The Almost Forever Girl


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    The Almost Forever Girl

    Post by sb on Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:49 pm

    the almost forever girl.

    Maybe it was wrong of me
    To think I could keep you
    And maybe it's the last few drinks
    Taking over my mouth and all I've been thinking

    I want you to know
    That I am fine here without you
    But I can't bring myself
    To lie to you.

    And since we're being honest,
    I feel I should tell you
    I've been filling up the empty space
    Between you and I

    AN: I am a joke. Please don't yell at me for starting another story I'll never finish. I think I'll stick with this one for a while at least, seeing as it's a full-on romance story (yeah, I'm going there. Don't worry, it won't be too cheesy). Totally ripped off Lily's layout, but it's not as though she's never stolen from me x]

    I'll have the first chapter up soon!

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

    Post by sb on Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:49 pm

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

    Post by sb on Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:51 pm


    She had long, brown hair that was sitting on top of her head in a half-attempt at a bun. Her hazel eyes were sparkling with laughter as she flirted with the man working the ice cream cart. In her faded jeans, flip-flops, and tank top, she looked beautiful.

    When he spotted her, Grant knew. Maybe it was her dimples, or maybe it was her charming smile; he hadn't the slightest idea. He only knew he had to have her; she had to be his. He'd never been so attracted to someone in his life.

    He needed to talk to her, he knew. He needed to introduce himself and ask for a date before someone else did.

    Grant hesitated, then. What if someone else already had asked for a date? What if she had a boyfriend? Or worse, what if she was married? A boyfriend, he could handle--maybe even get rid of--but a husband? Not a chance. Although, he realized as he studied her some more, she looked awfully young--too young to be married.

    And why would she be alone in the park, without said boyfriend/husband, on such a nice day? Wouldn't she want to come to the park with her boyfriend? Take a walk and share ice cream and do all that other stuff girls considered 'romantic'?

    Grant slid his paperback copy of Hamlet into the back pocket of his jeans and stood up, wiping his hands across his thighs. He had to stop being so paranoid. The only way he could find out if she was single was if he went up and talked to her.

    So he did.

    Sort of.

    "Hey, Richard," He said to the guy behind the ice cream cart. He came to this park often enough; Richard was practically a friend.

    "Grant?" Richard tore his eyes away from the beautiful girl in front of him. "What's up, buddy?"

    "I'm in the mood for some ice cream, as usual," Grant replied with a casual grin. "And a drumstick sounds awesome right now."

    "One drumstick it is," Richard said, reaching into the freezer and pulling out a drumstick. He glanced at the girl. "This guy is my entire business. He comes here pretty much every day after his run." He smirked. "What's your excuse today, Grant? No exercise?"

    Grant smiled sheepishly. He liked this particular park; it had lots of shaded benches and good trails for jogging or walking or whatever workout tickled his fancy that day. Today, however, he had to skim over the first act of Hamlet for his Shakespeare class.

    "Can't help a craving," He said with a smirk. He turned towards the girl and stuck out his hand. "Like Richard said, I'm Grant."

    She gingerly took it in her own and gave three gentle shakes. "Kathryn," She said simply. She gave him a small smile that nearly took his breath away.

    Whoa, slow down, Grant told himself. Girls didn't take his breath away--normally. Girls also didn't make his palms sweat--again, normally. Clearly, this wasn't a normal girl. She had a pretty face and a pretty name, and her smile made his stomach churn, in a good way.

    Suddenly, Kathryn sighed. "Well," She said with a smile. "I won't keep you. It was nice meeting you, Richard; Grant. Goodbye!"

    Grant froze. Was she really leaving? But... They'd barely talked; they'd barely even exchanged names. He shifted uncomfortably from foot-to-foot and watched her walk away. To follow or not to follow?

    "Grant," Richard said knowingly. "You look sick."

    "I feel sick," He replied, stomach churning, in not such a good way anymore.

    "Just go after her, then."

    Grant looked at Richard and raised his eyebrows. "Seriously?"

    "Seriously," Richard said.

    Grant grinned like a mad man, slapped three bucks into Richard's hand, and dashed--speed-walked, really--after Kathryn. "Kathryn!" He called, slowing down as he reached her.

    She turned around, looking for whoever was calling her name, and when she saw him, she smiled widely. "Grant, hi," She said.

    "Hi," Grant said, taking a deep breath. "Listen, I know I literally just met you like, five minutes ago, and you'll probably think I'm crazy, but I was wondering if you wanted to, erm, give me your number. You know, so I could call you sometime and we could--"

    He stopped short when she laughed. Though, it wasn't a laugh, it was an adorable giggle that made the dimples in her cheeks grow more prominent. "Are you laughing at me?" He asked pitifully.

    Immediately, her smile disappeared, as did the dimples. "No, of course not!" She exclaimed. "You're just--" She paused. "Here," She said, reaching into the small purse hanging from her shoulder. She pulled out a pen and held out her hand.

    He didn't exactly know what she was talking about; she wasn't really making any sense at the moment. He just couldn't get over the fact that she laughed at him. But he gave her his hand anyway, and he watched numbly as she wrote seven digits on his palm.

    "I live over in the Fredrick dorm," Kathryn said, and she gestured a hand toward the brick building across the street on campus. "Call me sometime."

    Grant didn't really understand what had just transpired until she had turned her back and walked away. He was about to call out to her when she turned around.

    "Oh, and just so you know," She said, smiling again. "You were rambling, and it was kind of cute."

    Grant blushed for the first time in his life.

    AN: Uneventful, I know. But are you, or are you not, in love with Grant? I think I like him more than my own boyfriend... Anyway, comments por favor. Chapter two should be up... well, whenever I finish writing it.

    Oh, and stole Lily's layout for this too.

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

    Post by sb on Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:52 pm


    Grant paced back and forth across the worn wood floors in his apartment. As he did so, he stared down at his palm, or more specifically, the number written across said palm in very faded blue ink. Just seven simple digits; all he had to do was pick up the phone and call.

    "Dude, are you sweating?"

    Grant stopped pacing and looked up at his roommate. "Shut up, Harry," He said with a scowl.

    Harry snickered and fell back onto the ratty leather couch. "I don't see why you can't just call the chick. It's not a big deal or anything. How many girls have given you their number before?"

    Grant hesitated. "A lot," He said finally. "A lot of girls have given me their number."

    "Right," Harry said, nodding his head in confirmation. He scratched his buzzed head. "And how many of those girls did you call?"

    "A lot," Grant answered again. He'd had this same pep talk with Harry a thousand times. Now, he could practically recite it himself. But he'd never do that; it sounded much better when Harry said it.

    "And how many of those girls agree to go on a date with you?" Harry smirked, already knowing the answer he was going to receive.

    Grant sighed heavily. "A lot."

    "Exactly. So you're going to call this girl, ask her for a date, and do what you did with every other girl," Harry instructed. Then, he paused. "Except Addie," He added after a second. "Don't do what you did with Addie."

