We Might Just Be Another Love Song (Chapter 1)



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    We Might Just Be Another Love Song (Chapter 1)

    Post by AmandaRose on Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:25 pm

    "Wow," I said, not aware of my staring. Tyler just laughed and shook his head.

    "What are you staring at Kayla?" I shook it off, but still saw his silver-blue eyes in my mind.

    "Nothing Tyler, just forget it."

    "Well, okaayyy." He said, sarcastically, letting me know there was no way he was going to let my staring at him slide.

    "Shut up, Tyler, she wasn't staring at you for any specific reason. Remember, she's with me now." said Donivan, my boyfriend, coming up behind me. I stared at his hands, wrapping themselves around my waist.

    But I couldn't help thinking how wrong he was. Donivan was a good boyfriend, but Tyler was much more. Tyler was a good friend. There is no comparison between a good friend and a good boyfriend. But if that good friend happened to become a boyfriend...

    "Yeah" I said, reluctantly. I shook all thoughts of Tyler out of my mind. "We might want to get to class, bells going to ring in-" Ring. "Nevermind."

    Tyler and Donivan both laughed. Slowly I peeled myself off of Donivan and stood next to Tyler, who had my next class. Donivan chuckled. "Keep her safe and your hands off, got it Drake." I hated it when he used Tylers last name.

    "No promises, no one can possibly keep Kayla from hurting herself."

    "But you'll keep your hands off of her right."

    "Yeah, yeah, sure, totally." He said, already grabbing me by the hand and pulling me with him. When we were out of sight Tyler pulled me into a hug.

    I smiled. This was our usual way, fight with Donivan, rush away at the bell, safety and hand check, then hug/walk and talk on the way to class.

    "You know your my best friend, right?" I asked, hoping he'd tell me the same.

    "Yeah, have been ever since the wedding in pre-k." He laughed at that and I smiled.

    "I was younger and a whole lot stupider then."

    He smiled again. "Yeah, and this is coming from a girl who was doing some pretty serious staring back there."

    "Shut up, you had something in your eye."

    "Oh really, was it the twinkle or the sparkle, amuse me."

    "Niether, I think it was the hint of I'm-a-total-ass/hole you've been suffering from lately."

    "Oooooooooh, it's the rare, and ferocious Kayla, moving in for the attack on her helpless prey, Tyler the ass/hole," he said in an australian accent, no doubt trying to sound like the long dead crocidile hunter.

    I laughed as we walked into class and slid into our normal seats. First Kade, then me, then Tyler. In front of me sat Emma and behind sat Jason. Being surrounded by friends felt good, and being next to Tyler felt even better. For the moment, I was content.

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    Re: We Might Just Be Another Love Song (Chapter 1)

    Post by erika! on Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:58 pm

    Ooh I like this post more(=

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