs, picking up her book, before walking away.]

    [Scene begins. Anna is knocking on Karly’s door.]

    Anna: Karly let me in. Please.

    Karly: I thought you didn’t want to be near my disease infected, nasty, sick skin!

    Anna: I was mad. Haven’t you ever been mad?

    Karly: Not at people.

    Anna: Don’t lie. You hated the doctor, because he said he couldn’t cure you.

    Karly: He said he might be able to cure me.

    Anna: Well, you were still pretty mad at him.

    Karly: I guess I was. Come in.

    [Anna opens the door, and walks in. She sees Karly putting away her journal. Anna sits on the bed, before bringing Karly into a hug]

    Anna: If I hated your disease infected, nasty, sick skin, would I be holding you like this?

    Karly: No. [She lays her head on Anna’s shoulder]

    Anna: Then you must know I love you.

    Karly: I do know that. But sometimes I feel like what I have is controlling my life. Like I have no way to get rid of it.

    Anna: It’s been a month. Maybe it will never come back.

    Karly: I’m glad you can think positive about this Anna.

    Anna: So am I ‘lil sis, so am I.

    [Karly walks out of her car to the church. She opens the door and walks in. She sits in the last pew. Karly looks at the tabernacle. Father Andrew comes and sits next to her.]

    Karly: Hello Father Andrew

    Father Andrew: Hello Karly. Lovely day we’re having.

    Karly: True. But it’d not summer yet.

    Father Andrew: True. But there’s something about spring that’s so nice.

    Karly: Not this spring. I’m going back into the hospital. Hopefully it’ll be my last time. [Karly looks back the tabernacle] Why am I so afraid of losing when Jesus Christ died for the world? It’s like I’m scared of dying, but He went into death so easily. And He sacrificed his whole life for us. Even if we were nasty to Him, evil to everyone. And yet, I’m scared of going back.

    Father Andrew: Jesus had faith. He had his heavenly Father. He put all His trust into our Lord.

    Karly: But when everything’s dark, it’s so hard to find the light.

    Father Andrew: And so we look towards Him. He will shine through all the darkness.

    Karly: Are you sure about that Father?

    Father Andrew: Yes, I am sure of that. I have to get going Karly. Time to get ready for Mass. Are you staying today?

    Karly: My mom will be here soon.

    Father Andrew: Well, hopefully next time. Good day Karly.

    Karly: Good day Father.

    [Karly and Father Andrew walk away. Karly pushes through the door, into bright sunshine. The door closes, and the room becomes black.]

    [Karly sits in the waiting room in the hospital. She picks up a pamphlet. It is information on cancer. Close up of pamphlet. Zoom out. Karly is wearing s different outfit. She looks younger and paler. Karly is still looking at the same pamphlet, but with a worried expression. Her mom is sitting next to her.]

    Mom: I’m sure it’s nothing.

    Karly: Well, we could both be wrong.

    Mom: Just have faith. Everything will be okay.

    Karly: [sets pamphlet down]

    [Scene changes to Karly holding the pamphlet in previous clothing. Sighing, she sets pamphlet down]

    Karly: I guess we were both wrong Mom.

    [She looks up to the ceiling. A young women, the nurse, comes in]

    Nurse: Karly Ann Shay.

    Karly: Coming. [She gets up and walks through the door, hastily. Nurse looks surprised and follows her]

    [Next Scene: Karly is sitting on a bed, in a hospital gown. She is writing in a small journal. Suddenly, Karly stops writing. She closes the book, then lays it down, sleepy. Karly falls asleep. At the bottom of the screen, in Arial font, it reads DAY 1, then DAY 2 ect. through DAY 17. Someone walks in: Dr. Jones.]

    Dr. Jones: Karly, we are here with bad news. With your previous test, you aren’t improving at all. We’ve guessed that you will most likely not survive, sadly. By next week if you have failed to improve, we will ask for your permission to “pull the plug.”

    Karly: You have my permission right now. I am not afraid to die.

    Dr. Jones: All we need you to do is sign here, for the consent to kill you. [he hands Karly the sheet. She signs] Hope you get better Karly.

    Karly: Thanks [She lies back down and closes her eyes. He walks out]

    [Scene fades out. We find Anna, Karly’s mother and a group of friends dressed in black. They are seated outside, at a funeral home. We zoom into Anna, who is stoned face. She hears her name called by Father Andrew. She walks to the podium, and tries to speak.]

    Anna: Well…[she clears her throat] I um.. [her voice cracks. she can’t find words.] I don’t know what to say. I truly cannot find the words. I’m sorry. [Tears fall. Anna runs from the podium, and to the building. Everyone gets up, looking for her. She is already inside.]

    Father Andrew: Time for the reception anyways.

    [He motions for everyone to go to the reception hall. They all stand up, and walk away. We see the deserted area, of chairs and a podium. Zoom in on the tombstone. It reads Karly Ann Shay. Birth- October 14th, 2000. Death- June 13th-2010.]

    [Scene change. We find Anna sitting alone. No one comes up to her. The party goes by in a blur. A young girl, who looks around the age of five, comes up to her, and hands her a package.]
    Young Girl: Mrs. Shay is giving out presents to everyone. This one’s yours.

    [The young girl skips away. Anna inspects it, with great care. In her sister’s handwriting, Anna’s name is scrawled on an envelope. Anna holds the package close to her, and you can tell she is trying not to cry.]

    [Next Scene: Anna is ripping the package. She puts her hands in the box and pulls out a journal, one disc and a written note. She reads the note first.]

    Karly [voice over]: Dear Anna, If you are reading this I am sorry. I am sorry for letting you down, and for not being able to say goodbye. It is already one in the morning as I finish this for you. I didn’t know what to say to my idol, and the most I could think of was telling you how much you meant to me. No one has ever meant as much to me as you have. If you don’t wish to believe me, then so be it. But you have meant the world to me. I’ve enclosed a diary. My diary. And a disc. The disc goes last, as my diary will explain. Love from above- Karly Ann Shay.

    [Anna takes out the diary next. Tears spill into her eyes. Trembling, she picks up the diary and begins to read it. A montage begins of her reading the diary. You have snippets of Karly’s voice. Anna is silently crying as the last passage is read through voice over]

    Karly [voice over]: This is my last entry. I hope whoever I decide to have this has enjoyed my mind. They may have thought it hard from their side, seeing me in pain. But now, they know I wasn’t always in pain. They now know that I was happy, and sad. Filled with joy and pissed off at the world all in the same time. I may have not lived to see my thirteenth birthday, but at least I can die with a smile on my face. The person who is reading this now, you can listen to the CD I have for you. And know this: sometimes the silence speaks louder than the truth.

    [Anna gets the CD and puts it in. No noise fills the room.]

    Anna: What’s wrong with this?

    [She tries again. It doesn’t work. After trying again, Anna gets up and places it into a computer. the computer says, ‘Blank Disc.’]

    Anna: She gave me a blank disc. But why?

    [Anna turns back to the journal. She reads the last line out loud.]

    Anna: And know this: sometimes the silence speaks louder than the truth.
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    Re: A Blank Disc [script]

    Post by charlotte . on Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:45 am

    missmadi, this was amazing .
    and inspiring (:
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    Re: A Blank Disc [script]

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    haha thanks char
    well, i still haven't finished the other one>.<
    frikkin writers block.
    but i think i'm off that train.
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    Re: A Blank Disc [script]

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    there's still another one you're writing ?
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    Re: A Blank Disc [script]

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