    "Why?" Grant asked. Addie had been his girlfriend for a year and a half--the longest relationship he'd ever had--his senior year of high school and into the beginning of his college freshman year. She broke up with him because, well, he didn't exactly know why.

    "Because you really fucked that one up," Came Harry's blunt reply. He turned his back on Grant and shuffled into the small kitchenette. "So you better call that girl, ask her out, and then you better not fuck it up. Damn, do we have any food around here?"

    Grant opened his mouth to reply, but Harry shook his head. He grabbed his car keys and dangled them in front of Grant's face. "I'm gonna go get us some pizza. When I get back, you better have a date this Friday night, or I'll call the girl myself."

    Grant watched helplessly as Harry gave him a final salute and marched out the door. He sighed and sat himself down on the couch, turning on the TV. Some dramatic sitcom was on, and he lost interest, his gaze moving back to the numbers on his hand.

    The seconds ticked by, and seconds soon became minutes. Before Grant knew it, Harry walked into th apartment carrying two pizza boxes. He stopped in his tracks and stared at Grant. "You haven't called her yet, have you?" It was more of a statement than a question.

    But Grant answered anyway. He shook his head and pushed his messy blonde hair out of his face. "I'm working on it."

    Harry frowned, and then he eyed something on the kitchen counter. He set down the pizzas and picked up Grant's cell phone. "Call her," He said sternly, handing the phone to Grant. "Now."

    "Now?" Grant swallowed. "Okay, now."

    "Atta boy," Harry said with a chuckle. "There's bacon pizza as a reward."

    Grant smirked and looked down at his phone. The smirk immediately vanished. Why was he so nervous? He wasn't usually this anxious, and Harry usually didn't have to push him this much. Plus, there was bacon pizza involved. He took a deep breath and dialed the numbers, putting the phone up to his ear.

    After two rings, someone picked up. "Hello?"

    "Hey," Grant said in a casual, calm, collected voice. He was a good actor. "Is this Kathryn?"

    "This is," The melodic voice said. "Who's speaking?"

    "Grant," Grant said. He paused, then added, "From the park."

    "Grant!" Kathryn said cheerily, as if she had just received a phone call from a very old friend. "How've you been?"

    "Since yesterday afternoon?"

    She laughed. "Yes," She said; he could practically hear her smiling. "Since yesterday afternoon."

    "I'm pretty good," He replied, relaxing a little. She was making this easy for him. Suddenly, he felt a little more confident. "Yourself?"

    "Just fine," Kathryn said. "So what's up?"

    "Well, yesterday I asked for your number, so I could call you. Now I'm wondering if you'd like to meet up sometime? You know, for coffee or lunch or dinner, whatever really. It's up to you--"

    She laughed. "You're doing it again."

    Grant nearly smacked his forehead. "The rambling thing?"

    "Yeah," She confirmed, giggling a little more. "But lunch," She paused, "Lunch would be great."

    "Really? Awesome. How about this Saturday?"

    "Perfect," Kathryn said happily.

    Grant smiled; he couldn't contain himself. She said yes, and she actually sounded enthusiastic. How could he ever have doubted himself? He didn't need to pace the floor for hours, or Harry's stupid pep talk, or--


    Shit. "Oh, sorry," He apologized quickly. "Yeah?"

    "Can we meet in the park? Around one o'clock?"

    "Perfect," He said, stealing her line. "I'll see you Saturday."

    "At one," She added.

    "In the park," He finished.

    Kathryn laughed again. "Bye, Grant."

    "Bye, Kathryn."

    Grant hung up the phone and turned to Harry. "I did it."

    Harry grinned and bit down on a slice of pizza. "Good boy. Now, c'mere and eat some pizza. You've earned it."

    Grant sidled up to the counter smiling like a mad man as Harry cracked him open a beer. He had a date with the prettiest girl he'd ever seen, an ice cold beer, and bacon pizza. He couldn't be happier, or hungrier.

    AN:So you all might be in love with Grant. I'm in love with Harry. I can't express my love for Harry, and he hasn't even been developed as a character yet. Eeeep. Oh, and this chapter was approximately 1,000 words. Sorry.

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

    Post by sb on Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:52 pm


    Thursday and Friday were a blur to Grant, but he couldn't say it was a blissful one. He'd been itching with anticipation--among other, less appropriate things--about his date with Kathryn. He was also a bundle of nerves.

    So much so, that Harry couldn't take it.

    "Good God, Grant," He exploded Friday afternoon while they were walking to the bistro near campus. "Calm the fuck down."

    "Dude," Grant said, a little offended. "What is your problem?"

    "My problem," Harry said sharply, "Is this new girl. I haven't even met her yet, and I'm ready to sucker-punch her in the face for doing whatever she did to you. For God's sake, you met her once, and look at yourself!"

    Grant frowned. He was nervous for the date, and he was anxious to impress Kathryn. His small insecurities--along with the fact that he just said 'insecurities'--would get the best of him at times. What would he and Kathryn talk about? Would the date be awkward? Should he compile a list of conversation-starters in his head, just in case?


    Grant blinked and looked at Harry. "What?"

    "You're freaking out again. Honest to God, I've never seen you like this. It's disgusting." Harry wrinkled his nose for emphasis. "She better be hot."

    "She is," Grant assured him. "She really is."

    "Whatever, man," Harry mumbled with a pitying shake of his head. "Let's just get some food."

    Saturday. It was Saturday. Grant had his date with Kathryn in two hours and twenty-seven minutes. He'd actually managed to calm down quite a bit after Harry's... pep talk the day before. Now, he was the epitome of cool and collected.

    When his cell phone rang, he nearly leaped across the room. Make that a little less than cool and collected. "Hello?" He said into the phone.

    "Grant?" A timid voice asked.

    "Yeah, who is this?"

    "Hi, Grant, it's Kathryn."

    Grant had a hard time hiding his surprise. "Oh," He said, "Hi, Kathryn. What's up?"

    "Um," She said hesitantly, "I don't think I can make it to lunch today. Something's... come up."

    Grant blinked. "What?" He asked numbly, wanting to make sure he heard correct.

    "Something's come up," Kathryn repeated, a little more confidence leaking into her voice. "And I can't make it to lunch."

    "Oh," Grant said; it was all he could think to say. "Well, then," He paused, not sure how to finish. "I'll just... see you around, I guess?"

    "No," Kathryn said rushedly. "No, no, no. Can we... Um, can I call you sometime?"

    "You call me?"

    "That's what I'm asking."

    Grant hesitated. "Uh, sure. That's fine. I'll talk to you... soon, then."

    "Grant?" Kathryn asked after a moment's pause.


    "I'm so sorry," She sounded genuine, really, really genuine. "I really am."

    "Me too," Grant said before he could stop himself. "But it's okay."


    "Bye, Kathryn."

    "Bye, Grant."

    Grant closed his cell phone and stared at it for a long time. Maybe it was a few minutes, maybe a few hours; he had no idea. But when Harry walked in and found him, he confirmed it had definitely been at least an hour.

    "Shouldn't you be leaving for your date soon?" Harry asked as he threw down his laptop bag and jacket. He headed for the fridge. "I figured you'd be in the closet trying on outfit after outfit until you found the perfect--"

    "Can it, Harry," Grant snapped. "Just, fuck off."

    "Dude," Harry leaned over the refridgerator door. "What's wrong?"

    "Kathryn bailed."

    "What do you mean, 'Kathryn bailed'?" Harry asked, slamming the fridge closed. In his hand was a beer, but he immediately set it down on the counter none to gently.

    "I mean, she told me she couldn't make it," Grant said, sinking onto the couch. "Something came up."

    Harry didn't respond but opened the fridge and emerged with a second beer. He grabbed his own and walked over to the sofa. Sinking down next to Grant, Harry handed him a beer. "Your words or hers?"


    "Shit, man, that's rough."

    "Thanks, Harry."

    "Did she say anything else?" Harry cracked open his beer on his t-shirt and took a long drink.

    Grant did the same before he responded. "Yeah," He said, licking his lips. "She said she'd call me sometime. Did I totally fuck this one up, Harry?"

    Harry sat up and looked Grant in the eye. "No, Grant," He said seriously. "You didn't fuck this one up; she did. And if she's too much of a bitch to realize what a cool dude you are, then screw her."

    Grant cracked a smile. "You're totally gay for me."

    Harry took a sip of his beer and whacked Grant over the top of the head. "Our first bro-moment in ages and you ruin it with an ass-hat comment like that. I can't believe you."

    Grant snickered and finished off his beer in two more sips. Then, he headed to the fridge and grabbed two more while Harry turned on the football game.

    AN:Awwww, poor Grant. Kathryn is such a bitch. Sorry it took so long to ah, post this chapter (because I totally had it written for the longest time...). If you haven't figured out yet, Harry is my soulmate. My soulmate is a fictional character. Silver lining? At least he's not Edward Cullen.
    Comments por favor.

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Grant slumped defeatedly in his seat in the campus cafeteria at the sound of the voice. He glared at Harry, who was snickering like a school boy. "Fuck off, Harry," Grant snapped.

    "Grant," The voice said again, in a much closer proximity.

    Grant looked to his left and forced a smile towards the tall, willowy blonde standing next to him. "Hey, Connie," He greeted her in the friendliest manner he could muster. "Have a seat."

    "Thanks," She said, sliding into the chair beside him.

    "Connie," Harry said, a flirtatious grin eating up his face. He'd had a thing for Connie since Grant introduced the two several months ago, and to Grant, it was nauseating. Connie was like a sister, and watching someone pine after her hopelessly made him sick to his stomach.

    "It's Constance to you, idiot," Connie snapped, brushing off his greeting and shutting down any chances of conversation.

    Harry slumped in his seat as defeated as Grant was a moment ago.

    Connie looked back and forth between the two of them with a frown. "What's with you two? You both look sick."

    "I feel sick," Grant muttered under his breath, and he cringed when Harry kicked his leg underneath the table. "I'm just tired is all," He corrected himself, shooting Harry a glare. He didn't need another bruise on his shin.

    Connie took the bait. "Did you finish the Hamlet essay?" She changed the subject, avoiding Harry's eyes at all cost. After a moment of his ogling her, she interrupted Grant's response and glared at Harry. "Will you stop staring at me like that?" She asked in a none-to-friendly tone.

    Harry held up his hands in surrender, feigning innocence. "I'm sorry," He said. "I don't know what I'm doing that's bothering you."

    Connie and Grant both looked at Harry and simultaneously said, "Can it, Harry."

    Harry slammed his head down on the table so hard, even Grant winced. "Harry," He said, leaning down to inspect his friend. "Are you okay?"

    "Just talk about Hamlet with your girlfriend, all right, mate?" Harry asked against the linoleum table top.

    Grant leaned back at rapid speed and said, "She's not my girlfriend."

    At the same time, Connie cried, "I'm not his girlfriend!"

    The trio grew silent; no one really knew what to say after the little outburst, and each of them--well, Connie and Grant--looked around for a distraction.

    Presumably, Connie found one first. "Kayla!" She called, waving her arms frantically and looking like a lunatic. "Kayla, over here!"

    Grant looked up to see this Kayla-character, and what he found was very pleasing to the eyes.

    The girl heading towards their table was petite, and she had reddish-brown hair that was falling free of the sloppily pulled together bun on top of her head. She wore a tank top with the logo of some band that Harry could probably recognize, and frayed jeans. On her feet were leather flip-flops, and upon further inspection, each of her toenails was painted a different color.

    "Grant," Connie said, "Harry," She said his name with distaste, "This is Kayla. She's in my psychology class."

    Kayla smiled coyly and sat down next to Harry. "Don't think I'm a freak just yet, okay? I'm undecided in my major."

    Grant laughed, and Harry just stared at Kayla as if she had sprouted a second head. Grant frowned upon noticing this. "Ignore him, he's crazy," He said, kicking Harry under the table.

    Harry jumped upright in his seat. "Right, sorry; I'm Harold Munroe Davenport, that's Grant something-or-other Masterson, we're the best of friends. Connie here hates my guts, and I don't know why--"

    "Maybe it's because every time I'm around you, you're trying to get into my pants," Connie interrupted. "And I told you, only friends can call me Connie. You can call me Constance."

    "Oh, yeah," Harry said, seemingly remembering this. "Right. Well, I'm majoring in literary history; probably gonna become a teacher or some bull shit like that. I think psychology is a great major anyway." He stopped and took a breath, and then he looked at Grant. "Friendly enough for you, buddy?"

    Grant cracked a smile and glanced at Kayla. "He's gay anyway, so don't worry about him. He never makes a good first impression."

    Kayla laughed a tinkling laugh. "I'd like to do a study on him."

    Harry sat frozen in his seat, and his right eye twitched. He got up from his seat, muttering, "Creepy psychology majors."

    "See you around, Harry!" Kayla called after him as he walked away. "Maybe we can hang out sometime!"

    Harry gave a solid wave over his shoulder and ducked out of the cafeteria without another word.

    Connie scowled. "I bring him a lovely girl, and all he can do is be creeped out by her major."

    Grant and Kayla laughed some more.

    Connie seemed to have an epiphany, because she slapped her hand down on the table with excitement. "Oh!" She cried. "Grant, how was your date with 'wonder-woman'?"

    Grant wrinkled his nose. "Wonder-woman?"

    "Harry was telling me how much you talked about her and the date you two had planned. How did it go?"

    "She bailed on me," Grant said bluntly. "Apparently, something came up. Said she'd call me sometime, which is the universal symbol for 'get-lost'."

    "Not true!" Kayla blurted. "You don't know that. Maybe something did come up, and maybe she actually likes you. Don't be so negative."

    Grant stared at the very odd girl sitting across from him. She had shiny blue eyes that looked almost gray, and a splatter of freckles on her nose. Her hair was straight, and it looked really soft. She was kind of pretty, in a funny sort of way.

    He sighed. "Thanks, but I doubt it."

    "Negative Nelson," Kayla muttered under her breath.

    Grant smirked. "Did you just call me a Negative Nelson?"

    "Why yes, Grant," Kayla said in falsetto. "Yes I did."

    "I can't believe you just called me a Negative Nelson."

    "Believe it, my friend," Kayla said seriously. "I don't take this subject lightly."

    "No one's called me a Negative Nelson since fourth grade," Grant pointed out, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

    Kayla snorted. "You say that like it's a bad thing. I think everybody needs to be put in their place once in a while, don't you agree, Connie?"

    Connie rolled her eyes, probably due to being kept out of the conversation for so long, only to be pulled in again by the stupidest reason. "Sure," She said carelessly. "Why not?"

    "See?" Kayla said smugly. "Everybody needs to be put in their place, even you, Grant Masterson."

    AN: Filler chapter. Sort of. I like Kayla. But will poor Grant ever receive a phone call from Miss Kathryn? This chapter is long. I get carried away too easily. Sigh. Comments would be awesomesauce (stealing Lily's words now too. Today, her words, tomorrow, her life!).

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    "So she happily gives you her number after a miraculously romantic meeting, says yes when you ask her out for a date, and calls two hours before this supposed date saying she's unable to make it? Do I have this correct?"

    Grant kicked a rock and jammed his hands into his jacket pocket as they walked. "Yeah, that's pretty much it."

    Kayla sighed and kicked the same rock Grant did, somewhat passing it to him. "She was probably just nervous," She assured him. "I mean, you're quite the looker."

    Grant snickered, as did Kayla, and he elbowed her arm. "Then how come you're not stuttering and shaking in your boots?"

    "I," She said proudly, "Am immune to boys' charms."

    Hopelessness washed over Grant, and he found himself a bit disappointed, really disappointed actually, so much so, that he missed the rock when he kicked at it. He frowned. "You're a lesbian?"

    Kayla laughed her tinkling laugh. "No, Grant!" She said through her giggles. "I am not a lesbian."

    Grant let out a sigh of relief, but his cheeks burned with embarrassment. "Oh," He said, trying to cover up his stupidity. "I was just kidding, you know."

    "Sure you were," She said. Then, she looked at him thoughtfully. "Hey, there's this party tonight."

    "There's always a party," Grant said with a wry smile.

    Kayla smirked. "I know. But I actually know the guy having this one. My friend Eddie is having people over to his frat house over on Fifth. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me?" She bit her lip hopefully.

    Grant thought it was kind of endearing. "Yeah," He said before he'd even thought it over. But really, what was there to think over? Although he'd met Kayla just two hours ago, he knew she was a pretty cool girl. Going to a party with her would probably be a blast.

    Kayla smiled. "Great." Suddenly, she stopped walking and looked up and down the street. "I want some hot chocolate. Do you want some hot chocolate?"

    Grant looked at her, questioning her sanity. One minute, they were talking about a party, and the next, she was raving about hot chocolate--in early September, no doubt. "Kayla," He said with a laugh. "It's September."

    She looked at him in cheerful indifference, seemingly waiting for him to continue. When he didn't, she frowned. "So?"

    "No one drinks hot chocolate when it's sixty-five degrees out," Grant said. He looked around the somewhat residential area they'd wandered into. "Besides," He pointed out, feeling a bit like an adult explaining Santa wasn't real. "We're nowhere near a coffee shop."

    "Grant," Kayla said, curiosity in her tone. "Are you always such a downer?"

    "I'm not a downer!" He insisted. No way was Grant Masterson a downer; he was a partier, a fun-lover, a jokester, and this girl, this girl he barely knew, was calling him a downer.

    "Then you won't mind walking three blocks to my favorite coffee place in the world, will you?" Kayla raised her eyebrows, challenging him.

    "No," Grant said, accepting her challenge. He grandly held out his arm for her to take. "I'd love to accompany you."

    She looped her arm through his with a laugh. "That's what I thought."

    The two strolled down the street arm in arm, looking rather ridiculous. Kayla led them exactly three blocks until they came to a stop in front of a greasy spoon-looking restaurant.

    "This is it," She announced proudly, gesturing to the restaurant like a game show host.

    "It's..." Grant turned toward Kayla and searched for the right word. Then, he shook his head and gave up. "I won't judge."

    "You better not," She said as she shoved him through the door. "This place is to die for."

    Grant turned around and bumped into someone, knocking them to the ground. "Oh, jeez!" He said quickly. He held out a hand to assist her. "I'm so sorry."

    "It's fine, you're fine, I'm fine," The girl said, taking Grant's hand to help herself to her feet. "Everybody's fine."

    When she looked up, Grant released her arm immediately. "Kathryn," He greeted in surprise.

    Kathryn smiled sheepishly . "Hi, Grant."

    AN: Ohhh, cliffhanger. I never do these. Oh, and this chapter was really short because I didn't feel like making one huge-ass chapter again. So enjoy chapter five, bee-yotches. Comments please and thank you Smile

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Grant managed to regain his composure. "I'm sorry I knocked you over," He apologized again. "I'm such a--"

    "Actually," Kayla said, jumping into the conversation without invitation. "It's my fault; I shoved him." She held her hand out to Kathryn. "I'm Kayla."

    Kathryn took it hesitantly. "Kathryn."

    "Kath, you ready to go?"

    Kathryn, Kayla, and even Grant, looked up to stare at the monstrous young man standing behind Kathryn. He had to be at least six inches taller than Grant's six-foot-even, and he looked like he lifted weights twenty-four-seven.

    "Oh!" Kathryn said. "How rude of me. Grant, Kayla, this is Michael. Michael, this is Grant and Kayla."

    "Pleasure," Michael said shortly, ignoring when Kayla offered her hand to shake. He looked intently at Kathryn. "Are you ready to go, Kathryn?"

    Kathryn blushed a light pink and, ignoring Grant's inquisiting gaze, nodded. "Yeah, I am." She turned to Grant and Kayla. "Well, I'll see you guys around. Nice meeting you, Kayla!"

    "Likewise," Kayla said as Kathryn and Michael left the restaurant.

    Grant didn't move for what seemed a long time. Something came up; the phrase replayed itself in his head over and over and over. The something that had come up was another guy. Grant did have competition, and he sure as hell couldn't beat him in a fight. Michael was massive.

    "Grant?" Kayla asked, waving a hand in front of his face. That thoughtful look came over her face, and she paused before speaking again. "That was her, wasn't it? The girl who cancelled your date?"

    Grant nodded numbly, not even bothering to ask how she'd jumped to that conclusion. It was probably a psychology thing.

    "She's pretty."

    Grant nodded again, but he forced himself to talk this time. "Yeah, she is."

    "Nice too."


    "They were probably just friends, Grant. You don't know--"

    "Kayla," He said desperately. "Please stop."

    Kayla looked a little offended. "What?"

    Grant didn't want to talk about this, not then. Not when Kathryn had cancelled their date for another guy. To Grant, it couldn't have been a bigger slap in the face. "I need time to take this in," He said pathetically.

    Kayla looked at him in silence for a few seconds, and then she started laughing. It wasn't a soft giggle, or a quick 'ha-ha', it was a long, loud cackle. Kind of obnoxious, hard to ignore, and once again, kind of endearing. "You," She said through her hysterics, "Are such a drama queen. Come on, I need to sit."

    Grant followed her with a stoic expression to a booth by the window. He didn't appreciate her laughing at his misfortune, and he told her so.

    "Aw, Grant," She said, finally ceasing her laughter. "Think about it. You met the girl once. I think you're overreacting."

    Grant ignored her, intent on self-pitying for a little while longer, and Kayla let him. He didn't know how long they sat there, even after the waitress came and took their order; Kayla had spoken for Grant and ordered them both a hot chocolate. Grant didn't object. He wasn't really thinking, during their minutes of silence; he was just... Well, he wasn't sure.

    Finally, he realized he was being a complete idiot. "All right," He admitted. "I'm overreacting."

    Kayla looked up from her nail beds and smiled. "So we're finished pouting?"

    "Only for now."

    "Grant," Kayla moaned, letting her head fall into her hands. "Kathryn will call you, and she will explain who Michael is, and then you two will go have your perfect date, and everything will be just peachy."

    Grant wrinkled his nose. "Peachy?"

    "Peachy," Kayla confirmed as the waitress delivered their hot chocolates. "Now," She said after thanking the waitress by name, "Drink it."

    "It has to cool," Grant insisted.

    "Urban legend," Kayla murmured as she sipped her drink. "Zip up your man-suit and drink it."

    Grant snickered and did as he was told. He choked as the scalding hot liquid hit the back of his throat after thoroughly burning his tongue. "Kayla!" He cried, setting down the mug. "You're such a liar."

    "No," Kayla said with a smirk. "You're just very gullible, or sensitive about your masculinity. I bet it was the man-suit comment that got you."

    It was, but Grant wasn't about to admit that. "Whatever," He muttered, sipping the hot chocolate much more slowly and shooting Kayla a half-hearted glare.

    "Whatever," Kayla mimicked with a teasing smile. "I was so right about the man-suit comment."

    "Just drink your hot chocolate," He said with a, once again, half-hearted scowl.

    AN: Once again, Kathryn surprises us all. In my mind, Michael isn't that scary of a guy. Hahaha he's just freakishly tall and muscular. Sorry for the short length, again. I'll make up for it in the next few chapters? They're going to be quite action-packed! I want hot chocolate now... Comments por favor!

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Harry was asleep when Grant entered their apartment, but he was sure to slam the door extra loudly to wake up his friend. Though, Harry, being a deep sleeper, remained undisturbed on the couch. His snores made Grant want to plug his ears.

    Grant ignored Harry went into the kitchen and scoured the fridge for anything remotely edible. He settled on cold pizza and popped several slices in the microwave.

    "Can you heat me some?"

    Grant rolled his eyes. Leave it to Harry to wake up to the smell of pizza. Nonetheless, he put two more slices on a plate and heated them up.

    "Thanks," Harry said, shuffling up to the counter. "How was your date with the psychologist ginger?"

    Grant scoffed. "She's normal--pretty cool, actually, and it wasn't a date."

    "Suit yourself," Harry said, taking a bite of the pizza Grant placed in front of him. After he chewed and somewhat swallowed, he pried some more. "So what'd you guys do?"

    "We ran into Kathryn," Grant said plainly.


    "She was with another guy," He added.

    "Super awkward."


    Harry frowned. "So... What happened?"

    "I knocked her over, and then I introduced her to Kayla," Grant said, taking a bite of his own pizza. "Then, I met Michael."


    "He's at least six-seven and two hundred pounds easy."

    Harry snickered. "Sounds like a beast."

    "Looked like one too," Grant remarked, bitterly eating the rest of his pizza. He ruminated on the subject for a little while before he remembered something. "Hey," He said to Harry. "Kayla invited me to a party tonight. This guy--"

    "Eddie," Harry interrupted. "Connie told me about him."

    "When were you with Connie?"

    "I ran into her after you and ginger psychologist left the cafeteria. She asked if I wanted to go," Harry said it so nonchalantly, Grant worried he was lying. If Harry was telling the truth, he'd definitely be more enthusiastic.

    "Is that a joke?" Grant asked. He just couldn't resist.

    Harry scowled. "No, idiot! I think she might actually be coming around."

    Grant smirked. "Good for you, buddy."

    "Don't be a douche," Harry said pointedly. "Sarcasm is unnecessary."

    "I wasn't being sarcastic!" Grant insisted.

    Harry rolled his eyes. "So, this party tonight?"

    "Kayla never gave me the details."

    "That's a problem."

    "Yeah." Grant scratched the back of his head. He didn't know anything about the party that night, and he didn't have Kayla's number to call and find out. He only knew the name of the host. Eddie. And it was on Fifth, Kayla had said. Eddie's on Fifth. Not much to go on. "Eddie's on Fifth?" He said aloud; it came out posed more as a question than a statement.

    "Oh, yeah!" Harry said, seeming to have an epiphany. "I know where he lives. Don't worry, I'll get us there."

    Grant worried anyway because Harry had absolutely no sense of direction, and he worried all the way to the party. Only after they arrived on Eddie's doorstep at nine that evening did he relax. He started looking for Kayla, or Connie, or anyone he knew, while Harry headed to the keg.


    Grant turned around and was surprised to see Kathryn standing before him. She always caught him by surprise, so he probably looked like a complete idiot every time she said hello to him. And God, her looking amazing didn't help one bit; her hair was long and straight, and the blue top she wore accentuated every curve. "Hey, Kathryn," He said, trying not to sound too flustered.

    "What's up?" Kathryn asked him with a smile.

    "Nothing," Grant said. At that moment, he caught sight of Kayla through the crowd of people, and he started to make an excuse to leave. "Actually," He said, keeping his eyes on Kayla so he wouldn't lose her. "I have to go--"

    "Grant, wait." Kathryn grabbed his arm. "I feel like I need to explain what happened back at the diner."

    Grant agreed, but he couldn't really admit that to her, so he stayed silent while she talked. "Michael is just a friend," She said. "He's a freshman, actually, and I tutor him in algebra. He has--" She paused and sighed, as if debating whether or not she should continue, "He has a learning disability. When I agreed to our date, I forgot I'd promised to meet with him today."

    Grant let this new knowledge soak in, and he suddenly felt like a very big idiot. "I understand," He said after a moment.

    "Well, I'm really sorry. You must think terrible of me," She sighed.

    Grant smiled, but then he realized he should probably justify his being with Kayla. "The girl I was with, Kayla... I met her yesterday through my friend Connie. We were just taking a walk because we had nothing to do, really, and she wanted hot chocolate. Why she wanted hot chocolate in September, I don't know, but we were just--"

    "Would you like to go out tomorrow night?"

    He stopped rambling and took a breath. "Out?" He asked before he even comprehended her question.

    "Yeah," Kathryn said. "Out, with me. Like a date?"

    Grant smiled like an idiot. "That'd be... That'd be great; better than great."

    "Really?" Kathryn's smile took up her whole face; this didn't go unnoticed to Grant. "Awesome. Should we meet in the park?"

    "I can come pick you up, if you like," Grant offered.

    "I don't want to impose--"

    "No," He interrupted her. "Really, it's fine. I'll pick you up at seven?"

    "You don't know where I live."

    Grant smiled sheepishly. His excitement was getting the best of him. He needed to start playing it cool soon because this idiot-facade was getting a little old. "Oh, right. I'll call you then."

    "Okay," Kathryn smiled at him in return. "Well, I promised my friend I'd get the drinks; she's probably wondering where I am. I'll see you around, Grant!" She turned around and practically bounced away.

    Grant raised his hand in a sort of awkward wave. Then, he turned to find Kayla.

    She appeared out of thin air in front of him. "Grant! You made it!"

    Grant didn't respond. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off the ground in a bone-crushing hug. With a goofy grin, he set her back on her feet.

    Kayla shot him a look, but she laughed anyway. "Well, hello to you too!"

    "I have a date with Kathryn tomorrow night!" Grant nearly shouted at her in his excitement.

    "Grant!" She squealed, wrapping him in another hug. "That's great!" When she let go of him, she smirked. "I told you so."

    Grant was so happy about his date with Kathryn, he wasn't even bothered by Kayla's smug expression. In a rush of adrenaline and joy, he slung his arm around Kayla's shoulder and led her towards the kitchen. "Let's get some drinks and celebrate."

    AN: Sorry for going MIA on you guys. I had to do stuff (not fun stuff). Anyway, see? Kathryn's just a really good person, and Grant irritates me to no end with his hopeless romantics and overly-dramatic feelings. He's so moody. Kayla's probably my favorite (aside from Harry, of course). Comments please and thank you.

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Grant woke up with a pounding headache and total amnesia of the night's events. He found himself lying on a bed, fully clothed, in a strange apartment with Kayla snoring softly beside him. He was surprisingly comfortable with the situation, and if it wasn't for his headache, he would have gone back to sleep.


    Kayla's eyes shot open, and she rocketed into the sitting position, only to clutch her head and collapse back down on the bed. "Ow," She mumbled. "Hi, Grant."

    "Where are we?" Grant asked dumbly.

    "My room," Kayla answered, looking around. She turned to him with a puzzled expression. "What are you doing here?"

    He scratched the back of his head. He was just as perplexed as she was, if not more so. "I'm not sure," He said. "But I need some aspirin. Now."

    "Okay, okay, okay." Kayla slowly sat up and slid off the small twin bed onto her feet. "I wonder where everyone else is," She said.

    "I didn't see Harry at all, I don't think," Grant added as he stood up. "I should probably get back to my place though."

    "Mind if I come along?" Kayla asked. "I've got nothing but time on this..." She trailed off and rubbed her forehead. "Beautiful day," She muttered sarcastically, exiting her bedroom.

    Grant followed her through her tidy little apartment. It was relatively the same floor plan as Grant and Harry's, except instead of a counter dividing the kitchen and living room, a wall separated the two. A hole was cut into the wall, acting as a window.

    "Nah, I don't," Grant replied, heading for the door. "Come on."

    "Wait," Kayla said from the kitchen. She emerged with a glass of water and some pills. "Aspirin," She answered before he could ask. She dumped the pills in his hand and gave him the glass.

    "Thanks," Grant said, swallowing the pills and taking a big gulp of water. When he drained the glass, Kayla took it from him and went into the kitchen again.

    She returned and the two tiredly began the not-so-long walk to Grant's apartment. The key stuck in the lock, as usual, but with a little muscle he managed to get the door open. Grant walked inside, followed by Kayla, and found the apartment dead silent.

    "Maybe he's not here?" Kayla suggested when Grant wondered aloud about Harry's whereabouts.

    Grant shrugged and headed into his bedroom to put on some fresh clothes. He probably looked--and smelled--disgusting. "I'll be right back," He said to Kayla as he swung open the door. What he saw inside made him jump in surprise. "Ah! What the hell?!"

    Harry screamed a not-so-masculine yelp, waking up the girl beside him, who, in turn, screamed.

    "Oh my God!" Connie screamed, covering her naked body with the sheets. "What is going on?!"

    Grant scoffed. "I could ask you two the same thing! Why are you in my room?!"

    By this time, Kayla had arrived in the doorway, very, very surprised. After seemingly analyzing the situation, she did damage control. "I'll get the aspirin," She muttered, wondering out of the room.

    "Far cabinet on the right, top shelf!" Grant called after her. He turned back to the matter at hand, utterly repulsed. "Why are you in my room?"

    Connie's face flushed a deep pink, and she stuttered out a few incoherent words.

    Harry, seeing Connie's inability to speak, answered instead. "Uh, I don't know, really."

    Grant clenched and unclenched his jaw. To say he was pissed was a bit of an understatement. It's not every day you find your best friend in bed with your other best friend, and even worse, when those two friends are in your bed.

    Luckily, before Grant could have a full meltdown, Kayla returned balancing two glasses of water and a bottle of pills. She marched past Grant and handed the guilty parties the water and the pills. "My headache," She said, "Just got ten times bigger."

    Everyone remained silent for a long time, and Grant managed to calm down quite a bit. After some more silence, he gathered up enough courage to speak. "Would you both please get dressed, clean my sheets, and leave?" He sounded eerily calm, and he was rather impressed with himself.

    He left the room, and he heard Kayla follow him. They sat down on the couch together, neither one saying a word. They could hear Connie and Harry bustle around in Grant's room, yelling unfriendly and inappropriate things at each other as they went.

    "I can't believe you didn't stop me!" Connie hollered, marching out of the bedroom haphazardly dressed in her clothes from the night before. "You're such an... an..." She struggled for a good insult and gave a frustrated sigh.

    Harry came into view, wearing only a pair of jeans. "Me stop you?! You were the one so adamant on taking off my clothes!"

    Grant had a hard time swallowing that one. He looked at Kayla, who was pretending to inspect her nails. Every once in a while, though, she would glance at the screaming couple. Obviously, she was just as perturbed as he was.

    "I never want to see you again, you asshole!" Connie screamed, marching out the door and slamming it behind her.

    "Yeah, you were a lousy lay anyway!" Harry shouted at the closed door; the closed door that coincidentally flew open, revealing a very red-faced Connie.

    She stomped across the floor, slapped Harry across the face, and exited the apartment again with another door slam.

    Grant held his breath as Harry turned towards him. He raised his eyebrows expectantly.

    "Say anything," Harry said slowly, "And I will kill you."

    "Just go change my sheets," Grant snapped, slumping down. After Harry left the room, he rested his head on the back of the couch and closed his eyes.

    "I'm sure there's a perfectly valuable explanation for this."

    Grant opened his eyes and looked at Kayla skeptically. Ever the optimist, she was. He voiced this, and she laughed softly.

    "I'm going to go home and sleep off this hangover," She told him. "You should go in there--" She pointed in the direction of Grant's bedroom. "--and talk to him." Kayla gave his knee a light squeeze before getting to her feet. With one last meaningful look towards Grant, she headed out the door.

    Grant decided that sleep was more important than talking to Harry at the moment, so he stretched out on the couch and dozed off.

    AN: Ow, ow. Connie and Harry getting hot and steamy? (Bet you totally didn't see that one coming... Jokes. Tons of foreshadowing). Anyway, comments would be fan-diddly-tastic. Thanks.

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Grant was currently not on speaking terms with Harry, and Connie had ignored his feeble attempts to contact her. He didn't want to bother Kayla anymore than he already had, so he was completely and utterly alone in preparing for his date with Kathryn.

    A date that, surprisingly, he wasn't that excited for. His head was still pounding, and he'd vomited once that morning after he'd woken up from his long nap. All Grant really wanted to do was stay home and sleep.

    But when six o'clock rolled around, he picked up his cell phone and called Kathryn.

    When she answered the phone, she sounded just as tired as he was. She gave him her room number in the dorm and told him she'd see him at seven if that was all right with him.

    Of course it was, so they said their goodbyes. Grant hung up the phone, and he felt a little more excitement knowing he'd be spending the evening with Kathryn.

    He ran into Harry on his way to the bathroom, and Grant decided he would take Kayla's advice. "Harry?"

    "Yeah, mate?" Harry replied, barely stopping as he headed to the kitchen.

    Grant rolled his eyes and followed. "Can I know what happened last night?"

    Harry stopped then, and when he turned around, his expression was solemn. "I'm not one-hundred-percent sure," He said sincerely. "All I know was I had at least six beers, and Connie probably had just as much. We came back here, and she kissed me. She kissed me, Grant." As he said this, he smiled. "Then she started moving really fast, and she didn't want to stop. One thing led to another and..."

    Grant grimaced as Harry trailed off. "Don't finish that statement," He said quietly. "Can I ask another question?"

    "Sure, sure," Harry said eagerly.

    "Why were you two in my bed?"

    Harry turned a little pink at this, and Grant could barely believe his eyes. Harry Davenport actually blushed. Grant refrained from teasing him mercilessly, and he decided to let Harry talk. "It was closest," He said, still pink.

    Grant grimaced again. "She's my best friend, Harry," Was all he said.

    Harry's mood suddenly changed, and he scowled. "Oh yeah? What am I?"

    "Both of you," Grant corrected himself. "I don't want you to hurt each other."

    "Well," Harry said viciously, "You don't have to worry about that, because she won't talk to me."

    "Surprising, considering what you said to her this morning," Grant snapped sarcastically. His mood darkened considerably, as it usually did when he argued with Harry. "Lousy lay?" He asked incredulously. "Really, Harry, really?"

    "Up yours," Harry muttered, scratching the back of his head. He sighed. "I've called her twelve times since she left. She won't answer." He stopped and looked up at Grant. "She was anything but a lousy lay, by the way."

    Grant had to smirk despite his frustration, because he knew Harry would admit that sooner or later. "Keep calling, buddy," He said. "I've got a date to get ready for."

    "Good boy," Harry said proudly. He hesitated before adding in a much meeker tone, "I'm sorry."

    "S'okay," Grant said with a shrug of his shoulders. He smiled at his friend before heading into his bedroom to change. He pulled on a plain white v-neck, which was the only clean item of clothing he deemed decent for a date, and a fresh pair of jeans.

    He marched into the living room, where Harry sat on the couch. Harry grinned. "You look spiffy," He said.


    "You know, fancy."

    "I know what spiffy means."

    Harry held up his hands. "Easy there, Othello. Don't murder me."

    "Funny," Grant mumbled, rolling his eyes. "Now is not the time to make Shakespeare jokes."

    "Sorry, sorry. How nervous are you?"

    This question surprised Grant, and the answer surprised him even more. He found that he wasn't nervous. He felt excited--he couldn't wait to see Kathryn--and happy, though he felt anything but nervous. "No," He said with a grin. "I'm not nervous at all."

    "You're pulling my leg," Harry said, chuckling a little. He stretched his arms and rested them behind his head. His eyes were half-closed when he spoke again. "Grant, you're the most nervous person I know, especially when it comes to girls. So if you think you can fool me, you're wrong. Have a nice night though."

    A soft snore erupted from him moments later, and Grant stared at his friend in disbelief. How on earth did Harry fall asleep that fast? He didn't bother to question it. With one more glance towards the sleeping Harry, Grant grabbed his keys and left to pick up Kathryn.

    AN: Please don't kill me. It's so short. But I wanted a whole chapter for Kathryn and Grant's date, you know? Because I would have had to split it in half if I started it in this chapter. So this is just kind of a filler. Comments pleasee.

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Grant left the apartment with his house keys, and as he made his way across campus towards Kathryn's dorm, he felt lame for not having a car to pick her up in. But then he felt even lamer because Kathryn probably wouldn't care whether or not he had a car.

    And she didn't. At least, she pretended to when he joked about it on the way to the restaurant. It was all he could think to say because she just looked so stunning, wearing a white sun dress that showed off her curves.

    "So," She said as they walked along the lamp-lit sidewalks. "You're a sophomore, majoring in English?"

    "Writing, specifically," He corrected with an impish smile.

    "I'm on a date with the next Stephen King," Kathryn said, giving him a playful wink. God, she was so beautiful.

    "I don't really think so," Grant said, stuffing his hands in his pocket. He really had nothing to do with them, unless he wanted to hold Kathryn's hand, but something told him that was a little too forward for the first date. He smiled again. "Where are you from?"

    She looked a bit surprise at his sudden question. "Indiana," She said. "Oldenburg, to be specific."

    "Never heard of it," He joked lamely.

    She laughed that tinkling laugh and shook her head with a grin. "Nobody has, save for the people who live there."

    "How many people was that?"

    "There were roughly one hundred kids at my high school; twenty-four in my graduating class."

    Grant raised a curious eyebrow. "That's pretty small."

    "It was nice," She said with a shrug. "You knew everyone and everyone knew you. No such thing as a stranger in my high school." After a moment, she asked him a question. "What about you? Since we're being a little nostalgic, where are you from?"

    "Here," He answered plainly. "My parents live in the next town over."

    "Lucky," She said with a wistful sigh. "I miss my parents a lot. It's my first year away from home, and I mean, I have a great roommate, but she's not the same. She doesn't make me butter and jelly toast in the morning."

    "Your mom made you toast every morning?" Grant asked, not hiding his smirk. They reached the casual restaurant, and he held the door for her.

    Kathryn rolled her eyes. "Yeah, don't tease me," She grumbled with a laugh as she walked through. She thanked him, and they went to find an empty table.

    They settled on a booth by the window made for two people, and their date began.

    She ordered a turkey sandwich with lettuce, cheese, and a pickle on the side. She drizzled ketchup on her fries instead of dipping, and she told him all about herself. He remembered everything. He remembered that she wanted to be a model for Vogue magazine until she was fifteen, that she hated grapes, and that she was really into theatre and art. He remembered she told him about her cat, Charlie, that she had to leave at home because her parents wouldn't let her bring him to college.

    She told him really simple things, and he told her the same in return. It was rather like a game of twenty questions, and they had fun with it.

    She kissed him on the cheek when they reached her dorm at eleven and said she had a great time.

    Grant walked home on cloud nine. When he entered the apartment, Harry was sitting on the couch eating out of a bag of pretzels.

    "Look at you, lover boy," Harry commented, spewing pretzel crumbs across his lap. "I'm assuming it went well?"

    Grant headed for the kitchen and grabbed two beers from the fridge. He tossed one to Harry and cracked open his own. "Yeah," He said as he took a sip. "It was awesome."

    "Well, idiot," Harry smirked. "Tell me about it."

    So, Grant happily relayed the night's events to a bored Harry, and when he finished, Harry still had the same smirk on his face. "When do you think you'll get laid?" He asked, draining his beer.

    Grant groaned and fell backwards on the couch. "You're such a tool. Is that all you think about?"

    "Yes?" Harry answered, sounding very unsure. "I mean, no. Wait, is this a trick question?"

    Grant resisted the urge to punch his best friend, and he got to his feet. "I'm going to bed. 'Night man."

    "Goodnight," Harry sang as Grant retreated to his room. "Oh, and I changed the sheets for you!" He called out with a snicker.

    Grant slammed the door in response, stripped down to his boxers, and went to bed thinking about Kathryn and how much he couldn't wait to tell Kayla.

    AN: So this kind of sucked. I got kind of bored with the date because I dragged out this entire two days far too long. You'll all have to deal. I promise it starts getting interesting from here on out. Or actually, it will get interesting again in two or three chapters. For now, comments please? Smile

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Smile
    RV just got so much better <3

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Thanks, Morgs.


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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    LOVE THIS. <3
    (sorry, caps lock.)

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    So fucking good (:
    Just wait til I tell my boyfriend (;

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    claire wrote:LOVE THIS. REALLY.
    (sorry, caps lock.

    I SECOND WHAT MY FRAT TWIN SAID. (sorry, caps lock.)

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    i love this.
    cant wait for another chappter(:

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    love this<3

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    So... Funny story guys. Chapter 11 was saved in my drafts on TCO, and I can't access my drafts (because I pretty much got fucked over), so the next chapter will be more delayed then it already has been.

    I apologize (blame Ali).

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    aaww, well

    can't wait for when you do post it!


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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Omg this is aammaZzzing:) can't wait for more:)

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Almost finished with chapter elevennnn<3


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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    You're almost finished, you almost forever girl?

    (lame joke, forgive me.)

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

    Post by sb on Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:04 am


    Grant didn't get the chance to talk to Kayla the next day, or the next day, or the next day. He was so wrapped up in his weekend, he blew off his assignments and other responsibilities. So much so, that he spent the next three days catching up on Hamlet, attempting to do his laundry, and working overtime at Lou's Bar downtown.

    It was Thursday by the time he managed to catch up with Kayla in the cafeteria. He easily spotted her across the large room, and he couldn't help the smile that spread across his face.

    Kayla waved at him, a bit dramatically, to Grant's embarrassment, and headed over to his table where he sat alone. She wore the same pair of leather flip-flops, some sort of funky layered top, a pair of jeans, and a cheerful expression.

    "Oh, how I've missed your face," She commented as she sat down across from him.

    He smirked. "Considering we've only met twice, I'm flattered you remembered me at all."

    "I always remember the guys I sleep with," She said with a wink. She didn't notice the pink tint in his cheeks as she began poking at her salad with the flimsy plastic fork. She stabbed a single lettuce leaf and stuck it in her mouth.

    Grant cleared his throat uncomfortably, but he snickered when she made a face. "What did you expect," He asked, "a gourmet Italian salad?"

    "No," Kayla said, scowling after she swallowed. "Fresh lettuce. But I guess that was too much to ask for."

    "This is a cafeteria; nothing is fresh."

    She smiled. "Good point."

    Grant watched her with an amused expression while she continued to poke and prod at the salad. He was about to comment when she looked up at him with a surprised expression. He raised his eyebrows expectantly.

    "The date!" Kayla exclaimed. "How was the date?!"

    Grant rolled his eyes, but he couldn't help the smile thats stretched across his face. "It was great," He said. Then he relayed the entire evening in great detail, and he felt completely foolish doing so.

    And Kayla's reaction was even worse. She smiled, but for some reason, it seemed a little staged. "She sounds nice."

    Grant felt his good mood slip away. He tried not to let his face fall, but he frowned anyway. "You don't like her?"

    Kayla rolled her eyes. "I said she sounds nice."

    "Yeah, but when Connie says that it means she doesn't like the girl," He pointed out quietly. When he saw the look on her face, however, he knew he had said the wrong thing.

    "Just because one girl says one thing and means another, doesn't mean all girls do," Kayla said. She opened her bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper and took a long drink. After she finished, she looked at Grant and smirked. "You're generalizing. And why do you need my approval of your girlfriend anyway?"

    "I wasn't asking for your approval!" He said quickly.

    Kayla arched a delicate eyebrow.

    If Grant had been walking, he would have stumbled. He didn't even realize he was looking for Kayla's approval, but apparently she did. Now that he thought about it though, he had wanted her approval.

    He guessed Kayla saw the look of realization on his face because she grinned like the Cheshire Cat. "Grant, don't worry. Who cares if I don't like her?"

    "So you don't like her?"

    Again, Kayla rolled her eyes and sighed in resignation. "Get it through your thick skull--it doesn't matter whether or not I like her. She's your girlfriend."

    "She's not my girlfriend," Grant said with embarrassment.

    "She's not your girlfriend yet," Kayla corrected. She smiled at him and didn't say any more. She picked at her salad, and Grant had the urge to continue a conversation.

    He asked her to tell him about her week, and she seemed happy to oblige.

    The topic of girlfriends had been all but forgotten as Kayla relayed her Euro-Lit professor's coffee mishap. While she chatted happily, Grant half-listened and half-thought about Kathryn. He wanted her to be his girlfriend, but he didn't want to scare her off.

    "I just about died, and--hey, are you even listening?"

    Grant looked up at Kayla, who was giving him a pointed look. "Yeah, yeah of course," He said, smirking a little. "You were about to die?"

    Instead of being offended, Kayla flicked a cherry tomato at him and continued her story, stopping every now and then to make sure he was listening.

    He was, of course.

    AN: OH my god I just wrote chapter eleven how is that possible. This is kind of filler, kind of not. Sorry if it seems random and rough. I didn't edit at all. x] R&R please!

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    This is life.

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Nants where have you been?!

    Thanks and miss youuu.


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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    I miss you tooo.

    It's been forever, I hardly come on.
    But after reading this, I might just start coming on more often. :)

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    Re: The Almost Forever Girl

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    Agh, start posting! You have me so pumped for the final chapter!
    The whole Grant/Kayla storyline you have going on and all the love love. =]


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